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News : Offbeat

Robots that read our minds will actually exist sooner than you think

Thursday  00:57,   21 june 2018

Robots are here to stay, and they’re only getting smarter. That’s right, you’ll be able to control robots using your mind in the future, as MIT figured out a way to combine brainwaves and hand gestures to allow humans to interact with[...]

Trump says House GOP 'applauded and laughed loudly' after Sanford reference, despite claims of booing

Thursday  00:57,   21 june 2018

President Trump on Wednesday disputed reports that a joke he made Tuesday night on Capitol Hill — in which he mocked Rep. Mark Sanford for his recent primary election loss — was poorly received. President Trump on Wednesday disputed reports that a[...]

A year later, what Uber has done to revamp its troubled image

Thursday  00:56,   21 june 2018

A year after the ridesharing giant was tasked with revamping its embattled corporate culture, Uber is beginning to show progress. But is it enough? Bo Young Lee, Uber's first-ever diversity and inclusion officer, discusses its new workplace[...]

17-year-old Antwon Rose was fleeing and unarmed when police in East Pittsburgh shot him

Thursday  00:56,   21 june 2018

A bystander’s video shows an officer opening fire as Rose fled from police. Police officers in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shot and killed an unarmed, fleeing 17-year-old on Tuesday.According to the Allegheny County Police Department, police[...]

Russia Dumps Treasuries for Gold in Pivot After Sanctions Scare

Thursday  00:46,   21 june 2018

Russia is rethinking what counts as a haven asset as it duels with the U.S. Although investors usually seek safety in U.S. debt, Russia cut its holdings of Treasuries nearly in half in April as Washington slapped the harshest sanctions to date on a[...]

Canada sets date for recreational pot use

Thursday  00:41,   21 june 2018

Recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada by October, which is later than initially intended.Parliament passed a law legalising recreational marijuana on Tuesday but it still needs to be[...]

ACLU to continue lawsuit over Trump policies toward immigrant families

Thursday  00:29,   21 june 2018

The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday said it plans to continue pursuing its lawsuit challenging U.S. President Donald Trump's policies concerning the treatment of immigrant families trying to enter the country. The nonprofit plans to[...]

Vulnerable Republicans ready to work with Democrats if immigration votes fail

Thursday  00:20,   21 june 2018

If House votes on immigration fail Thursday - which lawmakers said is a real possibility - vulnerable Republicans are ready to defy their party establishment and work with Democrats to revive the effort. Votes on two Republican-authored immigration[...]

Walmart 'disturbed' its former building is migrant shelter for kids

Thursday  00:15,   21 june 2018

Walmart says it is disturbed that one of its former stores in Texas has been turned into a shelter for migrant children separated from their parents at the border. The company responded on Twitter on Wednesday to people who were outraged by the[...]

Melania Trump helped convince President to address family separations

Thursday  00:15,   21 june 2018

First lady Melania Trump has been working behind the scenes at the White House for the past several days encouraging President Donald Trump to keep families at the US border from being separated, a White House official told CNN Wednesday. [...]

Volvo Cars CEO says auto tariffs threaten jobs at new U.S. plant

Thursday  00:15,   21 june 2018

<p>BERKELEY COUNTY, South Carolina (Reuters - Chinese-owned Volvo Cars opened a new auto factory in South Carolina on Wednesday as company executives warned that the U.S.-China trade dispute could undermine plans to create up to 4,000 more auto[...]

GOP lawmakers: House vote on immigration still necessary after Trump order halting family separation

Thursday  00:11,   21 june 2018

Trump may have halted family separations ahead of planned House votes Thursday, but he's still pushing for Congress to pass an immigration bill.WASHINGTON — Republican lawmakers said on Wednesday there is still a need to address immigration[...]

Saudis host Kushner, Trump envoy after Israel-Gaza flare-up

Thursday  00:11,   21 june 2018

Saudi Arabia's crown prince on Wednesday hosted US President Donald Trump's special envoy Jason Greenblatt and adviser Jared Kushner to discuss the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, following a new flare-up of hostilities. The meeting with[...]

Kilauea volcano eruption is one of the biggest in recent Hawaii history, enough to fill 100,000 pools

Thursday  00:04,   21 june 2018

That's a lotta lava. Since the eruption of the Kilauea volcano May 3 on the Big Island, it's belched out about 250 million cubic meters of lava, making it one of the largest eruptions in decades in Hawaii. "It's nothing like what[...]

Real estate developer: How to find the next hot neighborhood

Wednesday  23:57,   20 june 2018

Real estate mogul Sidney Torres says these are the telltale signs that a neighborhood is about to explode.Over the past two decades, the real estate mogul and host of CNBC's "The Deed" has made a fortune flipping properties. And he's learned that [...]