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U.S. top commander in Europe wants more resources, forces to deter Russia

  U.S. top commander in Europe wants more resources, forces to deter Russia <p>The senior U.S. general in Europe on Thursday said he was seeking more troops, spy planes and other resources to maintain U.S. military superiority and deter Russia as Moscow presses ahead with a modernization of its military.</p>General Curtis Scaparrotti, head of U.S. European Command and NATO's supreme allied commander, said deterrence of Russia was one of his central tasks.

But what does Russia ' s military look like compared to the U . S .? Sniper rifle - US: Heckler & Koch HK417 - Although designed in Germany and used by militaries and police forces across the world , the United States Army intends on making the HK417 its main sniper rifle in the coming years.It can

Russia , which has been evaluated as the second-most powerful military in the world , has Russia was believed to possess around 7,300 nuclear warheads, compared with the U . S .' estimated 6,970. A nuclear conflict would be catastrophic and is an unlikely strategic option for either nation.

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Poland would be willing to spend around $2 billion to ensure permanent U.S. military presence on its turf—something politicians in Warsaw have repeatedly discussed in the wake of Russia’s territorial expansion.

The U.S. has so far resisted pledging permanent presence in its eastern European allies, but the possibility has sparked a discussion that Russia responds with an overseas base of its own in its western neighbor, Belarus. There, the roles appear to be reversed as Belarusian officials have voiced reluctance to host a Russian airbase, while Moscow officials have openly voiced enthusiasm for it.

Russian journalist shot dead in Kiev

  Russian journalist shot dead in Kiev Arkady Babchenko, a known critic of Russian policy, was shot near his home in Kiev, police say.Mr Babchenko, 41, was reportedly found bleeding in their apartment block by his wife and died in an ambulance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed off on a new state policy strategy for his navy that views the U . S . as aspiring to dominate the world ’s oceans in a threat to Russia . The strategy, in effect as of Thursday—the day Putin signed it—sheds more light into where Russia ’ s fleet sees potential for

The U . S . military has widely been accepted as the most powerful in the world . Russia was believed to possess around 7,300 nuclear warheads, compared with the U . S .' estimated 6,970.

The situation loosely mirrors a recurring theme for the global reach of both the U.S. and Russian military.

U.S. overseas military facilities are estimated to greatly outnumber Russia’s as Moscow’s Soviet-era posture changed dramatically with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Countries like Poland no longer participate in a Kremlin-led military alliance, hosting U.S. and NATO troops instead. In some cases, the Russian government has closed down bases for cost-saving purposes too.

Today, Russia operates at least 21 significant military facilities overseas, according to the Izvestiya daily newspaper citing Moscow's Ministry of Defense and U.N. data. These assets include motor-rifle divisions in Armenia and Tajikistan; radar bases in Belarus and Kazakhstan—where Russia also has a missile testing range—airfields in Kyrgyzstan, Syria and Armenia; and ports in Vietnam and Syria, to name a few.

Russia Sends Latest Missile Ship Near Syria For Drills

  Russia Sends Latest Missile Ship Near Syria For Drills <p>Russia has entered its latest missile corvette into service with Moscow's Mediterranean Fleet, a powerful formation of warships involved in the war in Syria and currently preparing for annual summer war games.</p>Russia's Black Sea Fleet held a ceremony Friday to induct the Buyan-M-class missile corvette Vyshny Volochyok on the first day of the season's military exercises. The relatively small vessel makes up for what it lacks in size with its high-speed maneuverability and an arsenal of advanced Kalibr-NK cruise missiles capable of hitting targets at sea or land.

Russia , often ranked second only to the U . S . in terms of military capabilities, has The "One Belt, One Road" initiative has produced plans for economic development and commerce across Asia and the The U . S . Navy possesses more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world ' s militaries combined.

Thirty-two percent of respondents to the poll published Friday said Russia ' s military was the strongest in the world , compared to only 5 percent in 1990. The survey was conducted from Oct. 10-11 and polled 1,800 people across Russia . The margin of error did not exceed 3.5 percent.

Although this number includes controversial facilities in Moldova and Georgia, where Russia is backing separatist, anti-government forces now integrated into its military, it does not include Crimea—Russia annexed the peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 and regards as its own territory.

Prior to the annexation, the Russian military rented the Crimean port of Sevastopol as an overseas base for its Black Sea fleet, which it still occupies. Setting this aside, it has announced a huge reinforcement of the peninsula since its takeover in 2014. Russian military facilities in the region now number at least 18, according to a Reuters report from 2016, which Moscow has not commented on. Like Georgia and Moldova, Ukraine opposes Russian military deployments on territory recognized by most countries as its own and not Russia’s.

Comparing this to U.S. overseas bases requires another exercise in semantics. The U.S. military has published several annual Base Structure Reports, where it lists between 600 and 900 military “sites” on foreign soil. The report from 2009, available on the Department of Defense website lists 716 military sites abroad, 13 of which are classified as “large,” while another 19 are classified as “medium.”

