Offbeat Journalists Should Stop Falling For Hamas’ Deadly PR Efforts Against Israel

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Gaza blast kills five Palestinians, cause unclear -health officials

  Gaza blast kills five Palestinians, cause unclear -health officials An explosion in Gaza killed five Palestinians on Saturday, health officials said, adding the cause of the blast was unclear. An Israeli military spokeswoman said she had no information about the incident.Reuters television captured a pillar of smoke rising above the village of Zawayda near the coast of Gaza, far from the border with Israel where tensions have escalated in recent weeks.Deadly explosions in Gaza have also been caused by internal Palestinian fighting or by unintentional mishaps among militant groups.The Gaza Strip is controlled by the Islamist group Hamas.

Hamas , according to its "Press Office," also instructed Palestinian journalists to stop using the words "clashes" and "confrontations" in their stories about the demonstrations. Such incitement against Israeli journalists should be taken with utmost seriousness.

We are joined from Tel Aviv by Israeli journalist Gideon Levy. In a recent piece for Ha’aretz The aggression must be stopped , and a guarantee should be given it would not be repeated. NEXTHow the West Chose War in Gaza: Crisis Tied to Israeli -U.S. Effort to Isolate Hamas & Keep the Siege.

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Hamas isn’t merely a terrorist organization committed to murdering Jews, it’s a terrorist organization that urges its own people to become cannon fodder as a means of appealing to Western journalists and intellectuals. The higher the death toll, the happier Hamas will be. And few things have more of a detrimental effect on the Palestinian cause than the media’s asymmetrical coverage of this conflict with the Jews.

Hundreds of Palestinians protest amid heightened tensions over embassy opening

  Hundreds of Palestinians protest amid heightened tensions over embassy opening Protesting the embassy move, Palestinians marched through the streets of Gaza, carrying the body of a protester shot by Israeli troops Friday.He was among an estimated 15,000 demonstrators, some burning tires and hurling rocks at Israeli forces. Palestinians have also started attaching fire-bombs to kites and flying them into Israel. Along the Gaza border on Friday, CBS News found Israelis flying kites in a counter-demonstration."They kill their own. I mean – they kill their own," said Leah Goldin, whose son Hadar was killed four years in a war with Hamas. His body was never returned.

“The court ruling against the journalist did not come as a surprise,” Harb said. Residents of Israel ’s South Fear Hamas ' Relentless Terror Tunnel Efforts . Top Israel Videos View all. How a Passover Matzah Miracle Prevented a Deadly Hamas Massacre.

His cynical efforts seemed to have paid off. Just two years later, Hamas would launch a war against Israel with a lavish arsenal of over 5,000 rockets aimed at Israeli civilians. In the 2014 Gaza War, Hamas showcased a network of complex and deadly tunnel projects built to kidnap, murder

Until Palestinians shed their hatred, turn from the Israeli fences and march towards their own governments, they will remain pawns and saps in a decades-long suicide mission. Because no amount of bad press about Israel’s efforts to stop violence coming from Gaza will impel that nation to create a terror state on its borders. It’s untenable, not to mention immoral. We would never contemplate such a thing. Nor would any rational country.

Despite what you’ve heard, the 35,000 Palestinians “demonstrators” massed along the security fence between Israel and Gaza -- the ones throwing firebombs and other explosives, burning tires, chucking rocks (if you think these are aren’t deadly, you should see one landing; I have), and those attempting to light fires to burn crops and vegetation -- are only ostensibly protesting the United States moving its embassy to Israel’s capital. I know this because Hamas doesn’t accept a United States embassy anywhere in Israel, as it doesn’t recognize Israel at all.

White House blames Hamas for dozens of deaths in Gaza protests

  White House blames Hamas for dozens of deaths in Gaza protests The White House believes Hamas is "solely" responsible for the deaths of more than 50 people who were killed during clashes with Israeli security forces Monday on the Gaza border. "We're aware of the reports of continued violence in Gaza today," White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah said. "Responsibility with these tragic deaths rests solely with Hamas."Shah said Hamas was "provoking" a response from Israeli forces and added, "Israel has a right to defend itself.

Flare-Up with Israel Tests Hamas Effort to Keep Gaza on Low Boil. Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri said no-one should underestimate the potential for hostilities to "Calls to respond with full force against Hamas are irresponsible," the top Israeli general, Gadi Eizenkot, said in a speech last week.

The military wing of Hamas has launched attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers, often describing them as retaliatory, in particular for assassinations of the upper echelon of their leadership.[30] Tactics have included suicide bombings and, since 2001, rocket attacks.[31][32][33]

Hamas has openly asserted that it’s attempting to create incursions into Israel, and that has absolutely nothing to do with East or West or North or South Jerusalem. For Palestinians this is about the 70th anniversary of Israel -- or as they see it, Nakba. It’s about an ongoing historic effort -- intermittently theocratic or nationalistic effort, depending on the trends -- to play victim.

So while it might grate against the sensibilities and preconceived notions of those covering the mess, Hamas is the oppressor in this situation. And while rioters might think they’re fighting a “war,” Israel is merely trying to stop a mob from breaching a fence. To frame this as a battle between occupier and occupied is deeply simplistic. Gaza is unoccupied territory. It is only after a Hamas coup d'etat that dispatched the opposition political party of Fatah led by Mahmoud Abbas, the internationally recognized leader of the Palestinians, that both Israel and Egypt, imposed a blockade on Gaza. As Israel, Egypt was rightly worried about the increase of the Iranian influence and terrorism.

