Offbeat 54 things Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t ‘recall’ or ‘remember’ in his testimony

05:25  17 may  2018
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For three hours, staff from the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Donald Trump Jr .: The testimony , first reported by the New York Times, offered some new insights into the In his statement, Trump Jr . told Congress that it is “possible that we left each other voice messages. I simply do not remember .”

Donald Trump Jr (R) and his father, US President Donald Trump . Trump Jr said he didn’ t know or didn’ t recall the details of any White House involvement in his response to the first reports of that meeting. But he insists he does not remember talking to him on any of these occasions, instead

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If there’s one thing Donald Trump Jr. cleared up with his congressional testimony, it’s that he doesn’t remember a lot of things.

In a newly released transcript of his testimony, Trump repeatedly couched his answers about that June 2016 Trump Tower meeting by saying he did not “remember” or that he didn’t “recall” certain things. Even when he was pretty sure, he'd say “not that I recall” or something like that. The result was a pretty cagey piece of testimony.

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In what has to be the most amazingly dumb thing of the day, it seems Donald Trump , in his sworn testimony pertaining to the Trump University case, forgot about having “the world’s best memory.” This sudden inability to remember things prompted an amazing exchange with a lawyer for the plaintiff.

Donald Trump Jr . “can’ t help but think” the team of Democratic donors on special counsel Robert Trump , Jr . spent 25 hours giving testimony for a 20-minute meeting he had, while Clinton only gave Trump , Jr . recalled that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other liberal black leaders found that his

Below is a list of 54 substantive issues on which Trump cited his lack of a memory:

1. Details of the Trump Tower meeting in general: “Again, I don't remember too many details of it.”

2. The presence of an eighth person — Russian American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin — in the Trump Tower meeting: “As I mentioned in my statement, people have said there was an eighth person. I just can’t remember. … I’ve heard the name. I don’t recall now.” (Trump couldn’t remember this despite another attendee, Ike Kaveladze, saying Akhmetshin wore a hot pink outfit.)

3. Whether the meeting’s attendees were introduced: “I don’t recall, but I imagine that’s likely.”

4. Speaking with Russian pop star Emin Agalarov on June 6 and 7, despite phone records that show phone calls between them: “I do not recall speaking with Emin. It's possible we left each other voice-mail messages. I simply don’t remember. … I don’t recall if I actually reached him, no.”

Senate should defend constitutional powers of Trump -- not Mueller

  Senate should defend constitutional powers of Trump -- not Mueller Before the Senate debates a bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by President Trump, it should consider this : Mueller’s use of a subpoena to require testimony by the president would violate the separation of powers in the Constitution and is an abuse of the grand jury process.In addition, Mueller’s proposed questions for President Trump in the special counsel’s wide-ranging investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election would violate Article II of the Constitution and executive privilege.

But I did not recall this event, which occurred 18 months before my testimony of a few weeks ago, and would gladly have reported it.” “I don ’ t know.” Could the president pardon Donald Trump Jr . and his other family members, Deutch asked.

Donald Trump , then president-elect, and his son Donald Trump Jr . in New York on Jan. I simply do not remember ." Trump Jr . also said in his prepared testimony that he had no recollection of any documents left behind by the Russian visitors.

5. Whether he talked with Agalarov on June 7 about publicist Rob Goldstone’s June 6 email pitching the Trump Tower meeting: “No, I don’t [recall.]”

6. Where he was when he got the email: “I don’t [recall], no.”

7. Whether he was traveling at the time: “I don’t recall that, no.”

8. Receiving an email from Goldstone saying Emin’s father, Aras Agalarov, and his important Russian friends supported Trump: “I don’t remember getting it, but I would have interpreted it as casual congratulations.”

9. Whether Goldstone sought to set up any meetings with Russian government officials: “None that I can recall, no.”

10. Whom he spoke with from a blocked number at 8:40 on June 6: “I don’t [know].”

11. A phone call with a number belonging to Paul Manafort on June 7: “I don’t know who it is now. No, I don’t. … I don’t recall that.”

