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23:20  16 june  2017
23:20  16 june  2017 Source:   The Cut

Comey's testimony mostly hurts the president, but one thing could help him

  Comey's testimony mostly hurts the president, but one thing could help him Former FBI Director James B. Comey's opening statement for Thursday's hearing at the Senate Intelligence Committee deepens President Donald Trump's problems in at least three areas. One thing Comey said potentially helps Trump. _Comey really did tell Trump he wasn't personally under—Comey really did tell Trump he wasn't personally under investigation

June 16, 2017 06/16/2017 9:02 am. Trump ’ s Derangement Deepens . There is no question about the motive behind all this, because Trump has told anyone within hearing distance or access to a

US President Donald Trump speaks alongside the Easter Bunny during the 139th White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, April 17, 2017. /.

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Let me put this as simply as I can. After firing FBI Director James Comey for investigating the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russians, the president is now openly smearing and threatening to fire Comey’s replacement, Robert Mueller. There is no question about the motive behind all this, because Trump has told anyone within hearing distance or access to a television that he fired Comey to kill a vital and important investigation into Russian interference in our elections, which yesterday Putin all but admitted: “They meddle in all other countries’ affairs, what did they expect?” For good measure, Trump is now openly arguing through surrogates that Mueller is acting in bad faith, pursuing a “witch hunt,” and should be fired if his investigation gets anywhere near the president.

Melania Trump to relocate to DC next week: report

  Melania Trump to relocate to DC next week: report Melania Trump and her son Barron Trump are reportedly coming to Washington on June 14.The first lady plans on joining President Trump at the White House on June 14, Politico reported Wednesday. Their son Barron Trump will be moving to the White House as well.

Seattle continues it' s swift ideological tilt to the left and the latest measure of the rapidity and slope of the shift is the crop of candidates that has risen to challenge scandal plagued incumbent Ed Murray.

In the 1990 s , a serious malady appeared on the American public square in which citizens were driven over the edge by their antipathy for incumbent presidents.

Every now and again, you have to take a moment, stop being distracted by the constant breaking news, and let all this sink in.

This is now a slow-moving version of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre — but graver. It’s graver because the original crime — the Kremlin’s attempt to hack our elections in possible cahoots with some on the Trump campaign — has so much wider ramifications than an office break-in. It’s an act of virtual war by a foreign adversary that came close to rigging the voting machines, for Pete’s sake. If it was in any way abetted by an American connected to Trump, we absolutely need to find out. And this crisis is more dangerous because the president has not only been trying to prevent or rig any such investigation for months — demanding personal loyalty from the FBI director, pressuring national intelligence officials to exonerate him before the inquiry is finished — but also continues to boast about this obstruction of justice as if there were nothing wrong with it at all.

U.S. calls on Arab states to ease Qatar blockade as crisis deepens

  U.S. calls on Arab states to ease Qatar blockade as crisis deepens <p>The United States on Friday called on Arab states to ease their blockade on Qatar and demanded all sides move to calm tensions that intensified with a Turkish offer to send troops, warships and planes to aid its Qatari ally.</p> 1/3 SLIDES © REUTERS/Naseem Zeitoon Men walk on the corniche in Doha 2/3 SLIDES © REUTERS Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud meets with Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in Jeddah 3/3 SLIDES © REUTERS/Naseem Zeitoon

The good news for Democrats is that the apathy of many of their voters — which contributed to Hillary Clinton’ s losing in November — is gone now that Donald Trump is president.

Mental health professionals are starting to open up in public about the mental health issues among liberals experiencing Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Which brings us to Trump’s mental illness, by which I mean simply that he would not pass a clinical psych test for any other job in the country. Yesterday morning, the mad king tweeted: “They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice.” He then called Mueller “a very bad and conflicted” individual. Later, like a spoiled child, he wondered out loud: “Why is that Hillary Clintons family and Dems dealings with Russia are not looked at, but my non-dealings are?”

The truth is Trump cannot abide any kind of investigation of his campaign or of himself by anyone. That would require him to defer to someone else, and his psyche cannot let that happen. (This is the core reason behind his refusal to release his tax returns.) The very idea of actually wanting inspection to clear his name simply doesn’t occur to him. After a lifetime of lying, fraud, debt, secrecy, and bankruptcy, his instinct is always to deny everything and to do all he can to subvert any smidgen of accountability or transparency. And so, despite arguing that there is nothing there in the Russian investigation (which might very well be true), and waiting for vindication, he has attempted to end it prematurely. He literally knows no other way. And he is likely to keep doing this — especially if he is now under direct scrutiny for abuse of power. Asking him to subject himself to a neutral third-party inquiry comes as easily to him as it would to Putin or Duterte or Mugabe. It seems absurd to them — and they, like Trump, would react with incandescent rage.

