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Trump ridicules adults in the media on Take Your Child to Work Day

Friday  07:50,   27 april 2018
FOX News

President Trump appeared to seize the moment a bit on Thursday, taking jabs at some of the press corps members whose kids joined them at the White House for “Take Your Kids to Work Day.”President Trump seemed to seize the moment a bit on Thursday,[...]

The 53 most stunning lines from Donald Trump's 'Fox & Friends' interview

Friday  07:30,   27 april 2018

Minutes after his nominee to head the Veterans Affairs department withdrew from consideration amid a maelstrom of negative headlines, President Donald Trump called into his favorite show on his favorite network: "Fox & Friends" on[...]

Pompeo arrives in Brussels for first overseas trip as secretary of State

Friday  06:50,   27 april 2018
The Hill

<p>Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Brussels late Thursday for his first overseas trip in his new post just hours after being confirmed by the Senate.</p>Pompeo is set to meet with various NATO leaders and European counterparts in[...]

FBI Texts: 'Catastro****' Trump Nearly Drove Agents to Quit

Friday  06:45,   27 april 2018
The Daily Beast

A tranche of new messages between two former FBI agents reveal deep antipathy towards Trump from some of the people investigating him—but no proof of a “deep state” conspiracy.The tranche of messages exchanged between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page,[...]

How a week of triumph for Trump was convulsed by chaos and contradiction

Friday  06:10,   27 april 2018

A darkening cloud hangs over the Cabinet as Trump’s VA nominee bows out while others struggle with ethical controversies.Load[...]

House Chaplain Was Asked to Resign. He Still Doesn’t Know Why.

Friday  05:20,   27 april 2018
The New York Times

The resignation of the Rev. Patrick J. Conroy, which was requested by Speaker Paul D. Ryan, has lawmakers from both parties demanding answers.The chaplain of the House said on Thursday that he was blindsided when Speaker Paul D. Ryan asked him to[...]

3 big takeaways from the Scott Pruitt hearings on Capitol Hill

Friday  02:56,   27 april 2018

The EPA administrator was pressed on his $43,000 phone booth, treatment of whistleblowers, and regulatory rollbacks. Scott Pruitt, who heads the Environmental Protection Agency, showed up for two long hearings on Capitol Hill Thursday bracing for a[...]

Comey plays defense on FBI memo release, denies being a leaker

Friday  02:56,   27 april 2018
FOX News

Former FBI Director James Comey, in a Thursday interview with Fox News, defended sharing his memos about conversations with President Trump, while denying it was a “leak.” “That memo was unclassified then,” Comey told anchor Bret Baier during[...]

As Trump threatens to get more involved at Justice Department, its alums push back

Friday  02:51,   27 april 2018

Ex-Justice Department officials have spoken out with increasing alarm about the president.On Thursday, Trump suggested in a television interview he might increase his involvement with the Justice Department, which is exploring the conduct of his[...]

Senate Panel Sends Message By Advancing Mueller Bill

Friday  02:00,   27 april 2018
Roll Call

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill Thursday to give protections to Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, which senators said sent a message to President Donald Trump even if it has major hurdles to ever becoming law. Although the 14-7[...]

Trump says he doesn't watch TV — except when he does

Friday  01:31,   27 april 2018
Tribune News Service

President Donald Trump just can't quit TV. During a half-hour telephone interview on "Fox &amp; Friends" Thursday morning, Trump offered a new spin on his frequent media criticism, assailing "fake news" yet insisting he[...]

Gina Haspel assumes role of acting CIA director after Pompeo confirmation

Friday  01:15,   27 april 2018
The Hill

Gina Haspel on Thursday assumed her role as acting director of the CIA after the agency's former director Mike Pompeo was confirmed as secretary of state by the Senate. "I want to send my sincere congratulations to Secretary of State Mike[...]

F.B.I. Letter Casts Further Doubt on White House’s Rob Porter Timeline

Friday  00:35,   27 april 2018
The New York Times

The White House says its top lawyer never saw a bureau file containing spousal abuse allegations against Mr. Porter, the president’s staff secretary. The file is mentioned in a letter to Congress.WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. first gave the White House[...]

'Boss, I Miss You So Much': The Awkward Exile of Michael Cohen

Friday  00:21,   27 april 2018
The Wall Street Journal.

Donald Trump’s self-described “fixer” and personal attorney, Michael Cohen brooded about failing to get a White House post. Now that he is under criminal investigation, he has the president’s attention.Load[...]

Menendez 'Severely Admonished' Over Gifts From Dr. Melgen

Friday  00:00,   27 april 2018
Roll Call

The Senate Ethics Committee has “severely admonished” Sen. Robert Menendez for improperly accepting gifts from South Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen. In a letter, the Ethics panel directed the Democrat from New Jersey to pay for all improper[...]