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06:35  12 january  2018
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Arpaio's decision to run shakes up Senate race in Arizona

  Arpaio's decision to run shakes up Senate race in Arizona Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's announcement that he'll run for the Senate seat being vacated by fellow Republican Jeff Flake potentially pits two conservative, pro-Donald Trump candidates against each other and could create an opening for a more moderate GOP contender to take the seat. Arpaio made the announcement Tuesday, injecting new uncertainty and attention into the race that's already among the year's most-watched.

It ' s Joe Arpaio ' s Party Now . The controversial ex-sheriff says the GOP has moved in his direction—and that he’s jumping into the Arizona Senate race to support Trump and his agenda.

It ’ s Joe Arpaio ’ s Party Now . January 11, 2018 at 8:30 am ESTBy Taegan Goddard0 Comments. “In a phone interview Wednesday, Arpaio told me the national GOP had moved sharply in his direction in recent years.

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Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio has the kind of résumé that in some other, hard-to-remember era would have consigned him to the fringes of American politics.

Over 24 years as “America’s toughest sheriff” (a self-awarded superlative), Arpaio cultivated a national reputation for unabashed nativism and theatrically draconian law enforcement. He ran a “mugshot of the day” contest on the official sheriff’s office website; forced prisoners to move from one jail to another wearing nothing but pink underwear; sent a deputy to Hawaii to investigate Barack Obama’s birth certificate; and emerged as one of the fiercest champions of Arizona’s brutal immigration crackdown in 2010.

Arpaio on Senate bid: I’m running ‘for the good of our country’

  Arpaio on Senate bid: I’m running ‘for the good of our country’ Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says in a new interview that he is running for Arizona's Senate seat "for the good of the country," explaining to CNN that he is going through much of the same that President Trump has gone through with the media. Load Error In an interview broadcast Wednesday, Arpaio told CNN that he believes he can win the GOP primary and eventual general election for Sen. Jeff Flake's (R-Ariz.) Senate seat. Flake announced last year he would not seek reelection in 2018."I've got to give it a shot for the good of our country," Arpaio said. "And I'm going to do it. And I'm going to win.

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Now Arpaio had not yet been sentenced, but he was facing up to six months in jail after being found to be in contempt of court Joe Arpaio ' s jails were so brutal that more people hanged themselves there than at jails pretty much anywhere else, and that' s just considering the deaths that were ruled suicides.

Now, he wants to be the a United States senator—and he believes the political climate has never been better for a candidate like him.

In a phone interview Wednesday, Arpaio told me the national GOP had moved sharply in his direction in recent years. All that gauzy post-2012 talk of Republicans reaching out to Latino voters and championing “compassionate” immigration reform seems like a distant memory now—replaced by a climate in which the godfather of the birther movement can become president by promising to keep Mexican rapists out of the country with a massive border wall.

This, in other words, is Sheriff Joe’s moment.

According to Arpaio, several presidential contenders solicited his endorsement in 2016, and his early support for Trump won him a coveted speaking slot at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. “I guess I must be doing something right in the Republican Party,” he told me.

Republicans Have Four Convicted Criminals Running For Congress In 2018

  Republicans Have Four Convicted Criminals Running For Congress In 2018 When Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County sheriff, announced his Senate candidacy on Tuesday, he became the fourth viable Republican 2018 congressional candidate who’s been convicted of a crime. And like two of the other GOP cons running for office, he has cited his criminal record as a partial justification for his candidacy. Load Error Arpaio was convicted of misdemeanor criminal contempt of court in July 2017 for defying a court order requiring him to stop illegally detaining people he suspected of being undocumented immigrants based on their race. He was pardoned by President Donald Trump one month later.

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio , who was famously pardoned by President Trump, is running for the Senate in Arizona. Now he wants to be known for something else: Winning Jeff Flake’ s Senate soon-to-be vacant seat in Arizona. The real question is, can he?

Arpaio is not alone in this assessment of today’s GOP—ironically enough, it may be the one thing he and incumbent Senator Jeff Flake agree on. When Flake announced last year that he wouldn’t seek reelection, he lamented that his party had been hijacked by the nativist forces that Arpaio represents. And, sure enough, there are already signs that the ex-sheriff’s candidacy has caught the mood of contemporary Republicanism. One poll out of Arizona this week placed Arpaio within a couple points of GOP primary frontrunner Martha McSally.

There are, of course, plenty of reasons not to take Arpaio’s bid too seriously. He has publicly flirted with running for statewide office so many times over the years that much of Arizona’s political class has simply tuned him out. (Sound familiar?) As sheriff, he was found guilty of defying a court order to stop racially profiling Latinos—Trump pardoned him last year—and subsequently lost his reelection bid. And at 85, he is old even by the standards of the geriatric U.S. Senate.

