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Opinion Trump North Korea summit reveals exactly why it is vital to rebuild the US military

17:56  11 june  2018
17:56  11 june  2018 Source:

N. Korea military 'all quiet' ahead of summit: Mattis

  N. Korea military 'all quiet' ahead of summit: Mattis The North Korean military shows no signs of unusual activity or being in a heightened state of readiness ahead of a historic summit in Singapore, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday. "All's quiet," Mattis told Pentagon reporters when asked his assessment of North Korean military activity. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is due to meet with President Donald Trump on Tuesday in Singapore, capping a remarkable build-up to the summit that Trump at one point canceled.Mattis also repeated earlier comments that, as far as he knew, the large US troop presence in South Korea would not factor into discussions.

Trump says North Korea summit is about 'attitude'. What's in store for Singapore? 'The Greg Gutfeld Show' panel discusses the upcoming North Korea - United States summit . It is time to rebuild our military to be able to execute our new defense strategy rather than continue letting our

He also said Singapore was in contention to host what will be the first summit of between a U . S . and a North Korean leader. “ We now have a date During his presidential campaign, Trump complained that South Korea does not do enough to financially support the American military commitment.

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The summit Tuesday between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un creates a tremendous set of potential opportunities for the U.S. and the world – ranging from ending a war that has been in effect for the past 70 years to denuclearizing one of the most unpredictable, aggressive regimes in the world.

However, going into this summit it is crucial for America to understand that while peace is a positive aspiration, the outcome is dependent on hard power calculations. For the United States, that means our firm stand on the proven strategy of peace through strength.

Trump warns Kim Jong Un on North Korea summit: 'It's a one-time shot'

  Trump warns Kim Jong Un on North Korea summit: 'It's a one-time shot' President Trump on Saturday expressed optimism about his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but warned that the opportunity for Kim won’t happen again, calling it a “one-time shot.” Trump made his remarks in Charlevoix, Canada, at the end of the G-7 summit in a press conference as he prepared to depart for Singapore where he will meet with Kim on Tuesday to discuss issues such as North Korea denuclearization and an end to the Korean War.Trump expressed hope that the summit would be good for world peace but also for the dictatorship.

David Deptula: Trump North Korea summit reveals exactly why it is vital to rebuild the U . S . military . "Fair trade is now to be called fool trade if it is not reciprocal," Trump tweeted. He continued, "Sorry, we cannot let our friends, or enemies, take advantage of us on Trade anymore.

North Korea Revealed . Detained in Myanmar. The Trump Effect. But even as they agreed on a common goal of a “nuclear-free” peninsula, they stopped short of spelling out exactly what that meant or how it might come about. North Korea says inter- Korean summit will be a 'new milestone'.

Kim Jung Un has one overriding objective: to retain personal power. He is a leader who has been willing to sacrifice the fundamental well-being of his citizens; wholly ostracize himself from the world community and continue to suffocate any notion of a functioning economy.

As far as Kim is concerned, he is willing to accept those consequences to ensure his personal position as “supreme leader.”

The one factor that threatens Kim’s calculus is hard military power – the ability of the United States and our allies to swiftly and decisively end his regime.

President Trump has succeeded in getting Kim to understand something very important. If the dictator continues his aggressive behavior by building a nuclear arsenal and is unwilling to pursue a peaceful resolution he creates a greater threat to his existence than he does by taking a chance with a more conciliatory path.

Pentagon hasn't yet issued instructions on ending 'war games'

  Pentagon hasn't yet issued instructions on ending 'war games' President Trump has declared such "war games" to be "expensive," "provocative," and "inappropriate"Mr. Trump announced after his visit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that the joint military exercises or "war games" would be suspended while negotiations with North Korea are ongoing, a concession that drew skepticism from the president's critics. Earlier this week, CBS News confirmed the Defense Department is complying with the president's wishes, even as instructions for that suspension have yet to materialize. The next military exercise, titled Ulchi Freedom Guardian, scheduled for the fall, has yet to be canceled.

As Trump rushes towards a summit with North Korea , US intelligence is in charge. Soon thereafter, it was revealed the White House had sent CIA director Mike Pompeo to North Korea over Easter to lay the groundwork.

3.5 April 2018 inter- Korean summit . 3.6 Tensions, Trump 's cancellation, and reinstatement. 3.7 Replacement of three North Korean military Donald Trump was elected US President in 2016 with a position of opposition to Barack Obama's policy of "strategic patience" towards North Korea .

The president has made it clear that there is a threshold, which we almost hit earlier this year with the spike in North Korean missile tests, when the United States and our allies will no longer be able to accept the threat posed by Kim’s hostile actions.

So when President Trump and Kim enter the room to begin their dialogue, it is crucial that there be zero ambiguity in Kim’s mind regarding America’s trump card – our military power.