12. Speaking to Manafort two days after the Goldstone email: “I don’t [recall], no.”

13. Speaking with Manafort on June 28: “I don’t [recall].

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This sets up a fascinating cat and mouse game which may leave Junior with no choice but to spill the beans during his testimony , and no good options either way. While Donald Trump Jr . will be testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Politics. Top senator strongly suggests Donald Trump Jr . lied in his testimony about Russia "Below is a statute to keep in mind in regards to Donald Trump Jr .'s testimony today," Coons' office wrote in an email with the subject line: "On day of Trump Jr . testimony , an important law to remember ."

14. Whether he spoke with his father during a call on a blocked number on the afternoon of June 6: “I don’t [know].”

15. To whom he spoke on a June 7 call at 4:07 p.m.: “I don’t know.”

16. The contents of the call: “No, I don’t [recall].”

17. Whether he mentioned the potential meeting to top campaign officials when it was proposed: “I just don’t recall. I could have, but I don’t remember doing it.”

18. Having conversations about the meeting beforehand: “I don’t remember having any conversations about it.”

19. Having discussions about the meeting afterward: “I do not recall ever discussing it with Jared [Kushner], Paul [Manafort] or anyone else.”

20. How Kaveladze was introduced: “I actually don’t remember how he was introduced.”

21. Whether Kaveladze disclosed for whom he worked (a Russian company): “Not that I remember, but he works for Crocus.”

22. Whether Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya or her colleagues mentioned Bill Browder, the U.S. businessman behind the Magnitsky Act: “Not that I remember.” (Trump aide Paul Manafort, who was also in the meeting, jotted down several notes relating to Browder.)

Rex Tillerson just majorly trolled Donald Trump

  Rex Tillerson just majorly trolled Donald Trump Rex Tillerson may be gone, but he hasn't forgotten. Speaking to soon-to-be graduates of the Virginia Military Institute on Wednesday, Tillerson dropped this truth bomb:

During his testimony , Comey said he interpreted the President’s statement as a “direction” while Donald Trump Jr . saw it as nothing more than “hope.” Hoping and telling are two very different things , you would think that a guy like Comey would know that. #givemeabreak.

Last week, Stephen Colbert became the latest late-night comedian to embarrass Donald Trump Jr . on Twitter. As you recall , Don Jr . was there looking for dirt on Hillary Clinton back in June of 2016, right?” said Colbert in his Late Show monologue. After his testimony , Don Jr . posted an

23. Whether Veselnitskaya requested then-candidate Trump would take actions regarding her client, Prevezon Holdings, if he became president: “Not that I remember.”

24. Whether the attendees asked for action regarding the Magnitsky Act: “Not specifically that I recall.”

25. Whether Veselnitskaya provided names of Hillary Clinton or DNC supporters who were involved in a supposed tax scheme: “Not that I remember. … I don’t recall, but she may have.”

26. Whether the meeting’s attendees brought documents: “Not that I remember, no.”

27. Whether he discussed Prevezon Holdings or the Magnitsky Act between the meeting and when it was first reported in the news in July 2017: “I wouldn’t have even remembered those things until I read about it in the news.”

28. Hearing about the Ziff brothers: “And Ziff brothers sounds familiar, but I don’t recall specifically.”

29. Whether Goldstone saying the Russian government supported Trump alarmed him: “I don’t know because I don’t remember thinking about it at the time.”

30. Whether he and Kushner spoke about the meeting before the New York Times reported on it: “I don’t remember. … I don’t recall actually having the conversation.”

31. On what might have prompted them to have a discussion: “I don’t remember.”

32. On who asked Veselnitskaya for more clarity on her allegations against Clinton and the DNC: “I don’t recall who asked. I believe it was myself, but ‘we’ meaning myself, Paul and Jared were there. I don’t remember who asked.”

Kaepernick collusion case proving that teams viewed him as a starting quarterback

  Kaepernick collusion case proving that teams viewed him as a starting quarterback Remember when quarterback Colin Kaepernick initially went unsigned after becoming a free agent in March 2017? As it turns out, it was.

But it was his eldest son Donald Trump Jr . who couldn ' t resist the urge to go off on a tweetstorm. In a series of tweets during Comey's testimony , Trump Jr . defended his father and took it upon himself to interpret his father's words for a broader audience.

