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Trump tweets in wake of Barcelona attack: 'Our borders are far tougher than ever before'

Friday  16:36,   18 august 2017
The Hill

President Trump touted U.S. border security Friday in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in Spain.Police officers evacuate people from a shop at Las Ramblas in Barcelona on Aug. 17,[...]

Heather Heyer’s mom won't speak to Trump for blaming 'both sides'

Friday  16:31,   18 august 2017
New York Daily News

The mother of Heather Heyer, who was killed during the Charlottesville rally, has no plans to speak with President Trump after he said “both sides” were at fault for this weeks violence between far-right groups and counter[...]

Mattis says a decision is closer on strategy for Afghanistan

Friday  16:21,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

The Trump administration has almost reached a decision on a new approach for fighting the 16-year-old war, the defense secretary said.In remarks at the State Department, Mattis told reporters that President Donald Trump will confer with his national [...]

‘Sheriff Joe’ Arpaio says he’d be honored by Trump pardon

Friday  15:58,   18 august 2017
The Hill

"It makes me feel good that at least someone is backing me up," Arpaio, said.The bombastic former sheriff of Maricopa Country, Ariz., Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty of criminal contempt last month, said he would be honored if[...]

Trump's attacks could leave him friendless if impeachment comes

Friday  15:46,   18 august 2017

<p>President Donald Trump has stepped up his attacks on Republican senators, an approach he may regret.</p>Two House Democrats have introduced an article of impeachment targeting President[...]

William Cohen on Trump's "disheartening" response to Charlottesville

Friday  14:20,   18 august 2017
CBS News

<p>President Trump's rhetoric in the days following last Saturday's violence in Charlottesville, Va., was "very discouraging" and "disheartening," former Clinton defense secretary and former Republican senator William[...]

Centrist Dems push back on Warren

Friday  14:06,   18 august 2017
The Hill

<p>Moderate Democrats are pushing back at Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) view that progressives have taken control of the party.</p>“We can't win the House back with progressives running in swing states,” said former Rep. Ellen Tauscher[...]

Skeptics dismiss Bannon's call for economic war with China

Friday  12:01,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

<p>Steve Bannon isn't alone in pondering America's possibly generation-defining question about China's emerging superpower status — but his call for an "economic war" puts him far outside the mainstream.</p>In an[...]

The Latest: Trump won't back down on Confederate monuments

Friday  10:35,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

<p>President Donald Trump isn't backing away from the racially charged debate over Confederate memorials, even lashing out at members of his own party.</p>10:45[...]

Analysis: GOP rift clouds hopes for its agenda

Friday  10:00,   18 august 2017
Tribune News Service

<p>Republicans in Congress have tried to stick with President Donald Trump in hopes that despite politically damaging outbursts from the White House, his pen would ultimately be able to sign their legislative agenda into law.</p>But in the[...]

Trump puts shrinking base before healing

Friday  09:50,   18 august 2017
Tribune News Service

President Donald Trump, increasingly isolated, appears caught in a cycle of anger and provocation as he pushes wider the nation's long-standing racial and cultural divide to solidify his dwindling base of populist political support.&nbsp;The [...]

Analysis | A Nazi salute, KKK hoods and Trump: Magazine covers after Charlottesville are jarring

Friday  07:10,   18 august 2017

The president collects covers, so it will be hard to pretend that he doesn't care about these images.The latest from the Economist depicts the president bellowing into a white, conical megaphone — with eye holes that lend the appearance of a Ku[...]

As Executives Retreated, Lone Voices Offered Support for Trump

Friday  05:30,   18 august 2017
The New York Times

As the president’s advisory councils were disbanding, a few corporate chieftains made a case in terms of business self-interest, patriotism and pragmatism. Jack Welch, the retired leader of General Electric, said the business leaders should not[...]

Republicans worry tax reform could be victim of their worsening relationship with Trump

Friday  04:55,   18 august 2017

Facing a complicated issue, legislators want the president to focus and set aside feuds.Congressional GOP leaders are hoping to recover from their failed effort to replace the Affordable Care Act and salvage their legislative agenda by unifying the[...]

Bannon Feels Secure After Latest Trump Controversy

Friday  02:50,   18 august 2017
NBC News

Sources tell NBC News Steve Bannon feels safe amid White House infighting after President Trump's controversial response to the violence in Charlottesville. You Should Carry One of These 11 Credit Cards Find Out More Sponsored by[...]