Opinion Obamacare Is Not Collapsing Unless Republicans Kill It. Here’s Proof.

18:51  16 june  2017
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Trump predicts ObamaCare overhaul by summer, historic tax cut

  Trump predicts ObamaCare overhaul by summer, historic tax cut President Trump meets Tuesday at the White House with congressional Republican leaders -- an attempt to jumpstart efforts on overhauling ObamaCare, tax reform and other parts of his domestic agenda slowed by the Russia investigations and Capitol Hill’s notoriously long legislative process.The president hosted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other top Capitol Hill Republicans as he tries to fire up his stalled agenda, increasingly sidelined by Russia and other controversies.

27 mins ago Obamacare Is Not Collapsing Unless Republicans Kill It . Here ’ s Proof . “ Obamacare ’s dead,” says the man holding a gun to to its head.

Top Stories. Obamacare Is Not Collapsing Unless Republicans Kill It . Here ’ s Proof . Latest News from Daily Intelligencer. 27 mins ago Obamacare Is Not Collapsing Unless Republicans Kill It .

  Obamacare Is Not Collapsing Unless Republicans Kill It. Here’s Proof. © Provided by Daily Intelligencer

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Right-wing critics of Obamacare have been predicting for years that the law would enter an actuarial “death spiral,” in which healthy customers flee and insurers raise rates to unsustainably high levels as only the most sick and expensive patients remain. The alleged death spiral has played a crucial role in Republicans’ rhetoric, undergirding their claim that the law is collapsing of its own accord. When President Trump repeatedly insists Obamacare is “collapsing,” “dead,” or “gone,” he is popularizing in vulgar form an analysis that people like Paul Ryan have been spreading for years.

Senate GOP paves way for Obamacare repeal bill

  Senate GOP paves way for Obamacare repeal bill <p>Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fast-tracked the House bill.</p><p></p>Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) fast-tracked the House bill on Thursday, placing it on the Senate calendar and allowing it -as expected- to skip over the committee process.

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It also shows that the market has started to stabilize after last year' s big increases. The only reason we're likely to see another year of big increases is because of a deliberate campaign to undermine the Obamacare market by Republicans . For more of his stories, click here or follow him on Facebook.

The most obvious sleight of hand in this argument is that, even if it were true that the Obamacare exchanges were entering a death spiral and collapsing, it would hardly justify the Republican health-care bill. The exchanges account for a bit less than half the coverage gains in Obamacare. The rest of the newly insured come from expanded children’s health insurance and, especially, Medicaid.

Remember, Medicaid expansion is how Obamacare provides insurance to the poorest Americans (those with incomes up to 133 percent of the poverty level). The allegedly collapsing exchanges only insure people with incomes above that level. And the spine of the GOP plan is hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid. There’s not even a patina of an argument that Medicaid is collapsing. The supposed “death spiral” in the exchanges is the Republican pretext for cutting a completely different program.

Female politician attacked while campaigning in French election

  Female politician attacked while campaigning in French election Leading French conservative politician Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet was attacked and knocked out in a Paris market on Thursday.The former environment minister, at risk of losing her National Assembly seat as President Emmanuel Macron's party eyes a landslide victory in parliamentary elections, will remain in the hospital overnight, the team said.

Republicans are going to kill Obamacare — but first they might have to save it . The already fragile Obamacare markets — beset by soaring premiums and fleeing insurers — are likely to collapse unless Republicans take deliberate steps to stabilize them while they build consensus on a

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In any case, the “death spiral” is a fiction. An S&P analysis last spring found that insurers in most markets had found a stable and profitable price point. The conclusions received some attention, but the guts of the analysis deserve a bit more attention. What S&P found was that health costs of people buying insurance on the exchanges have converged with health costs of people who get insurance through their employer.

Look at the chart below from the report:

  Obamacare Is Not Collapsing Unless Republicans Kill It. Here’s Proof. © Provided by Daily Intelligencer

The dark blue line is the per-patient cost of people in the individual market. The light blue line is people in the employer market. Before Obamacare, individual insurance costs were much lower because insurers weeded out anybody who had a preexisting condition, and only sold insurance to people who were extremely healthy. Then, when Obamacare passed, the regulated exchanges enabled people with expensive medical needs to buy affordable individual insurance for the first time.

GOP, slow down on killing ObamaCare

  GOP, slow down on killing ObamaCare OPINION | Increased voter anxiety and financial stress caused by the collapse of ObamaCare will increase pressure on lawmakers to accept rash, big government decisions over sustainable ones. It will erode trust in more responsible Republican health proposals. Voters will associate the party in charge with their current pain and will question whether the private market can offer affordable coverage.Republicans must solve the immediate crisis in the individual markets and take time to write a responsible health care bill. Both are possible.

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The costs of those patients ran well above the employer market in the first year or so it was available. That happened in part because many of the newly insured Americans had waited years for coverage and had a backlog of medical needs. That’s why the dark blue line shot up well ahead of the light blue line in 2014 and 2015. That trend is what a death spiral would look like — the dark blue line would keep rising well ahead of the light blue line. But that hasn’t happened. Since last year, the costs of patients in the individual market and patients in the employer market have converged.

So why are we reading all these stories about insurers pulling out of markets and premiums going way up? Oliver Wyman, an actuarial firm, examines the markets and concludes that at least two-thirds of the higher premiums next year are due to political uncertainty created by the Trump administration and Congress. The administration is threatening to withhold payments insurers are owed under the law, and also not to enforce the individual mandate. These deliberate efforts to subvert the exchanges are having their intended effect. But the underlying expected cost of insuring patients is low — without a government engaged in deliberate sabotage, the firm estimates premiums would only rise 5–8 percent, a very modest level by the historic standards of health insurance costs.

Obamacare can be improved, especially in rural markets where hospitals and doctors are spread far apart and competition has always been difficult to produce. But the threat to the exchanges is the same as the threat to Medicaid: not any inherent flaw in the operation of the programs, but a governing party that ideologically opposes the transfer of resources that is needed to make health care available to the poor and sick.

Mitch McConnell: Replacing failed Obamacare .
Seven years ago, Democrats imposed Obamacare on our country. By nearly any measure, it has failed and no amount of 11th hour reality-denying or buck-passing by Democrats is going to change the fact that more Americans are going to get hurt unless we do something. We’ve long called for a better way forward, and we’ve been engaged in intensive talks on how to get there. We debated many policy proposals. We considered many different viewpoints. In the end, we found that we share many ideas about what needs to be achieved and how we can achieve it. We agree on the need to free Americans from Obamacare’s mandates, and policies contained in the discussion draft will repeal the individual mandate so Americans are no longer forced to buy insurance they don’t need or can’t afford; we’ll repeal the employer mandate so Americans no longer see their hours and take-home pay cut by employers. We agree on the need to improve the affordability of health insurance. Policies contained in the discussion draft will eliminate costly Obamacare taxes that are passed on to consumers, and shift power from Washington to the states so they have more flexibility to provide more Americans with the kind of affordable insurance options they want. We agree on the need to stabilize the insurance markets that are collapsing under Obamacare as well, and ultimately transition away from Obamacare’s collapsing system entirely so more Americans will not be hurt.

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