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23:36  09 may  2018
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Megyn Kelly Compares Tom Brokaw Situation to Her Time at Fox News

  Megyn Kelly Compares Tom Brokaw Situation to Her Time at Fox News "You don't know what you don't know," said Kelly of claims of sexual misconduct.Brokaw has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward former coworker Linda Vester in the 1990s. “Tom Brokaw has, I can’t say strongly enough, vehemently denied these allegations,” Snow said before summarizing a sharply worded letter Brokaw wrote to his colleagues.

Linda Vester, the woman who first came forward with allegations against Brokaw , penned a scathing op-ed in the Washington Post Wednesday headlined, “ Why I revealed that Tom Brokaw harassed me .”

WaPo also spoke to two women who said that Tom Brokaw harassed them in the 1990s. Why would someone, out of the blue, lie about Tom Brokaw of all people? Royal baby name revealed : Louis. Michelle Wolf at Correspondents’ Dinner.

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Linda Vester is a former NBC and Fox News journalist.

I am the woman who came forward last month to accuse NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw of sexual misconduct. Let me explain why.

I am not filing a lawsuit; I am not asking NBC or Brokaw for money. I came forward for a simple reason: to let the public know that otherwise good men — men who treat women well or are even their champions — can also commit acts of sexual harassment. I did not feel like confronting Brokaw in private would accomplish my objective of demonstrating to other victims — past, present or future — that it is safe to come forward with their own accounts of harassment in the workplace.

NBC Employees Reportedly Felt ‘Forced’ to Sign Letter In Support of Tom Brokaw

  NBC Employees Reportedly Felt ‘Forced’ to Sign Letter In Support of Tom Brokaw “We had no choice, particularly the lower-level staffers.”Though former NBC News anchor Linda Vester and another unnamed woman’s allegations characterize Brokaw as a man with no concept of consent or workplace boundaries, more than 60 of the anchor’s former and current female colleagues claim that Brokaw has always treated them with “fairness and respect.” But it turns out, not all of them genuinely feel that way.

Politics: Who’s Heidi Alexander and why has she give up? Tom Brokaw took private photographs at his accuser, Linda Vester, when denying sexual harassment claims. Selection revealed comparable claims. A 3rd lady got here ahead on Tuesday accusing Brokaw of inappropriate conduct within the

Tom Brokaw accused of sexual harassment by former NBC correspondent. Fox Information media analyst Howard Kurtz has the small print. Khloé Kardashian Reveals Daughter’s Name Days After Giving Birth.

And I spoke out publicly to make the related point to his employer: People in power at NBC News, and all institutions, must take such accusations seriously. Rallying around the star anchor is an understandable instinct, but it is the wrong one. And one high-profile firing is not enough.

I expected a denial from Brokaw, although his vehemence and spitefulness took me aback. He denied the truth and instead attacked my career and my motives. Shaming and blaming a victim has long been the effective strategy when women speak out. It also served to maintain the silence — discouraging other women away from coming forward. Brokaw’s letter follows that dated playbook.

While I expected Brokaw to object to my revealing his behavior, I didn’t expect many prominent and important women at the network to sign a letter supporting him. Their statement says Brokaw treated them with respect. I do not doubt that he did. I know he helped some women in their careers.

NBC News Urged Its Anchors to Report on Supportive Tom Brokaw Letter (EXCLUSIVE)

  NBC News Urged Its Anchors to Report on Supportive Tom Brokaw Letter (EXCLUSIVE) On Monday, NBC News staffers received a memo with guidance from the network’s standards and practices on how to handle reporting a sensitive story about sexual harassment allegations against Tom Brokaw. The note, which Variety has obtained, stated: “As always in cases where sexual misconduct is alleged, we should be scrupulous in reflecting all sides.” The network went on to enumerate, in great detail, exactly how on-air reporters should frame Brokaw’s side of the story.

