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Free-Market Republicans Risk Irrelevance by Ignoring the Concerns of Blue-Collar Voters

Monday  18:01,   18 june 2018

We need a plan for faster growth that doesn’t come at the expense of the middle and working classes.Prior to the president’s victory, protectors of free enterprise, foreign-policy hawks, and social conservatives controlled the GOP by giving each[...]
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Lara Trump: The Donald Trump I know

Saturday  00:00,   16 june 2018

President Trump – my father-in-law – changed the life of one woman and her family last week when he commuted the life prison sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a black single mother who served more than 20 years of a horribly unjust punishment for a[...]

Pruitt, Carson trapped by the trappings of power

Friday  21:30,   15 june 2018

It's not an iron law that power corrupts. But it's often a good way to bet. The interesting question is: Why does power corrupt so many people? The way I see it, power -- money, fame, celebrity, authority or some mix of them all -- lowers[...]

We are definitely not a Trump cult

Friday  20:36,   15 june 2018

Would someone in a cult say that Donald Trump is the only source of light and truth in the universe?Hello,[...]

Dems' Fate in November May Ride on Female Turnout

Friday  17:36,   15 june 2018

It's election time, which means that another "battle of the sexes" is upon us. Since 1980, women have voted for Democratic presidential candidates at higher rates than men, which has Democratic Party officials excited and optimistic [...]

Comey’s FBI Was Protecting The Legitimacy Of The Presumed Clinton Presidency

Friday  17:06,   15 june 2018

James Comey and the FBI decided to come clean on Anthony Weiner's laptop because they thought they were protecting a Hillary Clinton presidency. This just becomes clearer and clearer as you read the report. This wasn’t just Emo Twitter Comey[...]

DOJ watchdog should have been much tougher on Comey

Friday  17:06,   15 june 2018

The report issued Thursday by highly respected Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation shows that FBI Director James Comey deserved to be fired for his actions. But an[...]

North Korea Summit -- A Trump-Kim PR stunt or a major step toward denuclearization?

Thursday  18:11,   14 june 2018

The Singapore summit was quintessentially Trumpian – a made-for-TV spectacular, long on red-carpet pageantry and short on substance. It was also Trumpian in another sense: both President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made vague pledges[...]

The false dichotomy of 'peace or war' with North Korea

Thursday  18:10,   14 june 2018

President Trump's goal for the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was "to eliminate [Kim's] nuclear missile program, not contain it," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on ABC Sunday. "There's three outcomes[...]

President Trump's astonishing words about the people of North Korea (opinion)

Wednesday  18:29,   13 june 2018

There needs to be an across-the-board review of sanctions that limit the humanitarian aid and medicines entering North Korea, writes Michael Bociurkiw.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, [...]

Social Security & Medicare are slowly dying, but no one in Washington will lift a finger

Wednesday  18:29,   13 june 2018

Paul Ryan was demonized for his plan to cut Medicare spending, and now Democrats and Republicans are united in ignoring looming entitlement disaster.During the 2012 presidential campaign, an infamous TV ad portrayed vice presidential candidate[...]

Trump has accomplished more than Clinton, Bush, and Obama combined - this is just the beginning

Wednesday  18:12,   13 june 2018

With his historic summit Tuesday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Trump has once again done something astounding and unpredictable. Yet, the surprise over the sudden summit should not have come as a surprise at all. By now we should[...]

North Korea Is Winning

Wednesday  17:45,   13 june 2018

A step toward a Korean peninsula united — under Pyongyang.Let’s speak plainly. If your only criteria for the Singapore talks is whether they decrease the short-term prospect of cataclysmic war on the Korean Peninsula, then Trump’s brief summit with[...]

Trump and Kim got what they wanted. The rest of the world, not so much.

Tuesday  17:52,   12 june 2018

This is the image, the picture, that both men wanted to project around the world. But why? For Kim Jong Un, this moment is vindication. The wisdom of his nuclear policy has been confirmed: His tiny, poor, often hungry country, where hundreds of[...]

Trump should give Kim 30 days to produce a denuclearization plan -- Or intensify sanctions

Tuesday  17:52,   12 june 2018

All the words, photos, handshakes and the joint statement that came out of the summit of the century in Singapore Tuesday between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un don’t matter when it comes to the North giving up its nuclear[...]