Offbeat 'Strategically comforting and tactically terrifying': Chinese leaders are wary of Trump — but they still see an opportunity

03:35  11 may  2018
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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi praises North Korea during Pyongyang visit

  Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi praises North Korea during Pyongyang visit Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi praised North Korea's commitment to denuclearization during a rare visit to Pyongyang on Wednesday. The visit is the first official high-level contact between Beijing and Pyongyang since the historic Inter-Korean summit on April 27, which saw the leaders of the two Koreas agree to an ambitious agenda of peace and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. Following the success of the summit, planning is now underway for US President Donald Trump to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un within a month to further discuss the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear arsenal.

US experts ‘invited to see shutdown of N Korean nuclear test site’ (Asia Times and agencies). Leaders agree to end Korean War: ‘We have become friends’ (Andrew Salmon). This is as clear a signal you can get that the very top echelons of the Chinese leadership are concerned about issues

President Trump was elected on a theme of “America First,” touching off a great debate that will Fourth, and significantly, U.S. experts are likely to be wary of any attempt to reduce the U.S.- China China is engaged in maritime disputes with several of its neighbors, and Beijing still sees having a

President Donald Trump has been a source of amusement and frustration for foreign governments, which are frequently unsure whether his public pronouncements reflect the policies he will pursue.

That mismatch is felt acutely in China, which stands alongside the US as the preeminent overall powers in Asia, according to the Asia Power Index compiled by Australia's Lowy Institute.

But Chinese leaders, unsure as they may be about Trump, see opportunities in his approach to the world stage, according to Kevin Rudd, Australia's prime minister between 2007 and 2010 and in 2013.

China says summit with Japan, South Korea to focus on cooperation, not North Korea

  China says summit with Japan, South Korea to focus on cooperation, not North Korea <p>No areas will be off limits in talks next week when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Japan, but North Korea is not going to be a focus, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Friday.</p>China and Japan, Asia's two largest economies, have been trying to reset ties after years of increasingly bitter dispute over a group of uninhabited islets in the East China Sea and the legacy of Japan's invasion of China before and during World War Two.

Chinese leaders say this themselves. To what extent is there still vulnerability in the Chinese economy to access to energy supplies? That said, I wouldn’t comfort oneself too much that the situation is wholly under control.

Without China ’s active participation, multilateral organizations can have only limited meaning with regard to regional conªdence-building.30 Beijing had been wary of regional multilateral 37. For a review of these issues, see Thomas J. Christensen, “Have Old Problems Trumped New Thinking?

"Strategically, they regard the Trump administration as an enormous opportunity for China," Rudd said on Tuesday at the Asia Society in New York, during an event marking the Asia Power Index report's release.

"They see vacuums and spaces opening up around the world ... through the absence of an effective American diplomacy, as well as in key institutions," like the United Nations or even NATO.

'A retrograde step'

Rudd said he and others had urged Chinese President Xi Jinping to talk to Trump about keeping the US in the Iran nuclear deal in order to avoid imperiling a potential deal with North Korea over its nuclear program. It's not clear whether such communication over took place, and Trump pulled the US out of the Iran deal on Tuesday.

Trump will meet with his China trade delegation Saturday as they return from talks

  Trump will meet with his China trade delegation Saturday as they return from talks President Donald Trump tweeted that the delegation had "long meetings" with Chinese leaders and business representatives. The meeting will plan to "determine the results" of the trade talks.The president added that "it is hard for China in that they have become very spoiled with U.S. trade wins!"TWEETAmerica's delegation arrived in China on Thursday and was led by led by U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who met with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He. The discussions were expected to cover a wide range of U.S. complaints about alleged unfair trade practices in Beijing.

It remains to be seen if Trump will back a proposal in the National Security Strategy to investigate China ’s The president has been clear that he still seeks a partnership with the Russian leader . What’s all but certain is that the sailors’ predicament was terrifying , and their demises horrific.

However, Great Britain remains wary of European unity while France is unsure of its larger global purpose. Accordingly, the Chinese leaders have been prudently restrained in laying any overt claims to global leadership . By and large, they are still guided by Deng Xiaoping’s famous maxim: “Observe

"I would think on balance, the Chinese would see this a retrograde step, because it makes the potential enforceability of any regime which the North Koreans would agree to, to be more problematic in the execution," reinforcing the Chinese perception that US foreign policy hinges on domestic politics, Rudd said, pointing to decisions like the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

"As to whether see the Chinese this as a further strategic opportunity, America being in global diplomatic disarray, I think that is now taken as a strategic given in China," which sees the Trump administration "as being all over the place."

