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What If Donald Trump Doesn’t Sink The Republican Party?

Wednesday  21:16,   21 june 2017
The Federalist

We already know that an electorate can be happy with a president and dislike his party. Why can’t the reverse be true? What if Donald Trump doesn't hurt the GOP?What if Republican voters who don’t particularly like Donald Trump are also able to[...]

In Search of the American Center

Wednesday  20:26,   21 june 2017
The New York Times

How a blue fist, a red smear and an empty canvas explain current American politics.I am not usually fond of the “this one chart explains everything” genre of political analysis, but every rule has exceptions, and I’m going to make one for a chart[...]

Trump’s silent surge in the Middle East — and the slippery slope to war

Wednesday  19:07,   21 june 2017

Congress must address America’s military escalation in the region.John Podesta, chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, served as counselor to President Barack Obama and chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and is the founder of[...]

Can You Kill the Islamic State?

Wednesday  18:13,   21 june 2017
The New York Times

The jihadist group in Iraq and Syria is on its way to defeat. But that doesn’t mean its fighters will melt away.Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-appointed caliph of the self-described Islamic State, might have been killed.[...]

Democrats completely wasted their time in Georgia

Wednesday  18:06,   21 june 2017
The Week

The news that Democrat Jon Ossoff decisively lost his race for Georgia's 6th House district is devastating for Democrats — but not for the reasons you think. That lone seat, now set to be occupied by Republican Karen Handel, is unlikely to[...]

America will pay for Trump’s laughable decision to ditch Paris Agreement

Wednesday  00:15,   21 june 2017
The Hill

OPINION | German lawmaker: America will pay big in the long run for leaving the Paris Agreement.Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is one of the worst decisions ever for the United States. The U.S. stands isolated from the world with only Syria[...]

A Don’t-Blame-Us Congress Ducks on Syria

Wednesday  00:15,   21 june 2017
Roll Call

It is, of course, not nearly as important as the struggle in GA-6 that is testing what happens when you inject more than $50 million into a single House race and batter the voters into submission with attack ads. And the topic could not possibly[...]

Trump issues orders, but is anyone listening?

Tuesday  22:41,   20 june 2017

Trump pushes papers, accomplishes nothing.President Trump, used to dazzling the gullible with showmanship and exaggerated promises (lies, in other words), seems to think that the federal government can be run by 20 of his closest aides. He imagines[...]

Sanders' Medicare for all vs. the Secret GOP Plan

Tuesday  22:31,   20 june 2017
The Hill

OPINION | Backers of Medicare for all are not ashamed and seek a debate.While Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) correctly claims victory in the battle of ideas in healthcare policy and champions Medicare for all across the nation, Republicans write their[...]

Left-wing haters fan flames of rage, violence

Tuesday  19:01,   20 june 2017
FOX News

Liberal hatred toward President Trump and Republicans has reached a fever pitch and become uglier and nastier than anything we have seen in modern political history.And now it is becoming violent. Last week, a deranged left-wing ideologue tried to[...]

Republicans Aren’t “Sabotaging” Obamacare. It’s Failing On Its Own.

Tuesday  19:00,   20 june 2017
The Federalist

As Obamacare continues its slow-motion collapse, liberals have latched onto an effective talking point: accusing Republicans of 'sabotaging' the law by creating 'uncertainty.'As Obamacare continues its slow-motion collapse, liberals[...]

Mueller terrifies Trump. Of course he wants him gone.

Tuesday  18:46,   20 june 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller scares the daylights out of President Trump and the White House. The president is obsessed with the Russia investigation, refusing to let go of it on Twitter and otherwise. Many of his top aides are caught up in it,[...]

One Left-Wing Gunman Doesn’t Make a Movement

Tuesday  18:38,   20 june 2017
The Daily Beast

There have been many left-wing assassins in U.S. history—and right-wing ones, and no-wing ones. What matters is that he had a military-style assault rifle.In olden days, a lot of political assassins, would-be and otherwise, were left wing. There’s a [...]

I’m a member of Congress. I’m going to start carrying a gun.

Tuesday  01:05,   20 june 2017

The only thing that stopped a massacre was good guys who were armed.Wednesday morning  turned tragic when a gunman opened fire at a practice in Alexandria, Va., for the annual congressional charity baseball event. House Majority Whip Steve[...]

A Ban On Muslims Is An Excellent Security Option

Tuesday  00:56,   20 june 2017
The Daily Caller

Having large, non-assimilated Muslim communities is a recipe for anarchy.I adopted two infants from Korea and am the grandson of Italian immigrants — so why would I want to ban Muslims from immigrating to this wonderful, accepting nation? The short[...]