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Investigate Hollywood, Mr. President. There Is Only Upside To Dragging Sex Criminals Into The Sunlight

Thursday  00:06,   12 october 2017
The Daily Caller

Give America what it needs right now.President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be derelict in their duties if they do not launch a full investigation into the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault[...]

Weinstein scandal leaves a trail of hypocrisy

Thursday  00:06,   12 october 2017

If hypocrisy were a greenhouse gas, the ice caps would be gone by now. Let's start with the obvious: Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein wasn't fired for being a pig, he was fired for being exposed as one. The Weinstein Co. board members[...]

Even If Trump’s Threat Against NBC Isn’t Serious, It’s Still Destructive

Thursday  00:05,   12 october 2017
The Federalist

It’s never appropriate for a person sworn to defend the Constitution to threaten to shut down political speech. This goes for Donald Trump -- and every other politician.After NBC ran an article maintaining that the president had asked for the[...]

The Democrats cannot ignore their Harvey Weinstein problem

Wednesday  20:41,   11 october 2017
The Week

For more than 25 years, Harvey Weinstein was a prolific fundraiser for the Democratic Party leadership. When the time came for that leadership to respond to a flurry of allegations of sexual assault and harassment by Weinstein, it became apparent[...]

Gorbachev: My plea to the presidents of Russia and the United States

Wednesday  20:21,   11 october 2017

Save the nuclear treaty I signed with Ronald Reagan, or risk a new arms race.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or[...]

Hayden: Words matter, and Trump’s may mean war

Wednesday  20:21,   11 october 2017
The Hill

Trump should follow the example set by Gen. George C. Marshall in using American military power prudently, not[...]

The Bannon Revolution

Wednesday  19:46,   11 october 2017
The New York Times

For Republicans, the purges never stop, and the leadership void is never filled.The only fitting reaction to the news that Steve Bannon intends to support primary challengers against Republican incumbents from sea to shining sea is a terrible,[...]

Bob Corker and the Chairmen Who Hold Trump’s Fate in Their Hands

Wednesday  19:02,   11 october 2017
Roll Call

With a huge legislative agenda to pass and a major international incident looming in North Korea, you’d think that President Donald Trump would be rallying his fellow Republicans to his side, especially the most senior leaders who could shepherd his [...]

Trump has damaged Tillerson beyond repair

Wednesday  18:40,   11 october 2017

PARIS — President Trump has left his chief foreign policy negotiator a deeply damaged diplomat, perhaps as profoundly wounded in his world standing as any predecessor back to Thomas Jefferson, the first U.S. secretary of State. Less than an hour[...]

Trump Budget Director: What, Me Worry (About The National Debt)?

Wednesday  18:37,   11 october 2017
The Daily Beast

No, Mick Mulvaney isn’t a newly converted Keynesian. But his sudden disinterest in deficits is deeply troubling.It’s been the Republican Party catechism: We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending[...]

Holdovers Will Continue Obama’s Agenda Until Trump Puts His Foot Down

Tuesday  21:00,   10 october 2017
The Daily Caller

The previous administration's lawlessness has led to instability and illegal immigration from Central America.The Trump administration plans to change Obama policy and deport 150,000 illegal child immigrants who “arrived alone” in the[...]

Lena Dunham: Harvey Weinstein and the Silence of the Men

Tuesday  20:53,   10 october 2017
The New York Times

The hush in Hollywood about the megaproducer only reinforces a culture that keeps women from speaking up.I went to Hollywood when I was 23. I had made a low-budget film, won an award at a prestigious festival, scored an agent and made a TV deal all[...]

Harvey Weinstein's Fall Offers Republicans a Script for Challenging Trump

Tuesday  19:50,   10 october 2017
U.S. News & World Report

Truth-tellers in Hollywood could inspire Senate Republicans to defy the president.Dear Hollywood, Washington loves the script and wants the rights for the White House. The working title:"Free[...]

Opinion | Trump has more than three years left in his term. What are we going to do?

Tuesday  19:01,   10 october 2017

This crisis isn’t about conservative governance vs. progressive governance. It’s about soundness of mind and judgment. The Constitution does not offer much of a playbook for the situation we find ourselves in. Impeachment is reserved for “high[...]

A Fake Senate Hearing on Fake News

Tuesday  18:41,   10 october 2017
Roll Call

Under Donald Trump’s interpretation of the Constitution, when the president tweets, the Senate must take action immediately. So it was with Trump’s pointed suggestion last week, filled with the kind of oddball capitalization normally found in ransom [...]