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The 10 Most Popular Instagrams of 2016

Saturday  07:21,   03 december 2016

What do you think are the most popular Instagrams from 2016? Kanye West memes? A shirtless Nick Jonas selfie? Nope, 2016 is actually the year of Selena Gomez. We expected that. After all, Gomez is the queen of many things. Her brilliant and nuanced[...]

Five Surreal Moments from Mariah Carey's Docu-series

Saturday  07:21,   03 december 2016

"Mariah's World" offers a peek into the singer's often ridiculous—and always entertaining—lifestyle.Why one of the world’s most famous musicians would feel the need to put her entire life on television is perplexing, even to me, a [...]

'Westworld' Finale: 5 Things We Hope To See

Saturday  07:20,   03 december 2016
Entertainment Weekly

"Everything has been leading to this" -- that's a line TV networks use in promos to get viewers hyped for a season finale. But in the case of HBO's Westworld, the cliche actually true. So many of the drama's mysteries are[...]

50 movies that critics really hate but normal people love

Saturday  07:20,   03 december 2016
Tech Insider

***ImagePlaceholder*** Warner Bros. It's well-established by now that the opinions of professional film critics don't necessarily reflect what the[...]

Venice Film Review: ‘Jackie’

Friday  07:11,   02 december 2016

"Nothing's ever mine, not to keep," the newly widowed Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy mordantly observes midway through "Jackie," Pablo Larraín's relentlessly close-up take on history's most iconized First Lady. [...]

The 12 Most Unexpected Spinoffs in TV History

Thursday  07:20,   01 december 2016

The 12 Most Unexpected Spinoffs in TV HistoryIs a new era of spinoffs on the horizon? The recent announcements that CBS is developing a Big Bang Theory prequel following the adventures of young Sheldon and that ABC is exploring a sequel to The[...]

President Obama Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Robert de Niro, Diana Ross and More

Wednesday  06:35,   23 november 2016

"Everybody on this stage has touched me in a very powerful, very personal way," Obama saidPresident Obama hosted his last Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony on Tuesday, honoring 21 luminaries for their contributions to the[...]

‘Allied’ Review: Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard Rarely Intrigue as Spies in Love

Wednesday  06:35,   23 november 2016

Robert Zemeckis’ WWII espionage tale evokes classic Hollywood but struggles to balance glamour, suspense and starry romance The spy-crossed lovers of Stephen Knight's screenplay -- Canadian airman Max (Brad Pitt) and French resistance fighter[...]

DWTS: And the winner is...

Wednesday  06:35,   23 november 2016
Entertainment Weekly

No one truly expected a Trump-like upset. No one truly expected a Trump-like upset. Though the competition was crazy good - finale night began with a mere one-point difference between the leader and the second place hoofer - the sprightly[...]

'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them': EW Review

Friday  07:20,   18 november 2016
Entertainment Weekly

If you're a publicly traded 21st-century media conglomerate, it's fiscally irresponsible to leave profits on the table--especially if they're Hogwarts-size profits. Warner Bros., which has raked in roughly $10 billion with its eight[...]

11 Things You Never Knew About 'Space Jam'

Thursday  04:05,   17 november 2016

Need more proof that the '90s were a crazy/awesome time for movies? We'd like to submit to evidence "Space Jam." It's been 20 years since Warner Bros. released the film, a documentary chronicling the time Michael Jordan spent[...]

10 Stunning Moments From Megyn Kelly's Memoir

Tuesday  16:56,   15 november 2016
Entertainment Weekly

Megyn Kelly's memoir Settle for More debuts Tuesday after a much anticipated windup and speculation over what exactly the Fox News anchor would reveal about the cable news channel, its ex-chairman Roger Ailes, and the new president-elect Donald[...]

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer and More -- 7 of the Biggest Celebrity Bombshells From Andy Cohen's New Book

Tuesday  16:42,   15 november 2016

The 'Watch What Happens Live' host shares stories from his years of schmoozing with celebrities. In his new book, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries, the Watch What Happens Live host dishes about experiencing Katy Perry [...]

17 Things You Never Knew About Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'

Saturday  07:21,   12 november 2016

Released 25 years ago this week (on November 13, 1991), Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" was an instant landmark. It was the first animated feature nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, the first to earn more than $100 million during its[...]

Debunking the week's tabloid stories

Saturday  02:28,   12 november 2016
Gossip Cop

Debunking the week's tabloid storiesJennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are “at war” over Brad Pitt, reports Star. According to the publication, Theroux has been “consumed with jealousy” since Aniston “admitted she’s been speaking with [Pitt] in [...]