Arpaio: Congress should examine presidential birth certificates

  Arpaio: Congress should examine presidential birth certificates Former Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio resurfaced false claims on Wednesday that former President Barack Obama's birth certificate is a "forgery" and said Congress should pass a law requiring such documents to be examined."I'm going to tell you again that that document is a forgery document," Arpaio told WABC's Rita Cosby."And nobody will touch it.""I'm going to tell you again that that document is a forgery document," Arpaio told WABC's Rita Cosby."And nobody will touch it.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now 85 years old, and Los Angeles Times - 05 Sep 2017 The recently pardoned former Maricopa County sheriff is scheduled to be the guest speaker at the Fresno County Republican Party ' s late September fundraiser.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now 85 years old, and after more than 50 years of admirable service to our nation, he Joe Arpaio to headline Fresno Republican Party fundraiser.

What’s more, it’s not clear that Arpaio possesses the kind of media savvy or disciplined campaign apparatus that serious candidates in high-profile races typically rely on: When I called his cell phone Wednesday afternoon, he immediately picked up and consented to an interview, despite his apparent lack of familiarity with The Atlantic. (“I remember that magazine,” he told me. “Is it the one that concentrates on the longitude level?”)

Still, Arpaio shrugged off questions about his credibility.

His past flirtations with running for office? The skeptics can call them publicity stunts all they want, Arpaio said, but this time he’s filed his papers and made it official—“So I guess they have to eat crow, huh?”

His age? “Well, so what? We got senior citizens in the congress, we got professional people still working with my age.” Plus, voters can rest assured he won’t be setting up camp long-term in the swamp. “When I do my six, won’t it be great that I won’t have to go meet lobbyists, or worry about getting reelected?”

As for that pesky criminal contempt conviction, Arpaio dismissed it as a no-big-deal misdemeanor rooted in cheap partisan politics. With Trumpian zeal, he ranted to me about the confederacy of haters who were hellbent on taking him down—something he believes he has in common with the president. “I’ve been going through the same thing as him with the biased judges, the ACLU, the Democratic Party—I could go on and on.” He showed an especially visceral dislike for Flake, the man he’s seeking to replace.

Arpaio on DACA recipients: 'Deport them'

  Arpaio on DACA recipients: 'Deport them' Former Arizona county sheriff Joe Arpaio said he thinks recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program should be deported. "Deport them," Arpaio told NPR's "Morning Edition" in an interview airing Thursday morning."When we come across these kids, or some are older than just kids," Arpaio said, "then deport them. You deport them back to the country they came from."Arpaio said that DACA recipients have education in the U.S. and can be "good ambassadors from the United States to their country.""That's just my idea," he said during the interview.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio . By Randy James Tuesday, Oct. The stern law-and-order advocate has declared war on illegal immigration in his sprawling jurisdiction, which includes Phoenix, but now the Federal Government is reining him in.

Nearly 10 years before Donald Trump pardoned him, Joe Arpaio made clear his racism, in a most public way. In an appearance on CNN, the Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff grinned after host Lou Dobbs asked him how he felt about being compared to the Ku Klux Klan.

“At least I had the guts to run,” Arpaio said. “Where’s his guts? At least I’m fighting. Where’s he? He gave it up! He’s too busy blasting the president.”

Arpaio’s conviction that he has been victimized by establishment elites runs deep. At one point, I asked him if he had any regrets at all about how he conducted himself when he was sheriff. He responded with an extended riff on the evils of George Soros and the Obama Justice Department.

You don’t have to look far for evidence that the Republican Party is well-primed for a candidate like this. Arpaio’s bet is that the rest of Arizona is as well. In a midterm year when many Republicans will be trying to distance themselves from the deeply unpopular president, Arpaio told me he’s running because he believes Americans need a Congress that’s in lockstep with Trump.

“I have a lot of respect for him, and appreciate him,” he told me. “So, I decided to run and get some people in the Senate who will support him and his agenda. I don’t like what they’ve been doing to him.”

Latinos won battle with Arpaio, but now he's back .
Yenni Sanchez thought her work was finished. Spared from the threat of deportation by the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, she campaigned to oust Joe Arpaio when he unsuccessfully ran for re-election as Maricopa County sheriff in 2016. She knocked on hundreds of doors in south Phoenix's predominantly Latino neighborhoods to register voters. She made phone calls and walked on college campuses. Her message was direct, like the name of the group she worked with, Bazta Arpaio, a take on the Spanish word basta — enough Arpaio.

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