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Opinions | Why I could no longer serve this president

Friday  18:36,   09 march 2018

I could no longer work as an ambassador under a president whose values did not mesh with my own.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or[...]

Hollywood should accept McDormand's inclusion-rider dare

Friday  18:36,   09 march 2018

You probably didn't watch the Academy Awards-- most people didn't-- but you might have caught a bit of Frances McDormand's acceptance speech for her Best Actress award. At the end of a stirring speech about women in post-Weinstein[...]

Is Trump walking into Kim Jong Un's trap?

Friday  18:33,   09 march 2018
The Week

If President Trump actually meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and forges lasting peace on a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, that would be truly amazing. We should all hope that happens. The fact that Trump and Kim appear to be giving peace a [...]

Trump-Kim meeting proves our president's strategy worked

Friday  18:33,   09 march 2018
FOX News

President Trump set out to stop the historic North Korea merry-go-round. And it looks like, for the moment, he has done it. The North Korean invitation and President Trump’s acceptance are monumental steps, but the unspoken question remains – toward [...]

Opinions | Stormy Daniels beat Trump at his own game

Friday  18:32,   09 march 2018

The president can’t give his standard blanket denial, because the porn star has released the nondisclosure agreement in the case.The president who boasted of treating women like sex objects is being outplayed at his own tabloid-warfare game by a[...]

The gun control debate in Congress is no longer about guns

Friday  07:30,   09 march 2018

Congressional Republicans are looking for the narrowest possible action on gun violence prevention. President Donald Trump said he wanted Congress to pass “comprehensive” gun control. Congress isn’t so[...]

The full history of women's leadership fails to be told

Friday  03:00,   09 march 2018

#Timesup and #Metoo breathe new life into gender equality, writes Tiffany Shlain, but we won't know how far we've come and how far we have left to go without knowing the impact of women who fought throughout history.I'd always thought of[...]

Trump's Unlikely Allies on Trade -- Democrats

Thursday  19:18,   08 march 2018
Real Clear Politics

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected president, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown reached out to discuss ways in which they could work together on trade policy. At first glance, it would seem an unlikely pairing -- a New York billionaire and the[...]

International Women’s Day: Is #MeToo yesterday’s hashtag, or will it bring true change?

Thursday  18:48,   08 march 2018
FOX News

Five months out from the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the subsequent launch of #MeToo, we find ourselves celebrating International Women’s Day on Thursday with a focus on gender parity. Concerned Women for America members join in the celebration.[...]

Mr. Trump, Here’s a Teenage Hero; It’s Your Turn!

Thursday  18:48,   08 march 2018
The New York Times

A 15-year-old stood up to the Parkland gunman, yet the president won’t stand up to the N.R.A.When a gunman rampaged through a high school in Parkland, Fla., three weeks ago, a 15-year-old soccer player named Anthony Borges showed undaunted[...]

The Constitution Gives Gun Owners Greater Rights Than Women

Thursday  18:13,   08 march 2018

Here’s a disturbing fact to consider in 2018, the year women supposedly began to topple the patriarchy: Gun owners in the United States, a majority of whom are men, have better constitutional rights than women. Gun owners have the Second Amendment, [...]

American women raised their voices this week. Loudly.

Thursday  18:13,   08 march 2018

A lot of things are happening, folks.American women aren’t waiting around until this fall’s elections to make their voices[...]

Marc Thiessen: Why Trump’s tariffs break his promises to forgotten Americans

Thursday  04:52,   08 march 2018
FOX News

President Trump's announcement that he will impose stiff tariffs on American companies that purchase imported steel and aluminum should have come as no surprise. From moving our embassy to Jerusalem to pulling out of the Paris climate[...]

Why is the GOP growing a spine over steel?

Wednesday  21:46,   07 march 2018
The Week

<p>Washington's latest tempest in a teapot, in which doctrinaire Republicans spar with President Trump over tariffs, lays bare the essential amorality of the party's transactional alliance with Trump — and the rank bad faith in which both [...]

The death of the center

Wednesday  06:20,   07 march 2018
The Week

Nothing in history is inevitable. But it sure looks like the politically centrist neoliberal order that held sway throughout large swaths of the world over the past two-and-a-half decades may well be doomed. As recently as the middle of 2017,[...]