U.S. at U.N.: Israel acted with 'restraint' in Gaza border clash

  U.S. at U.N.: Israel acted with 'restraint' in Gaza border clash <p>U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Tuesday that Israel had acted with "restraint" in its deadly confrontation with Palestinians at the Gaza border.</p>After ambassadors joined in a moment of silence for the more than 50 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the bloodiest day in Gaza since a 2014 war, divisions among council members quickly re-emerged. Haley said Israel was facing Hamas extremists who incited people who lobbed flaming objects toward the Israeli side of the border fence and urged protest marchers to breach it.

To fault Hamas while not expecting any change from Israel is straining out a gnat and swallowing a Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu admitted to military goals that had nothing to do with stopping rocket fire. Though Palestinian efforts at resistance haven’t always been honorable, no one should deny

They understand that introducing Hamas into the equation serves as an a priori justification for Israel to employ violence against them; for if the marchers WATCH: Targeted by Israeli snipers, journalists in Gaza demand protection. Why the PA can't — and won't — stop paying prisoners' families. 9.

Though there is occasionally talk of a unity government with Hamas, Fatah leader Abbas still threatened Gaza with more blockades. Now, if Hamas can’t even adhere to agreements with the supposed moderates of the Palestinian government, what is Israel expected to do?

Hamas might regularly crush political dissent, torture opponents, and put limits on every freedom imaginable, but let’s not forget that it's also plagued by corruption. Since Israel conferred semi-autonomy on Gaza, Hamas has created one of the highest unemployment rates in the world at over 40 percent. The government siphons off hundreds of millions in international aid it should be using to promote economic growth and for basic necessities for the people, to fund the making and use of thousands of rockets and mortars (rendered ineffective by the Iron Dome; and the reason that Hamas has not turned to riots), concrete-bolstered tunnels that shuffle terrorists into Israel, and other unnecessary terror activity.

One of those activists is ginning up mobs to rush a fence separating Gaza and Israel. At one gathering near Gaza City, The Washington Post reported, Hamas organizers encouraged rioters to push through the fence, “telling them Israeli soldiers were fleeing their positions, even as they were reinforcing them.” The purpose, of course, was to create casualties. On the other hand, Israel dropped leaflets urging Palestinians to stay away from the fence. “Save your lives and work on building your futures,” the papers read. Israelis also fired warning shots at people as they began breaching the fence. Snipers only fired real shots at those who had already crossed the first fence despite warning and were trying to breach the main security fence.

Hamas says most slain Gaza protesters were its members

  Hamas says most slain Gaza protesters were its members Hamas said most of the protesters killed this week by Israeli fire along the border with the Gaza Strip were members of the militant group, an admission that deepens the starkly different narratives on both sides over the deaths. Israel, which has faced blistering international criticism over its response, is likely to latch on to the remarks to bolster its claims that Hamas has used the weekly border protests as cover to stage attacks. But with the images of rifle-toting Israeli snipers facing off against seemingly unarmed protesters beamed around the world, the remarks by Hamas may do little to convince Israel's detractors, including the Palestinians.

We shall continue our efforts to locate and destroy tunnels,” the IDF said. Top Israel Videos View all. How a Passover Matzah Miracle Prevented a Deadly Hamas Massacre. Honor One of Israel ’s Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day. Demand Twitter Kick Hamas Off its Platform.

A common tactic used by Hamas against Israel is the use of human shields , causing mass casualties in order to win a PR war. Palestinians Fall Victim to their Leaders’ Greed and Idiocy. IDF Destroys 2 Terror Tunnels, Foils Hamas Efforts at Restoration.

Using civilians as human shields and cannon fodder, and the resulting death tolls as propaganda, has been a tool for Palestinian groups for more than half a century. In 2015, the United Nations was forced to admit that Hamas was storing explosives in at least three UN schools (where displaced people as well as children were housed) that were targeted by Israel during the mini-war of 2014. Using international aid buildings as staging ground for terrorism is part of Yasser Arafat’s legacy.

Of course, Israel makes mistakes. Many of them. But what is Israel supposed to do when a mob of violent rioters march towards them? Should it shut down the IDF and allow Hamas to overtake their military positions? Should it tear down the fences and allow a million Gazans, propagandized over a generation by violent regimes and steeped in virulent anti-Semitism, to walk into Israel proper? Should they give the full autonomy to Hamas and allow it to create a mini Iran right on its border? Should Jews pick up and leave Jerusalem? Even if Israel wanted to make a deal, Hamas makes no genuine demands, much less offers any concessions. It wants to provoke death. They want to become the victim. Sadly, for the Palestinian people, they get plenty of help creating that fiction.

Palestinian publicly sets himself on fire in Gaza .
A 20-year-old Palestinian is in critical condition after publicly setting himself of fire in the Gaza Strip. Motives for the self-immolation are unclear Sunday.Suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam and cases are rare in conservative Gaza but dozens were reported last year. Several cases of self-immolation have also been reported in Gaza over the past years. This was the first time, however, that one was filmed and posted online.

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