While U.S. military advantages are eroding, we still retain some distinct advantages. First and foremost, are our operational advanced stealth combat aircraft – the B-2, F-22 and F-35. These planes are highly survivable and militarily effective strike systems that can fly into the heaviest air defenses again and again with little risk of being shot down.

These aircraft yield significant advantages over the last generation of non-stealthy combat aircraft like the F-15, F-16 and F/A-18, whose designs are over 40 years old and have a high likelihood of falling victim to North Korean air defenses. The North Koreans, their Chinese allies, and everyone else in the region understand what the F-35, F-22, and B-2 bring to the fight – an unmatched power projection advantage.

Trump returns salute of North Korean general at summit, state media footage reveals

  Trump returns salute of North Korean general at summit, state media footage reveals <p>It was an extraordinary display of respect from a US president to a top officer of a hostile regime.</p>In the military, returning a salute from a military officer of a friendly foreign nation is common practice for US military officers and considered a display of military professionalism. There is no rule that a US president is obliged to return a salute, which is considered a sign of mutual respect.

On the U . S . side, meanwhile, “I think you would be hard-pressed to say with any certainty what exactly is the U . S . strategy toward North Korea ,” DiMaggio said. Why this could be a good thing. Nearly everyone I spoke with said they welcomed the possibility of a Trump -Kim summit , even if Trump ’s

North Korea EXCLUSIVE: Military analyst reveals EXACTLY whether Kim can reach Washington. NORTH Korea is unable to “threaten the United BREAKING: US ambassador says North Korea will be ‘UTTERLY DESTROYED'. EXCLUSIVE: China needs to choose between the US or North Korea .

That said, the summit with North Korea highlights the need to recover the readiness of our military lost as a result of arbitrary and damaging defense budget cuts by the Congress and lack of attention by previous administrations.

Since the end of the Cold War, political leaders have been quick to assume the United States would not face a capable adversary. They bought too few B-2s and F-22s, while scaling back procurement of the F-35 from the buy rate necessary to recapitalize the Air Force’s geriatric fighter force.

These were bad decisions, as the world turned out to be more dangerous than predicted. In the words of the Senate Armed Services Committee: “The array of national security threats facing the United States is more complex and diverse than at any time since World War II.”

As the committee further explained, past decisions that saw America fail to pursue a prudent modernization strategy mean that “America no longer enjoys the comparative edge it once had over its competitors and adversaries.”

We must reset these circumstances.

S Korea and US discuss future of war games

  S Korea and US discuss future of war games Donald Trump surprised allies by announcing an end to the games, a long-held North Korean demand.Donald Trump made the surprise announcement following his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

This is exactly why we , together with our Jordanian partners, have decided to focus our cooperation on enhancing SMR technology projects based on Rosatom’s innovative solutions. way,” North Korea ’s vice Foreign Minister Gwan summit that he portrayed as vital to peace on the.

President Trump ’s ongoing attempts to rein in North Korea without resorting to military force took a major blow this past weekend — and Trump himself is largely to Why Trump ’s steel and aluminum tariffs on US allies are so dangerous. Europe is building more wind and solar — without any subsidies.

A rapid fix is possible. Aircraft like the F-35 are in current production but at a procurement rate less than half that originally planned. It is time to boost that rate to make up for lost time.

The B-2’s successor, the B-21, is midway through its development, but additional focus and resources can ensure new B-21s populate ramps as soon as possible, and in numbers required to execute our new national defense strategy. Past this, the F-22 force must be modernized to ensure the aircraft we have are as capable as possible.

Stealth aircraft are America’s power projection asymmetric advantage. Kim knows this. That is why presence of stealth aircraft in Northeast Asia signals America’s unmistakable resolve and capability – they are the most effective power projection tools in the president’s military arsenal. They are able to deter war in peacetime, and to succeed in war if necessary to fight.

While all Americans hope for progress toward a peaceful resolution with North Korea in Singapore, it is crucial that Congress and the American taxpayers understand that will only happen because of America’s asymmetric power projection advantage. Kim gets that, and that is why he will meet with President Trump.

To ensure America can continue to secure peace through strength, it is well past time to rebuild America’s airpower advantage – to recapitalize what has become a geriatric U.S. Air Force – and to do it quickly, because North Korea is just one of many high-intensity challenges that are facing us.

It is time to rebuild our military to be able to execute our new defense strategy rather than continue letting our defense strategy be driven by arbitrary budget caps.

Hard power is how we got Kim to Singapore.  Ensuring our air arsenal has the capability and capacity to win today and tomorrow is what will allow us to secure peace and stability into the future.

Trump: North Korea starts returning remains of US soldiers .
President Donald Trump says North Korea has started returning the remains of US soldiers missing during the Korean War.&nbsp;The president also said returning a military salute to a North Korean three-star general was being respectful. Says Trump: When Kim speaks "his people sit up for attention. I want my people to do the same.

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