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Offbeat Clinton jokes that she thought about leaving US after Trump won

23:46  07 may  2018
23:46  07 may  2018 Source:

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Some famous Clinton fans have said they will leave the US if Trump wins . Allen joked that perhaps it is time to learn Russian after Trump was elected president. Elizabeth Olsen reveals that she thinks about deleting Instagram every day and 'doesn't know why' she 's still on it Can't tear away.

Donald and me: While Clinton won laughs with her own script of jokes , she too used the opportunity to land several blows on her opponent. After he listened to Clinton 'rattle on and on and on' at the debate, Trump joked that he had a new appreciation for his old foe Rosie O'Donnell.

Hillary Clinton smiling for the camera © Provided by The Hill Hillary Clinton joked Monday that she thought about leaving the country after President Trump beat her in the 2016 election.

The former Democratic presidential nominee, speaking in New Zealand during the tour for her book "What Happened," said she had gotten some offers to move to the nation after the election.

"I must say I really did appreciate the offers. Gave them some thought," Clinton joked. "But I'm going to stay put because we have work to do in my country as well."

Clinton has been promoting her book detailing her campaign and election loss over the past several months.

Clinton has used the platform to speak out against Trump and his election win.

Here's 4 reasons why Donald Trump faking a doctor's note actually matters

  Here's 4 reasons why Donald Trump faking a doctor's note actually matters Harold Bornstein, Donald Trump's longtime personal physician, is a comic character. From his long hair to his odd personal manner and pronouncements, he is someone that is hard to take seriously. So when Bornstein told CNN on Tuesday that Trump had personally dictated a 2015 letter ostensibly from Bornstein touting the then-presidential candidate's historic good health, the first reaction of many people was to laugh. Of course he did! The language was totally Trumpian! "His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary," "Bornstein" wrote of Trump. "If elected, Mr.

Hillary Clinton said she considered leaving the United States after Donald Trump won the presidency. She then joked that she received invitations to move to New Zealand. “Gave them some thought .” “But I’m going to stay put because we have work to do in my country as well.”

14 Stars Who Vowed to Leave America If Donald Trump Wins Election (Photos). It's not uncommon for people to joke /threaten about leaving the U . S . if the Lena Dunham has been one of the most active celebrity Clinton supporters out there, but she says she 'll move to Canada if Trump wins : "I know a

She was criticized earlier this year for saying that she won in parts of the country that were moving forward, while his campaign was "looking backwards." The remarks were compared to her damaging "basket of deplorables" comments from the campaign, which many found insulting.

Clinton later clarified, saying she "meant no disrespect."

Deadpool crashes Stephen Colbert's Late Show monologue with Trump jokes .
“Please, guys, no one stand up. It’s CBS, I know how old your audience is,” Ryan Reynolds, once again channeling his foulmouthed superhero, joked. Deadpool thought he could stand in for Colbert for The Late Show‘s opener, and he was prepared with the zingers. At various points, he called Colbert “Jimmy,” mistook his guest Jamie Foxx for Back to the Future‘s Michael J. Foxx, and poked fun at the lack of diversity among the late-night circuit and superhero movies. “In our own way, we late-night hosts are basically superheroes,” Colbert said. “Because you’re all mostly white men?” he quipped. Deadpool also had plenty of jokes about President Trump. He called the decision to pull America out of the Iran nuclear deal “Trump’s biggest pulling out blunder since Eric,” and he mocked Trump’s recent Twitter rant on leaks in the White House. “We all know Trump prefers his leaks in Russian hotel rooms,” Deadpool joked. To finally get rid of him, Colbert took a note from Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and disintegrated him with CG effects. “What the f—?” Deadpool exclaimed. “Thanos?! You don’t have the budget for this, Colbert!” Josh Brolin, Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 costar, also plays Thanos in Infinity War — aconnection that doesn’t go unnoticed in his fourth wall-breaking movie.


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