Politics James Comey’s Attacks on Trump May Hurt a Carefully Cultivated Image

05:17  17 april  2018
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James Comey compares Trump to mob boss in ABC interview

  James Comey compares Trump to mob boss in ABC interview Former FBI director James Comey compared President Trump to a mob boss in a new ABC News interview that is set to air this weekend. Comey, fired by Trump last May, has largely remained quiet about the President and his administration over the past 11 months, but it appears that’s about to change. The interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, airing Sunday at 10 p.m. as part of a “20/20” special, is “going to shock the president and his team,” a source told Axios.

Trump fired Comey in May 2017 While Comey does not outline the details of the information — and says he didn't see indications of Lynch inappropriately influencing the investigation — he says it worried him that the material could be used to attack the integrity of the probe and the FBI' s independence.

Just as Hillary nurtured a false reputation as a crusader for women’ s and the underprivileged, so Comey carefully cultivated one for probity and That might make perfect sense on the international stage and be good policy in dealing with the world’ s largest nation, but Comey works for Trump .

James Comey et al. sitting at a table: James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing days before his firing last May.© Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing days before his firing last May.

WASHINGTON — For decades, James B. Comey cultivated an image of purity as a lawman who stood above politics and politicians.

Then came the book tour.

With the release of his memoir this week and a set of high-profile media interviews to publicize it, Mr. Comey — whose firing by President Trump made him a hero to the president’s critics — has veered onto risky terrain, shedding the trappings of a high-minded referee and looking instead like a combatant in the country’s partisan battles.

Comey: Trump 'treats women like they're pieces of meat'

  Comey: Trump 'treats women like they're pieces of meat' Former FBI Director James Comey said in an interview with ABC Sunday night that President Trump treated women like "meat" and is morally unfit to be president. Comey blasted the president during his first television interview since he was fired last May, describing him as a serial liar and a "stain" on everyone who worked for him. "I think he's morally unfit to be president," Comey told ABC's George Stephanopoulous."A personComey blasted the president during his first television interview since he was fired last May, describing him as a serial liar and a "stain" on everyone who worked for him.

TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty Images . All of which makes FBI Director James Comey , the man who many Democrats believe cost Hillary Richard Nixon, whose paranoia now looks tame compared to Trump ’ s , distrusted the “Ivy League liberals” in the CIA and carefully cultivated his relationship with

Trump tweeted: “As it has turned out, James Comey lied and leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton. He was the best thing that ever happened to her!” Featured image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images .

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Mr. Comey’s description of the president as an unethical liar “morally unfit” for office; his call for voters to decide Mr. Trump’s fate at the ballot box in 2020; and even his observations about Mr. Trump’s appearance — his “orange” skin, his too-long ties, his hands — are stark departures from the law-enforcement mission of his old agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The personal potshots in particular have surprised some former colleagues who thought of Mr. Comey as relatively sober and serious. Observers on both the left and right — including many who count themselves as fierce critics of Mr. Trump’s — say that in embarking on his star turn, Mr. Comey may be undercutting his own indictment of the president’s character and conduct.

Why James Comey doesn’t think Donald Trump should be impeached

  Why James Comey doesn’t think Donald Trump should be impeached James Comey did not hide his concerns about Donald Trump’s fitness to be US president in his book A Higher Loyalty to be released April…Discussing Trump, the former head of the FBI said:

Former FBI Director James Comey was fired last May after it became clear he was unfit to lead the Comey ’ s history of misconduct at the FBI has hurt the agency’s reputation and sparked criticism House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi Trump allies to attack ‘Lyin’

Trump fired Comey in May 2017, setting off a scramble at the Justice Department that led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel Democrats, on the other hand, have accused Comey of politicizing the investigation, and Clinton herself has said it hurt her election prospects.

“The real impact of having the former head of the F.B.I. calling the president unfit is dependent on the just-the-facts professional image of the F.B.I.,” said Michael Steel, a Republican strategist who has been critical of Mr. Trump. “To the extent that the former director appears petty and anything less than high-minded, it diminishes the impact of his critique.”