"They see that the fracturing of US traditional alliances, both in Asia and in Europe, over a whole range of different questions," Rudd added. "So the Chinese see this as an opportunity to frankly — I won't say exploit American weaknesses — but simply to move into vacuums."

In whirlwind of diplomacy, Kim Jong Un has second surprise meeting with China

  In whirlwind of diplomacy, Kim Jong Un has second surprise meeting with China North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in China this week for the second time in two months, reinforcing China's central role in a recent whirlwind of diplomatic activity surrounding the Korean Peninsula.&nbsp;The Kim-Xi meeting took place Monday and Tuesday in the Chinese port city of Dalian, near the China-North Korea border, Chinese state media reported Tuesday. A meeting in Tokyo with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is scheduled in Tokyo later this week; the leaders plan to discuss North Korean denuclearization.

World News: Lady shares terrifying diaries ‘stored by her obsessed co-worker detailing what she wore every single day earlier than he was jailed’. Meeting Trump is an opportunity to directly advocate for keeping Japan’s interests on the list of priorities.

Civilizations. Africa. Chinese civilization. North America. Strategically , this bodes well for Trump , for reasons we will explore in this article. Trumps support base saw this as an underwhelming victory for Trump , but one which will still inspire then in the ground campaign - a place that Trump has spent

Others have made similar points about China seizing on missteps by Trump.

Trump's at-times contentious dealings with Asian allies on issues like trade and military commitments, and his seeming disinterest in things like foreign aid, has strained relations with those countries, according to Ian Bremmer, president of geopolitical-risk-firm Eurasia Group.

"The willingness of these countries to actually coordinate with the Americans on China policy is virtually zero at this point," Bremmer told Business Insider in February.

While Beijing is not replacing the US, "certainly it is taking advantage of situations in which the United States would have a certain dominance in the past, and now, as they retreat from the world, China sort of capitalizes [on] those opportunities," Jorge Guajardo, who served as Mexico's ambassador to China between 2007 and 2013, told Business Insider in March.

'They're very uncertain about this guy'

Even as those moves appear as opportunities to China, Trump's policymaking style is cause for concern.

"Here's the qualifying point," Rudd said on Tuesday. "They find Trump strategically comforting and tactically terrifying, and why do I say that? Tactically terrifying because they actually do not know which way he will jump."

Leaders of Japan, China, SKorea hold talks focused on NKorea

  Leaders of Japan, China, SKorea hold talks focused on NKorea South Korean President Moon Jae-in has arrived in Japan to join leaders from Japan and China for a summit that will largely focus on North Korea's nuclear program and other regional issues.&nbsp;Japanese officials say the meeting comes at a crucial time, sandwiched between an inter-Korean summit and planned talks between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

We may also begin to see the Trump administration moving the American empire away from its globalist agenda (the promotion of What I hope to see in Armenia someday is an authoritarian government led by well educated, pragmatic and nationalistic leaders with very close ties to Moscow.

Even as China is seizing the immediate opportunities that it sees arising from Trump ’s election, its ambitions are informed by a longer-term global governance strategy, which few countries can rival in terms China is wary of treaty-based commitments that restrict flexibility and impose responsibilities.

Rudd pointed specifically to Trump's broadsides against Beijing over the US's trade deficit with China.

While Chinese leaders had not previously expected US presidents to take action over the issue, Trump "has jumped up and down and begun to indicate what national measures the United States would take," Rudd said. "He has now grasped China's attention."

The US and China are currently in talks on the matter. At China's request, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin visited Beijing to meet with Chinese economic policymakers at the beginning of May, and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is set to visit the US to continue those discussions, though a date has not been set.

While China has reportedly pushed back on some US requests, Mnuchin's visit to China is said to have yielded a mutual agreement "that a sound and stable China-US trade relationship is crucial," as well as a working mechanism to strengthen communication between the two countries on trade issues.

But the issue is not settled, and uncertainty about what Trump will do leaves Chinese leaders ill at ease.

"China prefers strategic predictably, not uncertainty," Rudd said, "and they're very uncertain about this guy."

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Chinese bank offered chance to dine with Trump for $150,000 per ticket .
A Chinese state-owned bank reportedly offered $150,000 tickets to clients for the chance to dine with President Trump at a Dallas fundraising dinner later this month. China Construction Bank Corp. offered the tickets to private banking clients with U.S. visas, which promised photos and autographs from Trump and networking with U.S. "tycoons," according to an invitation viewed by Bloomberg.Tickets to the dinner, hosted with the Republican National Committee, are $50,000-one-third of the price of the tickets sold by the Chinese bank, according to Bloomberg.

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