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Amsterdam Takes Aim at Tourists in Red Light District

Thursday  19:45,   09 august 2018

It will now take "extra action" to reduce pressure on the city and clean up the neighborhood.Parts of the Red Light district will be closed intermittently to clean the streets of waste, and if a "code red" is called—meaning, too many[...]
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Furious parents say they were left in the dark by Frontier Airlines after their young children were taken to a hotel room by a staff member when their flight was diverted to another state

Thursday  18:56,   09 august 2018

Carter Gray, nine, and Etta Gray, seven, were on a flight from Des Moines, Iowa, to Orlando International Airport on July 22 when it was diverted.Two parents are furious after their two unaccompanied children, aged seven and nine, were taken to a[...]

Unaccompanied children on flight ended up at hotel with Frontier employee, family says

Thursday  18:51,   09 august 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. - Two unaccompanied children on an Orlando-bound Frontier Airlines flight ended up being taken to a hotel room in an airline employee's personal vehicle after severe weather diverted the plane to Atlanta last month, according to an [...]

What Astronauts Really Think About Having Tourists in Space

Thursday  18:50,   09 august 2018

What Astronauts Really Think About Having Tourists in SpaceOfficially, seven private citizens have already been there, each paying from $20 million to $40 million between 2001 and 2009 (before the trips were put on hold) for a ride on a Russian[...]

ViaAir passengers claim airline stranded them 450 miles from destination, denied compensation

Thursday  18:16,   09 august 2018

A plane full of passengers is claiming ViaAir stranded them in a city 450 miles away from their destination.According to Nick Lenius, one of the dozens of passengers, he and his wife bought round trip nonstop tickets on the airline to fly from[...]

Travel company scams Tucson-area teens out of $40,000 senior trip

Thursday  01:57,   09 august 2018

Vail parents have pushed officials to investigate EB Worldwide after the company took $40,000 for a senior trip and failed to deliver.The 80 Tucson-area kids and chaperones had paid a travel company $40,000 for a whirlwind trip to[...]

Flights to This Cali Beach Town Are Basically 50% Off This Month

Wednesday  22:40,   08 august 2018

Cheap Flights to Long Beach August 2018: Best Time to Visit Long[...]

TSA looks at separate lines for fliers 'swept' by canines

Wednesday  21:30,   08 august 2018

In wide-ranging chat, TSA chief talked about (not) eliminating security at small airports, rollout of 3-D scanners and role of bomb-sniffing dogs.Transportation Security Administration chief David Pekoske revealed those details during a[...]

'From high season to absolutely nothing': Indonesian quake devastates tourism

Wednesday  21:22,   08 august 2018

<p>Days after a powerful earthquake rocked Indonesia's resort island of Lombok, killing more than 130 people and sending thousands of tourists fleeing, its beach strip stands eerily empty, with shops and hotels shuttered.</p> Days after a [...]

Great Bear Lodge guests join whales for breakfast in rare sighting

Wednesday  21:15,   08 august 2018

Staff members of Great Bear Lodge in British Columbia witnessed a rare occurrence right next to their floating lodge Saturday and rushed to wake up the 10 guests at 6 a.m. so they wouldn't miss out on the incredible sight. Humpback whales were[...]

Alaska Airlines Is Dropping Its Popular Price Guarantee

Wednesday  20:15,   08 august 2018

People (understandably) aren't happy.Come September 1, Alaska will cut its much-lauded price guarantee, which lets passengers who have booked a ticket receive a travel credit if the fare price drops on any time before departure,[...]

Stale Cockpit Air May Be Dulling Your Airline Pilot’s Performance

Wednesday  20:15,   08 august 2018

That poorly ventilated conference room isn’t the only place with the potential for sick-air syndrome. Airliner cockpits can also have levels of carbon dioxide elevated enough that in simulations it causes pilots to fail test maneuvers at higher[...]

9 Travel Tips Astronauts Have Taken from Space to Earth

Wednesday  20:01,   08 august 2018

“Both volume and weight are critical for both space travel and terrestrial travel. I make sure to pack lightly.”Unlike airline passengers, who need only prepare for their flights by buying a ticking, showing up at the airport, and listening (or[...]

Airbnb pulls Great Wall overnight stay after uproar

Wednesday  19:21,   08 august 2018

Home rental website Airbnb has scrapped a contest offering a chance to spend the night at a section of the Great Wall of China after an online backlash from people worried it could damage the site. News of the "Night At The Great Wall" contest lit[...]

You might be missing out on money you’re owed for delayed or canceled flights

Wednesday  18:47,   08 august 2018

Having a flight delayed, disrupted, or canceled outright is a miserable experience. Getting paid for your inconvenience can reduce the sting somewhat. But many of… Having a flight delayed, disrupted, or canceled outright is a miserable experience.[...]