“In a time when almost every public debate is defined by people lining up with their respective tribes,” Mr. Steel added, “he’s managed to alienate both.”

Mr. Comey, in remarks promoting the book, says he is trying to rouse the country to see Mr. Trump through the lens of “ethical leadership,” arguing that the president “does not reflect the values” of Democrats, Republicans or independents. Asked on ABC if Mr. Trump should be impeached, Mr. Comey said he hoped it would not happen because voters were “duty bound” to “go to the voting booth and vote their values.”

Trump: Comey, McCabe 'committed many crimes'

  Trump: Comey, McCabe 'committed many crimes' President Trump on Monday accused former FBI Director James Comey and former deputy director Andrew McCabe of committing "many crimes.""Comey drafted the Crooked Hillary exoneration long before he talked to her (lied in Congress to Senator G), then based his decisions on her poll numbers," the president wrote on Twitter.

Former FBI Director James Comey has long prided himself on being a man above politics, with unimpeachable credentials and a rock-ribbed reputation for integrity. It’ s a strange end for a man who often seemed to float above politics, or at least, who cultivated an image of himself as such.

Top Republican leaders demanded the Justice Department “immediately” release former FBI director James Comey ’ s memos containing his account of conversations he had with President Donald Trump . NOW WATCH: BILL BROWDER: How sanctions on Russia hurt Putin’s closest allies.

Mr. Comey has cast himself as a truth-teller before, sometimes to the irritation of colleagues or superiors. He threatened to quit his job at the Justice Department in the George W. Bush administration rather than sign off on a domestic surveillance program the White House demanded, and he refused Mr. Trump’s entreaties to back off of the investigation of Michael T. Flynn, his former national security adviser. Mr. Trump fired Mr. Comey a few months later, calling him a “grandstander” and citing the F.B.I.’s investigation into his administration’s ties to Russia.

“After he was fired, he finally became the martyr he always held himself out to be,” said Matthew A. Miller, who served as a top Justice Department official under President Obama when Mr. Comey led the F.B.I. “By doing a tour like this where you kind of get down in the gutter the way he has, you sacrifice your claim on being a martyr.”

Even before the release of his book, “A Higher Loyalty,” the White House, working in concert with the Republican National Committee, began an all-out campaign to besmirch “Lyin’ Comey” — the name of a website the party created to make the case — as dishonest, self-serving and driven by partisanship. But with his one-liners and cutting asides about the president, Mr. Comey only appeared to play into the hands of allies of Mr. Trump, who are eager to paint the former F.B.I. director as just another figure working for the president’s defeat.

Comey won't answer whether US would have been better off if Clinton had won

  Comey won't answer whether US would have been better off if Clinton had won Former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday said he couldn't answer whether the country would be better off if Hillary Clinton had defeated President Trump in the 2016 election. "That hypothetical is too hard for me to go back in time and answer," Comey said on CNN's "The Lead.""I think we have the current president who was - in my view was legitimately elected, is serving as president," Comey said. "The question is, is he adher"That hypothetical is too hard for me to go back in time and answer," Comey said on CNN's "The Lead.

Pool/Getty Images . James Comey ' s much-anticipated memoir A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership doesn't pull any punches when it comes to condemning the roughly 15-month tenure of President Trump .

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U. S . President Donald Trump attacked former FBI Director James Trump fired Comey last May and has publicly criticized him since then, but not to this extent. He described Trump as volatile, defensive and concerned more about how his own image than about

And Mr. Comey has drawn bipartisan criticism with his latest efforts to explain — and, to some degree, recast — his much-criticized handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Mark Mellman, a longtime Democratic pollster, said Mr. Comey’s standing had been undermined by the one-two punch of liberal attacks over his role in the 2016 election and the more recent assault led by Mr. Trump and his Republican allies.

“Trump has tried to define him as a bad operator, and the problem for Comey is that you can quote a lot of Democrats saying the same,” Mr. Mellman said.