Did Russia Photoshop a Smile on Kim Jong Un at Meeting?

  Did Russia Photoshop a Smile on Kim Jong Un at Meeting? Kim Jong Un complimented Russia but scowled for the cameras in a historic summit with Moscow's top diplomats. On Russian television, his expression mysteriously changed.Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and other delegates met with North Korea’s leader on Thursday, shaking hands and trading pleasantries. Although neither side announced any major policy shift, the symbolism of the public trip, less than two weeks from Kim’s planned first meeting with a U.S. president, was evident.

A leading U . S . military official has expressed his desire to organize larger, more internationally involved defense drills in order to compete with an increasingly powerful Russia . As U . S .-led multinational coalition NATO conducts a near-constant series of drills in the face of heightened Russian military

World U . S . Military NATO Russia Russian military . more agile force capable of executing operations across the entire spectrum of modern warfare," according to Scaparrotti's testimony . Military Strength: What Russia ' s Military Looks Like Compared to the U . S .

The full list includes many spaces down to the minutiae of rented supply depots but even among the 620 facilities classified as “small” sites, there are formidable bases. Examples include the Coleman Barracks in Mannheim, Germany, with more than 1,000 U.S. troops and an equipment arsenal of 20,000 pieces of kit, including tanks. In Japan, the Futenma Marine base is home to more than 3,000 troops.

Still, the list includes examples such as Iceland, where the only U.S. military “site” is a naval transmitter in the fishing town of Grindavik, which has no U.S. military or civilian staff attached to it. According to a Politifact data crunch of all the overseas facilities listed by a recent Defense Department report, 56 of the 148 countries listed as hosts of U.S. military “sites” has less than 10 active-duty personnel present in 2010.

Roughly the numbers paint a picture of the U.S. boasting a more formidable posture of bases abroad with hundreds of facilities, while Russia is on weaker footing numerically, operating more than 10 times fewer. While not an inaccurate picture, Evelyn Farkas, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, says the numbers are not telling us the whole story about how the militaries behave.

Tensions Rise In Sea Between Ukraine And Russia

  Tensions Rise In Sea Between Ukraine And Russia The Sea of Azov, which is technically shared by Ukraine and Russia under a 2003 agreement, has become a point of increased tension in recent months.“The security service said: ‘Watch closely, the Russians are preparing countermeasures. They are planning seizures and hijackings of Ukrainian ships,’” a Ukrainian shipowner told Radio Free Europe in a video published on Wednesday.

Russia ' s full naval might was on display Sunday as the country celebrated its annual Navy Day in multiple time zones, with parades and demonstrations held in all four corners of its vast territory, as well as at Russian bases abroad -- including in Syria and in annexed Crimea.

It has nearly 8,000 nuclear warheads in reserve, 13,900 aircraft, 920 attack helicopters and 72 submarines, along with 800 overseas military bases in 70 countries scattered across strategic areas throughout the world , and roughly 150,090 soldiers stationed across 150 countries.

“The U.S. is still the preeminent military power globally,” she says. “However that doesn't mean that the Russians can’t exert undue levels of influence in some part of the world.”

“The Russians can’t afford to have that kind of base infrastructure that we have globally, that is true. They aren’t the Soviet Union anymore,” she says, noting that financially and logistically, Russia’s military does not match the U.S. “It is a bit of a leap for them to compete with regard to volume. That doesn’t mean they can’t compete with us with regard to their qualitative presence.”

Russia famously took Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, without mobilizing a large force but using a time of unrest against the government in the country and pro-Russian sentiments among some Crimean-based forces, to entice desertions. In Syria, the Russian government has become a central force on the negotiating table, after an effective but not vastly numerous official deployment of forces in 2015.

“The Kremlin under Putin has generally been very good at the economy of force and generally using as little recourse to achieve their objectives as possible,” Farkas argues. “What they put into Syria, for example, was what they determined they needed to do at the lowest amount of cost. They don’t have to have large installations and notional control (of bases) so long as they can exert control.”

Ongoing training missions with Latin American nations such as Nicaragua or a so-called peace-keeping mission to Serbia are examples of Russian activity under the threshold of an out-and-out overseas base. In both cases, it allows Russian personnel much closer proximity to the U.S. and its allies.

“If they had their way and they had the resources, I think they would still love to have the conventional reach we have and the opportunity that more conventional bases provides,” Farkas says. “But at present they are doing what they can with what they have.”

More U.S. Marines Will Deploy to Norway .
Moscow will not be happy about the presence of U.S. troops near its border.Norway's decision is widely seen as an attempt to stave off any possible incursions from Oslo’s larger neighbor. The U.S. Marines were only expected to stay in Norway until the end of this year, but now Norway wants to increase the U.S. military presence in its country after 2019. The U.S. troops will be asked to stay for at least five years after that, according to reports, and are expected to be sent to regions of Norway that border Russia.


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