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Kelly Clarkson Opens Up the 2018 BBMAs With Tearful Call to Action Following Santa Fe High School Shooting

Monday  04:46,   21 may 2018

The singer couldn't hold back her tears while addressing the tragic mass shooting at a school in Texas on Friday that claimed the lives of 10 people and injured 13 others.Kelly Clarkson somberly opened this year's Billboard Music Awards with an[...]

Wendy Williams insists Kanye West 'is not well'

Monday  02:30,   21 may 2018

The talk-show host weighed in on what she thinks is really going on with the controversial rapper and his recent troubling behavior."I will tell you, I feel very, very bad for Kanye West," the outspoken daytime talk-show host said during a Q&A[...]

Meet the voice behind the viral 'Yanny' vs 'Laurel' debate that has split the internet - and the Broadway actor reveals which word he actually recorded

Monday  02:05,   21 may 2018

Jay Aubrey Jones , 64, has been revealed as the viral voice recording. The New Jersey native is an actor and singer who was trained in pronunciation. He recorded the word in 2007 for voice behind the viral 'yanny' vs 'laurel'[...]

Food Network host is SLAMMED on social media for tone-deaf tweet saying 'straight white male' has become the new n-word

Monday  01:55,   21 may 2018

Comedian and Food Network's Ginormous Food host Josh Denny sparked controversy after tweeting that 'straight white male' is the new n-word on Friday.Comedian and Food Network host Josh Denny stirred controversy online after claiming that [...]

‘Deadpool 2’ Dives Into Box Office With $125 Million Opening

Sunday  21:21,   20 may 2018

Sequel falls slightly short of original's $132 million launch, but still posts bigger opening than Thor, Spider-Man, or those goody-goody X-MenThat means that the Ryan Reynolds sequel will fall just short of the $132 million made by the first[...]

'Cheers' Finale at 25: Untold Stories From Inside the Writers' Room

Sunday  21:21,   20 may 2018

THR reassembles the room with creators Glen and Les Charles, among others, on the anniversary of the memorable series finale.Created by director James Burrows and writer-producers Glen and Les Charles, Cheers succeeded by replacing set up and[...]

Beyoncé 'buys her own CHURCH in New Orleans for $850,000'... and it's over a century old

Sunday  21:00,   20 may 2018

It seems a career in show business just isn't enough for Queen Bey, 36, who has reportedly bought a church in New Orleans. According to TMZ, the over-a-century-old church was listed at $850,000 (£631,000) and is 7,500 square foot, and has been[...]

Tina Fey on 'SNL': 3 Sketches You Have to See

Sunday  19:00,   20 may 2018

Check out the three must-see sketches from Tina Fey's 'SNL' episode, including a guest-filled monologue and 'Sopranos'-inspired Trump sketch.In Tina Fey, the show had a beloved host to close out the season and seed some good will [...]

Royal Wedding Ratings: 18M Watch Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Big Day In The UK

Sunday  14:06,   20 may 2018

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding received blanket positive coverage across media in the UK and around the world and it turns out that it also showed the power of linear television. Around 18M people in the UK watched the big day yesterday[...]

'SNL' turns Donald Trump into Tony Soprano for season finale

Sunday  10:30,   20 may 2018

"Saturday Night Live" closed out its season with Alec Baldwin's Trump and a "Sopranos" parody.The NBC variety show opened its season finale on Saturday night with Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump sitting alone in a New Jersey[...]

'SNL': Mikey Day Introduces Guests at the Royal Wedding Reception as Prince Harry

Sunday  10:06,   20 may 2018

"What's up? It's your boy Harry Windsor, A.K.A. Ron Sleasly."As royal wedding mania dwindled in the hours following the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — Saturday Night Live put its[...]

Her First Girl! Pregnant Disney Channel Alum Tiffany Thornton Reveals Sex of Third Child

Sunday  10:06,   20 may 2018

Disney Alum Tiffany Thornton Defends Decision to Remarry 2 Years After Husband’s Death Former Disney Channel star Tiffany Thornton is speaking out after facing criticism for deciding to remarry less than two year’s after the tragic death of her[...]

‘SNL’ Finale: Tina Fey Takes Questions From Jerry Seinfeld, Benedict Cumberbatch, Donald Glover

Sunday  10:05,   20 may 2018

Tina Fey hosted the May 19 season finale of “Saturday Night Live” and she brought with her some of her famous friends. For her opening monologue, the former “SNL” writer and actor said she was told she was allowed to do anything because it was her[...]

‘SNL': Baldwin’s Trump Celebrates the Anniversary of the Mueller Investigation with a ‘Sopranos’ Parody (Video)

Sunday  10:05,   20 may 2018

Baldwin returns as Trump, flanked by Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro reprising their roles as lawyer Michael Cohen and Special Counsel Robert MuellerBaldwin's Trump started the sketch by entering a restaurant in New Jersey to meet friends -- Kate[...]

French director Luc Besson accused of drugging, raping actress

Sunday  02:04,   20 may 2018

French director Luc Besson has been accused of drugging and raping an actress at a Paris hotel, according to reports. The unidentified 27-year-old actress filed a complaint with police on Friday morning accusing Besson of drugging her tea and then[...]