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LifeStyle: Travel

Living with a monster: Tourism at a Guatemala volcano

Tuesday  16:47,   12 june 2018

Tourists reached out to feel the heat from the still-smoldering lava, tossed sticks to see them burst into flames or watched a guide toast marshmallows on hot rocks as they hiked on Guatemala's Pacaya volcano, which days earlier had spewed[...]

Futuristic Oslo

Tuesday  16:36,   12 june 2018

I'm always inspired by Norway's capital Oslo-- a classic old city that keeps chugging into the future. It's architecturally fascinating, extremely livable, and mellow. While buying things is expensive, many of Oslo's joys are[...]

Disney Magic Makes First call to Quebec this Fall

Tuesday  13:35,   12 june 2018

Disney Magic will make its maiden call to Quebec in September 2011 during a 'Halloween Time' cruise.Both cruises include nearly two full days in Quebec and two sea days. They will also visit Halifax, Saguenay and[...]

Spirit Airlines flight delayed by alligator crossing airport runway

Tuesday  13:21,   12 june 2018

He did not seem to be in a hurry. Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer",[...]

A bomb threat forced a United Airlines plane to make an emergency landing in Ireland (UAL)

Tuesday  02:40,   12 june 2018

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann United Airlines Flights 971 made an emergency landing in Shannon, Ireland on Monday. Reports indicate a bomb threat was discovered on board the Boeing 767-300. According to reports, the threat was found inscribed in the[...]

Disney Is Giving Away a Glamping Vacation Inside One of Its Parks

Tuesday  02:35,   12 june 2018

If you’ve ever dreamt of hitting the snooze button inside a Disney theme park, you may want to set your sights beyond a night in Cinderella Castle. Pandora — The World of Avatar has become one of the busiest and most beloved lands in Walt[...]

EasyJet Passenger's Luggage, Prized Jersey Ripped To Shreds After Flight

Tuesday  01:10,   12 june 2018

The passenger discovered his bag sustained damage after a flight from Barcelona to Bristol, England.An easyJet passenger returning home from Spain was shocked to find his luggage and valuables were torn to shreds after he picked it up from baggage[...]

Philadelphia railroad ruins transformed into elevated park

Monday  23:36,   11 june 2018

A long-abandoned rail line is open for business again in Philadelphia, transformed into an elevated park and the city's answer to New York's HighThe quarter-mile-long Rail Park will open to visitors Thursday, the first phase of a park that[...]

'Hotel Influenza' Will Pay You $3500 to Come Get the Flu

Monday  20:54,   11 june 2018

You'll get the flu virus shoved directly up your nose, but you'll also get $3500 shoved directly into your pocket.Thanks to St. Louis University’s Center for Vaccine Development, now you can. The only catch? You’ll be purposely exposed to[...]

Disneyland Paris enters Marvel universe with Avengers theme

Monday  20:34,   11 june 2018

Helicopters, concept cars and SWAT teams shrouded in smoke heralded the launch of the first Avengers-themed season at Disneyland Paris following the announcement of a $2.5 billion expansion plan for the park, which will feature Marvel superheroes.[...]

TSA searches 96-year-old woman in wheelchair in viral video, sparking outrage

Monday  19:30,   11 june 2018

The encounter is drawing mixed reactions on social media.On May 15, Jeanne LaBrier Clarkson shared the six-minute clip to the social network of her nonagenarian mother, Evelyn LaBrier, being screened in her wheelchair by two female TSA security[...]

Pilot who landed plane after co-pilot was 'sucked halfway' out cockpit window awarded $777G

Monday  14:36,   11 june 2018

A Sichuan Airlines pilot has been awarded roughly $776,912 for calmly landing a flight after his co-pilot was “sucked halfway” out of the cockpit window, the Daily Mail reported. The Chinese pilot, Liu Chuanjian, was awarded the nearly five million[...]

Beautiful beaches on the Riviera Maya

Saturday  18:16,   09 june 2018

<p>Known for its white sand and turquoise waters, Cancun has some of the world’s best beaches, from deserted stretches of powder-soft sand to beach bar-dotted bays. Here are our eight favorite places to lay out our sun towels.</p>Playa Chac[...]

Air Traffic Controller Strike in Europe Causes Hundreds of Delays and Cancellations

Friday  22:06,   08 june 2018

Air traffic controllers in Italy have gone on strike, which is leading to some disruptions for travelers to Europe this week. The air traffic controllers stopped work between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., local time, on Friday, June 8 – the busiest part of the [...]

What It Was Like to Be in Guatemala Right As the Volcano Erupted

Friday  22:00,   08 june 2018

As I drifted past the volcano in a helicopter, the sky had the air of a Romantic painting, ominous but ravishing. or less than 20 hours. As I drifted past the volcano in a helicopter, the sky had the air of a Romantic painting, ominous but[...]