Melania Trump, son Barron move into the White House

  Melania Trump, son Barron move into the White House President Donald Trump's wife, Melania, has made it official.&nbsp;The first lady tweeted the news on Sunday evening after she arrived at the White House with Trump and their 11-year-old son, Barron. The president spent the weekend at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

But Trump Derangement Syndrome is not contagious by touch. Again, no outrage by those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

People are coming undone over Donald Trump ’ s first 30 days in the White House, and not just the lunatic fringe on the left, either.

Again, it takes a while for this to register. But the president, in his anger, is now asserting that the FBI inquiry was initiated by nameless people who already knew that there was no basis to the allegations. Therefore the investigation is “the single greatest witch-hunt in American political history” — surpassing the lowest lows of McCarthyism no less. If Trump cannot stop the investigation, he is doing all he can to delegitimize it, whatever the costs to the credibility of our system of government. And personally attacking the integrity of a Republican former FBI director, who was only recently regarded as a near-parody of bipartisan rectitude, would be a shocking event, if we had not become numb to this president’s malevolent derangement.

And this is more potentially lethal to our democracy than Watergate because today’s Republican Party is utterly different than Nixon’s. It has been taken over by a mass movement led by a cult idol and there are no Republicans of any stature or heft who are prepared to stand up to him, as some once famously did with Nixon. Hence the spectacle of Newt Gingrich. A month ago, he called Mueller “a superb choice.” This past week, he tweeted that anyone who thinks Mueller will be fair in his investigation is “delusional.” Worse, actually: Mueller is “now clearly the tip of the deep state spear aimed at destroying or at a minimum undermining and crippling the Trump presidency.” The official RNC talking points in response to the latest Washington Post bombshell about Trump himself being under scrutiny include this beaut: “This story is nothing more than an example of even more leaks coming out of the FBI and special counsel’s office in an effort to undermine the President.”

Understanding Trump: Newt Gets It

  Understanding Trump: Newt Gets It He understands that Trump's approach makes a lot of sense to everyone outside Washington. ”  He understands that Trump “has a moral authority that no one in the Washington bureaucracy or the elite class has.”And he understands that Trump “has experiences and lessons from life and business that no other president has had.”If you already get it, “Understanding Trump” will be a welcome reminder that you were right and they were wrong.  And that you’re on the right side of this chapter in American history.

fatally undermined her credibility as a candidate. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’ s memo ought to be required reading for anyone who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome

The Existential Roots of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Just before the French election I installed the Le Monde app on my phone.

The right-wing media chorus is also instantly on fleek. “Now we find out that [Mueller is] Leaky Jim Comey’s bestest buddy there ever was. These guys are pals, and now Mueller is going to investigate the dude who fired his amigo? Does that seem cool to you?” vents Kurt Schlichter at Townhall.com. The Daily Mail’s US editor opines: “I’ll say it: If the special counsel’s office is leaking prejudicial information about an investigation, it should be shut down immediately.” Libertarian law professor, Randy Barnett: “Mueller should resign not recuse. If he recuses, the matter will be delegated to one of the Democrat attack lawyers he’s hired.” A key barometer of Republican partisanship, the blogger Glenn Reynolds, endorses all of these arguments. Kelly-Ann Conway is also busy asserting that because three individuals in Mueller’s legal team have donated to Democrats, it’s automatically rigged.

And so it seems to me completely plausible – even inevitable – that Mueller will be fired too at some point. More saliently, if his team’s work eventually exposes and proves Trump’s obstruction of justice, the only possible recourse, impeachment, will never happen. There will never be 18 Republican Senators who will vote against the leader in this Congress or any other. We will have a criminal in the White House indefinitely, utterly impervious to sanction, and emboldened even further. And he will have brought almost half the country along with him, digging deeper in with every news cycle.

Over a year ago, in this magazine’s pages, I wrote the following sentence: “In terms of our liberal democracy and constitutional order, Trump is an extinction-level event.” We are about to find out if I was right.

Trump boasts over victory of GOP candidate's win in Georgia .
President Trump claimed responsibility for Republican Karen Handel's victory in Georgia's special House election Tuesday night, tweeting that it was also a win for himself. "Thank you @FoxNews "Huge win for President Trump and GOP in Georgia Congressional Special Election," Trump tweeted. Thank you  "Thank you @FoxNews "Huge win for President Trump and GOP in Georgia Congressional Special Election," Trump tweeted.

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