At this point, it seems unlikely that Mr. Comey’s book or his performance in interviews to promote it will sway public opinion in a country that is already intensely polarized along partisan lines. Mr. Trump’s approval ratings have been similar for months, and the roughly 40 percent of Americans who support him have proven remarkably unshakable, while the 56 percent who disapprove will probably not change their views on Mr. Comey's account.

While Mr. Comey is sure to captivate the public for a few days with his biting descriptions of the president and dramatic of interactions with him, the combination of the supercharged news cycle and the looming — and far more consequential — investigation by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel probing Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, is sure to eventually overshadow his memoir.

Trump complains Comey can ‘leak and lie’ while Flynn was ‘totally destroyed’

  Trump complains Comey can ‘leak and lie’ while Flynn was ‘totally destroyed’ President Trump on Friday morning complained that the success of "Shadey James Comey's" new book is not "really the way life in America is supposed to work." Trump said in comparison to the former FBI director, former national security adviser Michael Flynn's life was "totally destroyed," implying that both men leaked and lied and only one has gotten away with it."So General Michael Flynn's life can be totally destroyed while Shad ey James Comey can Leak and Lie and make lots of money from a third rate book (that should never have been written)," he tweeted.

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Donald Trump attacked James Comey as a The president fired Comey last May while his agency was investigating potential collusion between 20, 2017. He described Trump as volatile, defensive and concerned more about his own image than

UK' s May ready to approve military action over Syria attack . [10:23] Sport. Late penalty gets Real Madrid off the hook. Israel warns Iran not to test its determination Read: 2401. In new book, James Comey blasts untruthful, ‘ego-driven’ Donald Trump Read: 2173.

“It keeps the story of cover-ups and corruption on the public radar while Mueller is doing his investigation, but Comey is just a pit stop along the way of that,” said Stephanie Cutter, a veteran Democratic strategist. “Much to Comey’s chagrin, his moment has passed. There’s nothing in this book we don’t already know. He just adds one more hole to a ship that’s already sinking.”

Mr. Comey plainly considers himself to be a figure who is above the political fray, driven and guided solely by facts. His friends and advisers say he wants the book to stir a conversation about the value of honesty.

“Telling the truth should not be seen as a political act,” said Keith Urbahn, Mr. Comey’s book agent. “It should just be the truth.”

Yet there is a twist: While he professes to be uneasy with the country’s growing polarization and appears to disdain partisanship, Mr. Comey has in effect weaponized himself against a Republican president by calling for him to be voted out of office. Mr. Comey may not want to be used as anybody’s “political battering ram,” as one associate put it, but he recognizes that is precisely how his book will be deployed.

Friends say Mr. Comey expected his memoir would be criticized because of how it would inevitably be construed: either as airbrushing history and not being honest about Mr. Trump’s transgressions, or as a self-serving and score-settling account with the man who ended his career in law enforcement.

Still, Mr. Comey’s former colleagues rejected any notion that he has transformed himself into a political actor or hurt his reputation.

“Jim Comey is as upright, honest and decent a person and public servant as I have ever met,” said Jack Goldsmith, who served with him in the Bush Justice Department.

As for his willingness to engage in Trumpian insults, invoking the size of the president’s hands, his allies argue that he is simply attempting to paint vivid scenes and does the same with the other presidents he served.

Mr. Miller, however, said Mr. Comey tends to be “at his best when he’s coloring inside the lines and following the rules,” as prosecutors are trained to do.

“What you see in the book is not just a factual recitation, but also a lot of spin on the ball,” he said.

Comey: I’m ‘embarrassed and ashamed’ by Republican party .
Former FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday he's "embarrassed and ashamed" by the Republican Party, arguing the party is willing to sacrifice its values to earn legislative wins. Comey said he was first attracted to the Republican Party because it valued character above all else, and placed an emphasis on national defense. "My question for Republicans is, so, where is that? Where is that commitment to character and values," Comey said during a CNN town hall event. "And if people have convinced themselves we'll trade it temporarily for a tax cut or Supreme Court justice, that's a fool's bargain.

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