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Kofi Annan, Diplomat Who Redefined the U.N., Dies at 80

Saturday  15:56,   18 august 2018

Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001, he projected himself and his organization as the world’s conscience and moral arbiter, despite a series of failures and scandals. 2/14 SLIDES © Doug Mills/The New York Times Mr. [...]
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In Trump era, rare act of denaturalizing US citizens gets a new focus

Saturday  15:20,   18 august 2018

<p>Working a Saturday shift in the stuffy Immigration and Naturalization Services office in downtown Los Angeles in the 1970s, Carl Shusterman came across a rap sheet.</p>A man recently sworn in as a United States citizen had failed to[...]

Screens are killing your eyeballs, and now we know how

Saturday  15:20,   18 august 2018

The "blue screen of death" is taking on a whole new meaning.Blue light’s rap sheet is growing ever longer. Researchers have connected the high-energy visible light, which emanates from both the sun and your cell phone (and just about every [...]

Electric-powered planes are taking off amid rising fuel costs

Saturday  15:06,   18 august 2018

Aviation pioneers are developing a new way to soar through skies using electric-powered planes as a way to battle rising jet fuel prices.  “Having a smaller plane that's more environmentally friendly - that has to be a good thing right?” Mathew [...]

Early Social Security claimers show 'no regrets'

Saturday  15:06,   18 august 2018

People who claimed their retirement benefits early were OK with their choice.Few people who claim their Social Security early regret their choice, despite being aware of the financial benefits of waiting, according to a new report in the Journal of[...]

There's a bus driver shortage. And no wonder.

Saturday  15:06,   18 august 2018

Why doesn't anyone want to drive the bus? Once upon a time, it was considered an honorable and desirable gig—a stable union job with a good middle-class salary, a public pension, and at least some cultural recognition for the contributions it[...]

Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, but Retailers Demand They Pay

Saturday  15:05,   18 august 2018

Walmart and other companies are using aggressive legal tactics to get the money back, demanding payments even when people haven’t been convicted of wrongdoing. MOBILE, Ala. — Crystal Thompson was at home watching the Rose Bowl parade when a county[...]

Father, daughter busted for running drug operation, police say

Saturday  14:30,   18 august 2018

A father and daughter from central Georgia were arrested Friday for allegedly running a drug operation in which they targeted local teenagers for clientele, authorities said. Daniel McGregor Williams III, 51, and his 17-year-old daughter, of North[...]

Matt Olson’s 10th-inning HR lifts A’s over Astros

Saturday  12:55,   18 august 2018

Exactly two months after trailing Houston by 12 games on June 18, the A’s on Saturday will have a chance to tie the Astros for first place in the AL West.&nbsp;BOX SCORE: ATHLETICS 4, ASTROS[...]

The flame red HTC U12 Plus is now available in the US and Canada

Saturday  12:50,   18 august 2018

<p>HTC is bringing the U12 Plus in flame red to the US and Canada.</p>The flame red color changes depending on what light it’s under, sometimes looking violet or gold in photos. A bunch of smartphones have appeared in iridescent shades lately, [...]

WATCH: Cam Newton finally responds to Bills WR Kelvin Benjamin

Saturday  12:45,   18 august 2018

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton evaded reporters at New Era Field on Aug. 9 when his team defeated the Buffalo Bills in their preseason opener, 28-23.&nbsp;Newton approached Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin prior to the game, likely[...]

Organizers behind last year’s ‘free speech’ rally plan to march in Boston Saturday

Saturday  12:25,   18 august 2018

The same organizers behind last year’s “free speech” rally in Boston that drew an estimated 40,000 counterprotesters are planning to march in the city Saturday afternoon.&nbsp;The march is scheduled to start at Boston’s City Hall at noon, and is [...]

Genoa bridge collapse: State funeral held for victims

Saturday  12:21,   18 august 2018

Mourners will remember 18 of the victims of the deadly bridge collapse in the northern Italian city of Genoa at a joint state funeral service on Saturday that is reportedly being boycotted by some families amid anger against the government. At least [...]

N. Korea urges Trump to be 'bold' on denuclearisation

Saturday  12:15,   18 august 2018

North Korean state media blamed Donald Trump's political opponents for the "deadlock" over denuclearisation on Saturday, urging the US President to act boldly to make progress on the thorny issue. Trump and the North's leader Kim Jong[...]

Superintendent faces criticism as Parkland students return to school

Saturday  12:10,   18 august 2018

Robert Runcie is facing intense criticism from parents whose children were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School​ in the Feb. 14 school shootingIt's been six months since former student Nikolas Cruz went on a rampage, killing 17 people on[...]