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Utah teen ordered to stand trial in homemade bomb case

Thursday  21:56,   28 june 2018

A judge has ordered a Utah teenager to stand trial on charges that he tried to blow up a homemade bomb in his backpack at a high school. A hearing is scheduled July 5 to determine whether the 16-year-old, who police say made the bomb after looking[...]
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Police arrest man on murder charges in connection to fatal double shooting at internet cafe

Thursday  19:47,   28 june 2018

<p>The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 23-year-old man Monday in connection to a fatal shooting that occurred in March at a Southside internet café, according to new jail records.</p>Skyler Patrick Aftoora was charged with murder, [...]

Florida Man Captured on Video Clinging to Hood of Speeding Car Speaks Out

Thursday  17:28,   28 june 2018

Well, some of you asked what could have possibly led to the odd and terrifying incident in which a man was seen holding on to the hood of a car that was speeding down Interstate 95 in Florida and we now have some answers. Both the unorthodox[...]

At unusual forum, candidates for DA seek support of inmates

Thursday  16:20,   28 june 2018

The forum was billed as historic, the first of its kind in the country. Within jailhouse walls, inmates listened attentively Tuesday as the six candidates vying for Suffolk County, Massachusetts district attorney debated issues and campaigned for[...]

Lawyers for man accused of killing wife call for mistrial after Drew Peterson reference

Thursday  11:52,   28 june 2018

The defense team representing a Texas man accused of killing his wife 45 years ago in a staged car crash called for a mistrial on Wednesday after prosecutors mentioned convicted killer Drew Peterson.The defense team representing a Texas man accused[...]

Oakland Police investigating fatal shooting on MacArthur Boulevard

Thursday  09:55,   28 june 2018

Oakland police officers were investigating a shooting that killed one person Wednesday afternoon outside a mini-mart, according to media reports. At least three people were shot on the 8900 block of MacArthur Boulevard, according to reports from the [...]

Georgia officer charged in death of fleeing black motorist

Thursday  09:40,   28 june 2018

Anthony Green was killed by Kingsland Police Officer Zechariah Presley last week as Green was running awayOfficer Zechariah Presley of the Kingsland Police Department turned himself in Wednesday to the Camden County Sheriff's Office on charges of[...]

Former physician stole more than $500G from 98-year-old woman in fraud scheme, authorities say

Thursday  08:35,   28 june 2018

Authorities in New York announced Tuesday an 11-count indictment against a former physician who allegedly robbed a 98-year-old woman of more than $500,000 in a fraud scheme. Authorities in New York announced Tuesday an 11-count indictment against [...]

Driver hits 5 in pedicab in crash along San Francisco harbor

Thursday  07:35,   28 june 2018

<p>A pedicab driver was critically hurt by a hit-and-run driver and his four passengers, a family with two children, suffered non-life-threatening injuries Wednesday along San Francisco's waterfront, authorities said.</p>Police are[...]

Publicity stunt triggers massive traffic jam in downtown L.A. as rap artist scales traffic sign

Thursday  01:35,   28 june 2018

A shirtless man wearing boxer shorts shut down the southbound 110 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles during the morning commute Wednesday after he scaled an exit sign, unfurled political banners and began vaping, dancing and shouting from a bullhorn.[...]

Eighth Arrest Made In Stabbing Of 15-Year-Old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz

Thursday  00:17,   28 june 2018

The boy is believed to have been mistakenly targeted by gang members in New York.Police have arrested an eighth suspect in last week’s stabbing death of a 15-year-old boy outside of a New York bodega in what’s believed to have been a case of[...]

Judge denies force-feeding convicted murderer on hunger strike

Wednesday  22:51,   27 june 2018

<p>VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A judge has denied that a man who was sentenced to life for murdering his ex-girlfriend should be force-fed in prison even on his hunger strike.</p>Joseph Merlino was convicted last Friday of killing[...]

Dad caught in wildlife sting convicted for 25th time; son, minors involved

Wednesday  22:33,   27 june 2018

A Vermont man who is a habitual committer of fish and wildlife crimes was given what many believe to be a light sentence after pleading no contest to five charges relating to a poaching incident in which he, his son and two minors were caught in a[...]

Undercover dark web bust leads to more than 35 arrests

Wednesday  22:33,   27 june 2018

The US just broke new ground in its bid to shut down illegal markets on the dark web. A slew of agencies (the Department of Justice, Homeland Security Investigations, the Secret Service, the DEA and the Postal Inspection Service) have announced[...]

City closes youth corrections facility — residents keep running away

Wednesday  22:32,   27 june 2018

San Francisco’s Log Cabin Ranch — the last resort for the city’s delinquent juveniles, short of a state lockup — has been closed indefinitely following an unprecedented number of teens going AWOL. And it could spell the end of the line for the[...]