Trump Jr . also said he couldn ' t recall details of any White House involvement in crafting his initial misleading public response to that meeting. During the more than five hours he provided testimony , Trump Jr . was never under oath, but it's still illegal to lie to Congress.

33. Whether he saw an email about a Russian social media company helping Trump: “I don’t recall seeing it. … I don’t know if I had an understanding because I don’t remember seeing it.”

34. The timing of his father’s June 7 campaign speech in which his father said he had “very, very interesting” information about Hillary Clinton: “I don’t remember the exact timing of it.”

35. When he first reviewed his actions surrounding the meeting: “I don’t remember the exact chronology.”

36. Information about meetings with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak: “I don’t remember the exact timing of when they took place.”

37. Who was in a post-election meeting with Kislyak: “I believe it was Jared Kushner, the Ambassador, maybe [Michael] Flynn, but I don’t remember.”

38. How he came to know Felix Sater: “I don’t remember.”

39. When he became aware of Sater’s criminal past: “I don’t remember when. … I don’t recall. … I just don’t remember when I found out.”

40. Other banks who were involved in the Trump Soho project: “I don’t remember.”

41. Whether foreign banks were involved: “I don’t remember the structure. … I don’t remember the construction side of it.”

42. Whether he did any due diligence on the developer for Trump Soho, the Sapir Organization: “I don’t remember.”

43. Whether other projects used the Trump Organization as a sponsor to sell real estate units: “I just don’t remember the structure of the sales teams.”

44. On whether the Trump Organization did due diligence on buyers of particular units: “I don’t recall.”

Democratic senator says Don Jr. may have lied in congressional testimony

  Democratic senator says Don Jr. may have lied in congressional testimony Sen. Chris Coons said newly-reported information called the younger Trump's account into question, and that he should return for fresh questioning at an open hearing.WASHINGTON — Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said in a letter Thursday that President Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., may have provided "false testimony" to the Senate Judiciary Committee when he was asked last September about the Trump campaign's involvement with foreign governments and foreign nationals.

I found out I don ' t remember the whole altercation at all. We have all . Last September, Donald Trump , Jr . Thing Happened On The . A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff. with the Rock spoke about Donald Trump for a minute, predicting his victory.

This has led one political expert to predict that things are about to go south for Trump and his family within weeks. For now, the door is likely still open for Kushner and Trump Jr to negotiate plea deals against Donald Trump . Mueller already has a slew of inside witnesses, but adding testimony and

45. Who the counterparty was on an Azerbaijan development deal: “I don’t remember.”

46. His first introduction to Emin Agalarov: “I don’t remember how we were first introduced.”

47. How many Trump Organization deals in 2016 included considering Trump as the developer: “I’m sure we looked at stuff. I just don’t remember what it was.”

48. On whether there were any discussions of how to use the DNC and John Podesta hacks: “I don’t recall it ever happening. I just don’t know that if someone had a passing conversation with me and said, 'Hey, what do you think about that.’ But no, there was no substantive conversations that I can at all remember about any of that.”

49. When he first became aware of Podesta’s emails: “I don’t [recall].”

50. What Trump campaign aide Boris Epshteyn’s job title was: “I don’t recall that, but I know — I believe it was largely in communications.”

51. Much of anything about Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos: “I believe he worked on the campaign, and I know the name, but that’s about the extent of what I recall at this time. … I don’t recall [his work for the campaign] at this time.”

52. What Rick Gates’s specific job was: “I don’t recall the specific title or role, what it would have been.”

53. Whether he traveled outside the United States on June 29: “I don’t recall, but we could find out.”

54. Who brought a Fort Lauderdale project to his attention: “No, I don’t [recall].”

Report: FBI obtained wiretap conversations of Kremlin-linked banker who met with Trump Jr. .
Report: FBI obtained wiretap conversations of Kremlin-linked banker who met with Trump Jr.Spanish national police provided the FBI with tapes of Russian oligarch Alexander Torshin's phone calls with a convicted Russian money launderer, according to a special prosecutor from Spain's attorney general's office, Yahoo News reported.

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