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A 'Sayonara Tax' Will Charge Anyone Who Wants to Leave Japan—Tourists and Citizens Alike

Friday  22:30,   13 april 2018
Mental Floss

But you might get free public Wi-Fi out of it.As Condé Nast Traveler reports, the tax will cost about $9 (¥1000), and will apply to any traveler leaving Japan by plane or ship—whether they're tourists leaving the country or Japanese residents going[...]

A New Florida Law Could Make Many Beaches in the State Off Limits to the Public

Friday  22:30,   13 april 2018
Coastal Living

The Sunshine State’s beaches are on a lot of people’s minds lately—but this time, they’re not simply a part of vacation daydreams. That’s because, as of July 1, a new law could restrict general access to beaches currently under private[...]

7 Things I Learned When I Sold Everything I Own to Travel the Country in an RV

Friday  22:10,   13 april 2018

7 Things I Learned When I Sold Everything I Own to Travel the Country in an RVGranted, we didn't make this decision lightly. But with each passing day, we became more convinced it was the right decision. We constantly felt the tug of travel in our[...]

This Is the Most Scenic Airport Runway in the World

Friday  14:06,   13 april 2018
Travel + Leisure

From gorgeous coastlines to rocky islands, some of the world's most striking landscapes are also where you'll find the most scenic runways. In a recent poll, conducted by PrivateFly, Ireland’s Donegal Airport in County Donegal was[...]

Scared of Falling Off a Cruise Ship? Here's What You Should Know.

Friday  13:41,   13 april 2018
National Geographic

Despite recent reports, cruise ships are still a safe way to vacation.On April 12, crewmembers began a frantic search after choppy conditions tossed a woman from a P&O cruise liner. The ship, called Pacific Dawn, halted as fast as possible and[...]

Fly now, pay later: Are travel loans a good deal?

Thursday  21:21,   12 april 2018
Associated Press

Dreaming of a spring getaway with white-sand beaches and a cool drink in your hand?A search for airline tickets can bring your dream down to earth, if the steep fares charged by many airlines outstrip your savings.What if you could book your trip[...]

Spirit Expanding Flight Service to the Caribbean

Thursday  20:37,   12 april 2018

The airline is adding flights to Haiti, St. Maarten and Jamaica.Starting on April 12, Spirit will connect Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Cap-Haitien International Airport in Haiti’s second largest city, marking the second[...]

Country music singer RaeLynn claims American Airlines flight attendant harassed her over diabetes service dog

Thursday  14:37,   12 april 2018
FOX News

The “Queens Don’t” singer, who has Type 1 Diabetes, was traveling with her service dog to a conference to speak about the disease.Country music singer RaeLynn is claiming an American Airlines flight attendant harassed her and her service dog aboard[...]

Paris to sue Airbnb over undeclared listings

Thursday  14:11,   12 april 2018

Paris is taking home-sharing giant Airbnb to court for failing to remove ads from people who have not properly declared their properties, city authorities said Thursday. The French capital is also suing the smaller German website Wimdu for the same[...]

British Airways hostess, 51, who downed eight vodka shots on flight from Singapore was more than 10 times flying alcohol limit

Thursday  12:56,   12 april 2018
Daily Mail

Patricia Casey, 51, of Camberley, Surrey, downed eight shots of the spirit while working aboard a BA Boeing 787 flight from Singapore. But a passenger smelt alcohol on her breath and the divorced mum-of-two was arrested at Heathrow Airport's[...]

Lake Geneva: Switzerland's Riviera

Wednesday  23:30,   11 april 2018

In the southwest corner of Switzerland, Lake Geneva separates France and Switzerland with a serene beauty. A collage of castles, museums, resort towns and vineyards, this region merits a few days of exploration, though you can get a swift overview[...]

National Park Service abandons plan to increase entrance fees after public backlash

Wednesday  22:00,   11 april 2018
FOX News

They need the revenue to complete desperately needed maintenance projects. The plan would entail increased rates at 17 of the 59 parks during peak visitation season, with prices at $70 per private vehicle, $50 per motorcycle and $30 per person on[...]

Woman kept off WOW flight for not having middle name on boarding pass

Wednesday  21:55,   11 april 2018
FOX News

A Canadian woman was allegedly denied boarding on a WOW Air flight because her boarding pass did not have her middle name.Ashley Collins of Mississauga, Ontario said she arrived at Pearson International Airport Sunday with her friend to fly to[...]

Code-sharing: Seams are showing

Wednesday  21:55,   11 april 2018

If you buy a ticket on British Airways flight 1541 from Chicago to London, you might decide to show up for your departure at O'Hare's international terminal 5, where BA operates its Chicago flights. If so, you might miss your plane, because[...]

TSA denies claim that they are randomly screening travelers' snacks

Wednesday  21:55,   11 april 2018
FOX News

Better hang on tight to those potato chips.In recent weeks, people traveling through Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Newark, N.J. airports have been sporadically asked by TSA officials to remove food from carry-on bags in airport security[...]