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Celebrate 'Frenemies Day' with pals you dropped over election

Wednesday  18:07,   09 november 2016

Did you unfriend the Hillary supporter next door or drop your Trump fan pal? It's time to reconnect the day after the election and make your feed great again.Todd Schenk, an assistant professor at Virginia Tech's School of Public and[...]

Pregnant Woman Stops to Vote While in Labor: ‘It Was Extremely Important to Us,’ Says Her Partner

Wednesday  13:56,   09 november 2016

<p>The registered psychotherapist says they were determined to make it to the polls despite the less-than-ideal timing.</p>Their plans were slightly derailed when Adelstein, 31, began going into labor early Friday[...]

Moose Stuck at Airport Car Rental Corralled Back to Connecticut Woods

Wednesday  02:07,   09 november 2016

One moose made the most of his Monday, making a pit stop at a Connecticut Enterprise Rent-A-Car to peruse the cars. Thing is, when he was done, he couldn’t get out. Authorities had to step in to help the wild moose get loose from the Bradley[...]

Mind the chocolate gap: Britons grumble as Toblerone shrinks

Tuesday  21:21,   08 november 2016
Associated Press

More valleys, fewer chocolate peaks: The maker of Toblerone Swiss chocolate says it's widened the spaces in its iconic, triangle-array bars for some discount shops in Britain to keep prices down.&nbsp;Mondelez International says the move[...]

Colorado city uses toilet paper to help repair cracked roads

Tuesday  15:42,   08 november 2016
Associated Press

It's not pranksters or vandals who placed toilet paper all over the streets of Littleton, Colorado, it was city workers. The Denver Post reports ( ) that Littleton crews have used bathroom tissue to help seal up cracks along [...]

High as a Cat: Small Kitten Enjoys Climbing Colorado's Mountains

Tuesday  09:07,   08 november 2016
Inside Edition

Quandary the wandering cat loves hiking Colorado's mountains.The outdoorsy kitten known as "Quandary Q Lotus Lady" spends her days like most house cats never do – she climbs some of Colorado’s tallest mountains with the brisk air blowing against [...]

Snake on a plane: Live reptile intrudes on flight in Mexico

Monday  21:42,   07 november 2016
Associated Press

Passengers on a commercial flight in Mexico were given a start when a serpent slithered into the cabin in a scene straight out of the Hollywood thriller "Snakes on a Plane."Carrier Aeromexico says the reptile was detected on a Sunday[...]

What the Transhumanist candidate learned from the election

Monday  18:56,   07 november 2016

Zoltan Istvan is many things: a journalist, a futurist and entrepreneur. Mostly, though, he's been a cheerleader for the transhumanist movement, a philosophy focused on merging humans together with technology. The ultimate goal? To live forever[...]

Google casts Election Day reminder doodle

Monday  07:21,   07 november 2016

This doodle links to information about candidates and measures on your ballot, as well as information about where your polling place is located.There's much at stake in this year's election. In addition to a tight race for the White House, there are [...]

Aussie man proposes in front of a shocking witness: a live crocodile!

Monday  03:07,   07 november 2016

You've heard of the Crocodile Hunter, but how about the Crocodile Bachelor? A Sydney, Australia, woman got quite a thrill when her boyfriend, the Head of Reptiles at the Australian Reptile Park, invited her in to do a live crocodile[...]

What's 'Hop'-ening Here? Kangaroo Jumps Into Family's RV, Returns With His Friends

Monday  00:07,   07 november 2016
Inside Edition

This family got quite the surprise when a kangaroo hopped into their RV before dinner. Justin Lorrimer recorded the bizarre moment. An Australian family's morning was off to a hopping start when they woke up to discover a mob of kangaroos lining[...]

The funniest @POTUS tweets of Barack Obama’s presidency

Sunday  16:35,   06 november 2016

President Barack Obama is cool. He makes killer playlists, shoots hoops, texts Jay-Z, and tweets at the people. The first sitting US president to have a Twitter handle, @POTUS began meeting the tweeps in May 2015, and he’s been pretty funny.Hello,[...]

Dude expertly rickrolls followers terrified of a Trump presidency

Sunday  15:49,   06 november 2016
The Daily Dot

&nbsp;<p>Twitter user and Decision Desk dude Jeff B. played on our election emotions perfectly with this tweet.</p>Twitter user and Decision Desk dude Jeff B. played on our election emotions perfectly with this tweet, claiming that the[...]

Student gets sweet revenge after hungry Kit Kat thief strikes

Sunday  07:56,   06 november 2016

When Hunter Jobbins revealed that a Kit Kat bar had been stolen from his car, the candy company quickly intervened — in a big way.We all know how the classic 1988 Kit Kat jingle goes, and now one student has approximately 6,500 of those[...]

Snake-sized worm wriggles in to record book

Saturday  23:49,   05 november 2016
Sky News

A giant earthworm called Dave has made his way into the record books after growing to the size of a small snake. The 40cm (15.7in) annelid, weighing 26g, is the largest earthworm ever found in the UK.He was spotted by Paul Rees from Widnes,[...]