Last week, in response to allegations of harassment made by two women against Tom Brokaw One of the highest barriers against being believed is that harassers do not harass every person or even As most victims of domestic violence will tell you, the persona an abuser reveals in front of others is When that reaction comes from women, it packs a much greater punch, which is why this Brokaw

Since Tom Brokaw left on his own accord, and also because of his frankly, Midwestern style of things, his stature has weathered a lot better than the other MEN of his time. Keep in mind, though, the guy who replaced him BriWi was revealed for basically being a serial liar — Brokaw ’s reputation

Since the letter was circulated, it has been reported that some of the women felt pressured to sign. NBC also required its own journalists to mention the petition of support concurrently with reports on the harassment story. There is nothing wrong with standing up for a friend or a co-worker. But NBC News’s actions had the effect of communicating to other victims that they wouldn’t be believed and would be better off staying silent.

The letter of support demonstrates another difficult issue we must come to terms with if the #MeToo movement is going to bring about real change. Not all harassers are cartoonish bogeymen who mistreat every woman in their path. It isn’t really relevant that while a man might have harassed some women, he didn’t harass all women. Many men who harass have been well-liked and respected inside the organization and publicly. They are, like all of us, multidimensional.

Gayle King on New Charlie Rose Allegations: ‘I Feel Sick to My Stomach’

  Gayle King on New Charlie Rose Allegations: ‘I Feel Sick to My Stomach’ “CBS This Morning” co-anchor Gayle King spoke out on Thursday’s edition of the show about the latest allegations aimed at Charlie Rose and CBS News management, marking another entry into the growing list of awkward on-air moments stemming from sexual harassment charges leveled at prominent news personalities. “CBS This Morning” covered the report in Thursday’s Washington Post that some 27 additional women have come forward with allegations about sexually charged and inappropriate conduct by Rose. The Post report detailed claims that CBS News management had been made aware of at least three complaints about Rose over a 30-year period.

NBC Culture Questioned As Former Anchor Tom Brokaw Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations.

Legendary journalist Tom Brokaw . Photo: Marco Grob. Then, the former long-time anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, revealed why he’d shared this story: “To remind us all about just how complicated the human body is.”

I learned this early on from my experiences working for Roger Ailes at Fox News. He treated me with the utmost fairness and respect, and I was under the impression that he behaved that way with all his staffers. Years after I left television, the allegations against him came to light. Mainly because of my own experience with Brokaw, I did not think it was right for me to join the chorus of people who rushed to publicly defend Ailes.

Even though I had no negative experiences with him, I thought it better to let an investigation take its course; knowing how painful this was for the women involved, I was not going to doubt those who spoke up. And I’m glad I didn’t. It’s something all of us should consider the next time there are allegations of harassment against someone we might not think capable of such behavior. We owe it to the victims, the accused, and ourselves to make sure that lending support does not cross over into taking sides and intimidating other victims.

I am not seeking a settlement, but neither will I be silent. I want NBC to stop fighting #MeToo within its own walls. I ask NBC Universal to retain an outside investigator to look into sexual harassment and any coverup of sexual harassment at NBC News.

Charlie Rose Sued by Three Former CBS Employees for Sexual Harassment

  Charlie Rose Sued by Three Former CBS Employees for Sexual Harassment Charlie Rose was sued on Friday by three former CBS employees, who allege that he sexually harassed them and threatened their jobs. The lawsuit, filed in New York Supreme Court, alleges that Rose habitually made sexually suggestive comments and engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with the three employees. The plaintiffs are Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal, and Yuqing (“Chelsea”) Wei, each of whom alleges that Rose harassed them in 2017. The lawsuit also accuses CBS executives of failing to warn the employees about Rose’s history of sexual misconduct.

Politics: Who’s Heidi Alexander and why has she give up? Tom Brokaw has acquired a present of assist from a collective of feminine journalists and NBC workers at some point after allegations of sexual harassment have been introduced in opposition to him.

NBC News said in December that it had launched an internal review of its workplace culture and had hired an outside firm to conduct workplace behavior and harassment prevention training to “cut this problem off at its roots.”

I loved working at NBC News and still believe in the important work it does. It truly can be a safe place for men and women to work together and mentor each other. Conducting an independent investigation will not weaken NBC News — it will strengthen it. At a time when trust in the media is in serious trouble, newsrooms need more than ever to stand for truth and transparency.

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