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For frugal flyers, it’s a golden age for the one-way ticket

Wednesday  13:07,   08 august 2018

<p>A slew of low-cost long-haul carriers have begun offering one-way tickets with no penalty, with many of these flights falling on the transatlantic route.</p>But a one-way ticket no longer has to come with the markup. A slew of low-cost[...]
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The One App a Travel Writer Never Boards a Plane Without

Wednesday  00:55,   08 august 2018

Having spent the better part of the decade travel writing, I can tell you how to squeeze everything into a carry-on, which cities are the best for solo getaways, and what outlet converter to buy for Europe.&nbsp; Having spent the better part of [...]

Upset Passengers Block Another Flight En Route to 29-Hour Delay

Tuesday  23:36,   07 august 2018

Tensions were high at France's Bordeaux Airport over the weekend.According to The Local, passengers scheduled to fly from Bordeaux to the Spanish island of Mallorca Saturday morning were delayed a mind-boggling 29 hours due to a technical issue[...]

This Airport Is Treating Passengers to Comfort Kittens for Pre-flight Cuddling

Tuesday  21:41,   07 august 2018

This Airport Is Treating Passengers to Comfort Kittens for Pre-flight CuddlingMany airports offer stress- and anxiety-relieving services, mostly in the form of comfort animals like dogs, pigs, and even miniature horses. Charlotte Douglas[...]

Pomp and consequence: Visiting 20th-century fascist sites

Tuesday  20:25,   07 august 2018

The sweeping impact of fascism in the 20th century can be felt to this day in the many monuments and memorials across Europe that remind us of those horrific years. You can trace fascism's roots to the turbulent aftermath of World War I, where[...]

Yosemite Valley Is Closed Indefinitely, Due to Wildfires

Tuesday  20:15,   07 august 2018

Here's where to go instead."Over the past 48 hours, fire has impacted all of the roads used to access Yosemite Valley, burning dead and downed trees that can become very explosive and fall without warning," the park service warned in a statement [...]

Rocket City, Alabama: Space history and an eye on the future

Tuesday  20:01,   07 august 2018

The birthplace of NASA's rockets lies in the land of cotton, hundreds of miles from Cape Canaveral's launch pads.FromFrom the first U.S. satellites and astronauts, to the Apollo moon shots, to the space shuttles and now NASA's[...]

Portugal's wildfire moves south towards tourist coastal spots

Tuesday  19:46,   07 august 2018

By Guilhermo Martinez and Catarina Demony Portugal's government moved command of the emergency services battling a huge fire in the southern Algarve region to the national level on Tuesday as the fire moved south towards popular tourist towns on[...]

Delta Is Testing Out Serving 3-course Meals and Sparkling Wine — in Economy

Tuesday  18:45,   07 august 2018

<p>Between cramped seating and disappearing amenities, it feels like you have to claw your way to the smallest victories in economy air travel. But sometimes, major airlines can surprise you.</p>Passengers flying Delta between Portland, Oregon [...]

New Bill Would Force TSA to Adopt 'Gender-Neutral' Screenings

Tuesday  04:17,   07 august 2018

U.S. Representative Kathleen Rice, a New York Democrat, has introduced a new bill that compels the Transportation Security Administration to adopt gender-neutral technologies and screening techniques. The “Screening With Dignity Act” mandates new[...]

*This* Is the Cheapest Time to Book Holiday Travel for 2018

Tuesday  04:17,   07 august 2018

Yes, we know it's only August. And, yes, it's still 90 degrees out, which means it seems impossible to even think about booking flights for the holidays. But according to a new report from, you'll want to wipe the sweat off[...]

Thrilling Underwater Shipwrecks to See Around the World

Tuesday  00:51,   07 august 2018

For divers who dare, don't miss these nine destinations with waterlogged moments in time. Truk Lagoon, MicronesiaThe wrecks of more than 60 Japanese warships destroyed by American forces in 1944 lay at the bottom of a pristine lagoon in[...]

Universal Orlando hints at name of 4th theme park

Tuesday  00:20,   07 august 2018

<p>Comcast executives in July gave a glimpse of how much they hope to amp up a war with Walt Disney World as they hinted at a possible name for a fourth theme park they believe would make Universal Orlando Resort destination for a week-long[...]

Can the Bahamas Keep Wildlife Tourism in Check?

Monday  22:56,   06 august 2018

Millions of tourists visit the Bahamas every year. Can they coexist with the island nation’s iconic fauna?From almost any spot on an island, you can see turquoise water stretching into the horizon for miles. It's easy to see why the Exumas attracted [...]

Playing around in Shakespeare's Stratford

Monday  22:02,   06 august 2018

To see or not to see? Nonliterary types might find England's Stratford-upon-Avon to be much ado about nothing, but Shakespeare's hometown is blanketed with opportunities for bardolatry. It's an easy side-trip from London, but an[...]