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22:50  19 june  2017
22:50  19 june  2017 Source:   The Hill

Spicer: White House reporters trying to be 'YouTube stars'

  Spicer: White House reporters trying to be 'YouTube stars' White House press secretary Sean Spicer went after reporters complaining about the limited number of on-camera news briefings recently, saying many of them "want to become YouTube stars.""There's a lot of them that want to become YouTube stars and ask some snarky question that's been asked eight times," Spicer said Wednesday during an interview with conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham's Lifezette.

Live EventsTune in to White House events and statements as they happen. Off - camera Briefing of the FY18 Budget by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.

With a lot of news coming from the White House today and over the weekend, reporters and correspondents were obviously hoping that White House press secretary Sean Spicer would hold a full, on- camera press briefing today

White House reporters fume over off-camera briefings© Provided by The Hill White House reporters fume over off-camera briefings

The White House press corps vented frustration Monday with press secretary Sean Spicer for conducting off-camera briefings in place of the usual publicly broadcast briefings.

Spicer conducted an off-camera briefing with reporters on Monday in which the press was told it could not film or broadcast audio of the proceedings. Spicer conducted the last on-camera briefing last Monday.

"The White House press secretary is getting to a point where he's just kind of useless," CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta said after the briefing. "If they're getting to this point where he's not going to answer questions or go on camera or have audio, why are we even having these briefings or gaggles in the first place?"

Chelsea Clinton calls out Steve Bannon for 'fat shaming'

  Chelsea Clinton calls out Steve Bannon for 'fat shaming' Trump adviser Steve Bannon reportedly said White House briefings were happening off-camera more frequently because "Sean got fatter" — and Chelsea Clinton won't stand for it.On Tuesday morning, researcher Brian Klaas tweeted an Atlantic article about the dearth of White House briefings in the Trump administration. His post criticized a detail from the article – that Bannon, via text message to a reporter, explained that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's appearance was the reason why.

Press secretary Sean Spicer held an audio-only press briefing on Wednesday, but the White House told news outlets they could not broadcast the audio live. Multiple reporters said the White House told reporters that the off - camera gaggle could not be broadcast. .@ WhiteHouse says today's gaggle

“Several reporters , including some broadcast ones, agree that off camera briefings tend to [be] more informative. Today, we had a White House spokesperson out on the morning shows and the Secretaries of State, Homeland Security and Attorney General do an on camera announcement.”

The White House has increasingly forged its own path with the press - holding off-camera briefings and gaggles, imposing restrictions on reporters' use of audio and video feeds, inviting Cabinet officials to speak only about specific policy issues and rotating between Spicer and deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Some of those moves have angered the White House press corps but delighted Trump's supporters, who view the media as what White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon has dubbed the "opposition party."

Time reporter Zeke Miller asked Spicer Monday to explain "why our friends in radio and television can't use this live."

Spicer responded that the president had made comments at a photo spray with the Panamanian president and later would make public comments at a technology council meeting.

White House discussing moving Spicer to senior communications role-official

  White House discussing moving Spicer to senior communications role-official <p>The White House is considering shifting press secretary Sean Spicer away from the daily spokesman role and into a senior communications role but no such move is imminent, a senior White House official said on Monday.</p>Spicer has been a frequent source of criticism for his performance at the White House lectern during daily news briefings, although President Donald Trump has stood by him through a variety of controversies.

The White House excluded a number of media outlets from a press briefing on Friday, leading others to boycott the off - camera event. Shortly before noon on Friday the White House said press secretary Sean Spicer would hold an off - camera “gaggle” with reporters in the afternoon.

CNN White House reporter Jeff Zeleny told Blitzer that his network had asked if Spicer would make himself available for on- camera questioning but that he declined. A spokesperson for the White House told the Examiner that the briefing was intended to be off camera .

"There are days where we decide that the president's voice should be the one who speaks for the administration," Spicer said.

However, there is no opportunity on those occasions for reporters to question President Trump or his administration officials.

A second reporter at Monday's briefing followed up.

"On the days when you come out here and there is not a camera, could you please ask the president to be ever so kind and step up here and answer some questions for us on that day?"

"I'll be sure to share your sentiments with the president," Spicer responded.

Spicer declined to call on CNN's Acosta on Monday as the veteran reporter shouted questions at him that were ignored. Trump slammed CNN and Acosta at a February press conference as "fake news."

As Spicer walked away, Acosta shouted: "It's off camera and you can't answer questions?"

Acosta then went on tv to call the off-camera briefing "bizarre."

Spicer Says We May Find Out If There Are Comey Tapes This Week in Latest Off-Camera Briefing

  Spicer Says We May Find Out If There Are Comey Tapes This Week in Latest Off-Camera Briefing The best show on daytime TV was off the air once again Monday, as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer conducted yet another off-camera briefing to kick off the work week. In his remarks Monday, Spicer said that President Donald Trump may soon address a question which has been lingering whether or not there are tapes of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.“It’s possible we will have an answer to that at the end of the week,” Spicer said, via CNN’s Jim Acosta.Other tidbits from the off-camera gaggle include Acosta reporting that Spicer still won’t say whether Trump believes in climate change.

White House Daily Briefing (Audio Only) Sean Spicer briefed reporters off camera and responded to questions on a variety of topics, including what the president disclosed to Russians in an Oval Office meeting the previous week.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper has hit out at the White House after media outlets were banned from attending an off - camera briefing on Friday. 'It's not acceptable, in fact it's petulant,' he fumed . Spicer allowed in what is known as the White House 'pool', a rotation of reporters who report on

In Trump’s Washington, public business increasingly handled behind closed doors .
Government leaders hide from scrutiny on issues ranging from the health-care bill to Trump’s golfing.Officials at numerous agencies of the Trump administration have stonewalled friendly Republicans in Congress — not to mention Democrats — by declining to share internal documents on sensitive matters or refusing to answer questions.

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