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LifeStyle: Travel

The Genius Reason You Should Take a Photo of Your Stove Before You Travel

Friday  22:00,   08 june 2018

When I leave for vacation, I check all of the doors. And the windows. About 17 times. I then make sure each knob on the stove is turned to "off" and start the whole process over again just for good measure. Still, inevitably, I will be thousands of [...]

Anthony Bourdain's Best Quotes About Life, Travel, and Adventure

Friday  21:52,   08 june 2018

<p>Anthony Bourdain was as much a wordsmith as he was a culinary explorer.</p>Below, some of his best quotes about travel, food, and[...]

Remembering Anthony Bourdain—and His Favorite Places

Friday  21:11,   08 june 2018

Television host, author, and the former executive chef changed the way we see the[...]

Spirit Airlines Extends Booking Schedule, Adds Routes

Friday  18:08,   08 june 2018

Travelers from Kansas City, Newark, Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta will have more flight options.The new Spirit booking schedule and additional routes will give travelers from Kansas City, Newark, Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta more options[...]

The Days of the Airline Strike May Be Over

Friday  13:07,   08 june 2018

Frontier’s pilots are ready to walk, but industry consolidation may cause the government to say no. The industry is watching.Airline employees are governed by the Railway Labor Act, which renders work stoppages more difficult because the law[...]

You Could Dive to the Titanic Next Year

Friday  00:50,   08 june 2018

After more than 100 years at the bottom of the Atlantic, the Titanic could welcome visitors next year.&nbsp;After more than 100 years at the bottom of the Atlantic, the Titanic could welcome visitors next[...]

Explore an abandoned Chinese village now engulfed by nature

Thursday  22:06,   07 june 2018

Blanketed with greenery, the ghost town is perched atop cliffs looking west into sea mists obscuring the horizon. Abandoned homes ravaged by weather and creeping vines stand silent but for the surf, the whine of mosquitos, and birdsong.This is[...]

Windowless Planes Could Become a Reality

Thursday  21:46,   07 june 2018

Last year, Emirates debuted its new first class cabin where every seat was a window seat . Even the seats in the middle of the plane along the aisle had windows — but not in the traditional sense.Each first class seat was a tiny world of its own.[...]

The Airline Rewards Programs With the Best Return on Your Money

Thursday  21:27,   07 june 2018

Free flights are good. Free seats on the flights you want are better.&nbsp;Free flights are good. Free seats on the flights you want are[...]

What to Know About the Mandatory Pilot Retirement Age

Thursday  20:51,   07 june 2018

Pilots around the world have expensive careers that require many years of education and training before they can enter commercial service. Even after many get started, they may not be making salaries that help pay back the money they spent on[...]

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Just Opened the World’s First Airport ER

Thursday  19:30,   07 june 2018

Medical care—about a minute from the terminals.Even though the facility is on airport grounds and not past security (read: it's available to anyone), Carrie de Moor, M.D., CEO of Code 3, says she expects the 65,000 airport employees—who spend the[...]

Your Airbnb in Japan May Be Canceled

Thursday  19:30,   07 june 2018

More than 62,000 Japanese Airbnbs disappeared off the site on Monday. Here's how it may affect your upcoming trip.Following a series of back and forths with Airbnb's team, the company gave us official word this morning: "Any reservation[...]

TSA Evacuates Houston Airport's Security Line Over Toy Grenade: 'Passenger Safety Is ALWAYS #1'

Thursday  18:16,   07 june 2018

A security checkpoint at Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport was evacuated on Thursday morning after a “suspicious device” was found during a screening.&nbsp;Houston Airport System spokesman Bill Begley told the Associated Press that a bomb squad [...]

Australia Sentenced a Man to 12 Years in Prison for Making a Fake Bomb Threat on an Airplane

Thursday  13:30,   07 june 2018

(MELBOURNE, Australia) — An Australian judge sentenced a man to 12 years in prison Thursday for threatening to detonate a fake bomb on a Malaysia Airlines flight, terrifying more than 200 passengers and crew.&nbsp;The drama came after Malaysia[...]

Summers Past: Inside an Eerie Abandoned Water Park in Vietnam

Thursday  13:11,   07 june 2018

Art director Chris Christiano captures the desolation and grandeur of a once-bustling water park outside the Vietnamese city of Hue.It started out—like so many failed things do—as a beautiful dream: a sprawling wonderland at the edge of a lake, a[...]