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Hilarious Barack Obama, Joe Biden memes are having fun at Donald Trump's expense

Monday  19:28,   14 november 2016
The Daily Dot

In times like these, sometimes it helps to have a laugh. Which is probably why so many memes of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are kicking around right now, roasting the reality that Trump will be entering the White House in January.[...]

Glow-in-the-Dark Hair Is Here to Light Up Your Day — Ahem, Night

Monday  11:21,   14 november 2016
Good Housekeeping

Wait until you see it under a black[...]

Bikers help Springsteen, stranded on the side of the road

Sunday  15:28,   13 november 2016
Associated Press

<p>Coming across Bruce Springsteen on a broken down motorcycle on the side of the road could probably be a lyric from one of his songs, but it really happened for a group of guys from New Jersey.</p>A group from the Freehold American Legion[...]

Internet rallies behind genteel old man after death of beloved pet hamster

Sunday  09:07,   13 november 2016
The Daily Dot

In the age of highly curated social media presences, it's rare you find someone who speaks legitimate truth to their lives. Those who unmask the blemishes of society and punch up tend to hide behind a bombastic persona wholly unlike their[...]

Colorblind Student Brought to Tears as Art Teacher Helps Her See Color for First Time

Sunday  09:07,   13 november 2016
Inside Edition

"This is green? Is this what trees look like? They're all so pretty," said 17-year-old Stevie Kaczor, who was found to be colorblind when she was 12. While most people will never know the overwhelming feeling of seeing color for the [...]

Kentucky Town Elects Pit Bull Brynneth Pawltro Mayor

Sunday  09:07,   13 november 2016

On Nov. 8, the small town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elected a leader everybody can get behind: a dog named, wait for it, Brynneth Pawltro. On Nov. 8, the small town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elected a leader everybody can get behind: a dog named,[...]

Girl, 14, Teaches Her Horse to Bow for Veterans

Saturday  21:21,   12 november 2016
Inside Edition

<p>Landyn Mount honored one of America's veterans by teaching an old horse a new trick.</p>Landyn Mount, 14, of Clinton, Missouri, hatched the idea for an incredible tribute over the summer, and has spent months practicing with her horse,[...]

This deer hates the mall just as much as you do

Saturday  09:28,   12 november 2016
The Daily Dot

&nbsp;<p>Either it had just been caught stealing or the reality of the store's banality began to set it in</p>The deer found himself stuck inside an American Eagle at a Stillwater, Oklahoma mall on Thursday, to its absolute horror.[...]

Michigan quintuplets work at same McDonald's restaurant

Saturday  00:07,   12 november 2016
Associated Press

Nearly everywhere you look inside one Michigan McDonald's, there's an 18-year-old Curtis.Leith, Logan and Lucas Curtis work in the kitchen; Lauren Curtis is responsible for the front counter; and Lindsey Curtis handles the lobby and dining[...]

The Internet Loves This Ad of a Dog on a Trampoline as a Post-Election Distraction

Friday  11:14,   11 november 2016

A video of a dog gleefully jumping on a trampoline appears to be providing Americans and Britons with a welcome distraction after a grueling U.S. presidential election. The video-an advertisement for the British department store John Lewis-features[...]

Horde of mongooses storm European golf event

Friday  11:14,   11 november 2016
The Daily Dot

The world is still turning, folks. Though Donald Trump is now president-elect and the Cubs won the World Series, we're all still here.&nbsp;The masses have tuned into the Nedbank Golf Challenge, a European PGA event featuring the likes of[...]

Speedy shovels shine in Slovakia's grave-digging contest

Friday  01:21,   11 november 2016
Associated Press

<p>Ten teams from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary on Thursday turned mounds of ground in a competition to crown the fastest gravediggers in central Europe.</p>The Grave Digging Championships held in the Slovakian city of Trencin was meant to[...]

Cross-eyed cat wins over Instagram with its crazy peepers

Thursday  23:56,   10 november 2016

A tabby cat rockets to Instagram stardom thanks to his unusual and compelling blue eyes.Sol-kun's eyes are no problem for the outgoing Japanese feline, which came to our attention through RocketNews24. His popular Instagram posts show him licking a[...]

Cat or dog? This wild-eyed cutie has us all confused

Thursday  15:21,   10 november 2016

Can you figure out what this animal is? An adorable little dog? A hairy cat? An adorable hybrid of cuteness?Is this a cat or a[...]

Hungry pilot faces hefty fine for using drone to pick up sausage from the store

Thursday  12:35,   10 november 2016
The Daily Dot

Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is investigating something they probably never thought it would have to: a sausage-toting drone.&nbsp;A video appeared online showing a drone pilot sending his high-tech toy into the parking [...]