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10:06  15 november  2017
10:06  15 november  2017 Source:   CBS News

The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks

  The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks Just before the stroke of midnight on September 20, 2016, at the height of last year’s presidential election, the Wikileaks Twitter account sent a private direct message to Donald Trump Jr., the Republican nominee’s oldest son and campaign surrogate. The next morning, about 12 hours later, Trump Jr. responded to Wikileaks. “Off the record I don’t know who that is, but I’ll ask around,” he wrote on September 21, 2016. “Thanks.

Russian media subsequently announced that RT had become 'the only Russian media company' to partner with WikiLeaks and had received access to 'new leaks of secret information.' Most Discussed on CBS News. How did WikiLeaks become associated with Russia ?

How to Identify a Fake. Russia likely does not have “institutional contact” with Assange, as this would only serve to discredit WikiLeaks . Still, Assange would have to be “extraordinarily stupid and naive” not to realize the DNC hacks came from Russia , Galeotti says.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gestures during a press conference inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London on August 18, 2014.: julian-assange.jpg © JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images julian-assange.jpg

WikiLeaks, the website that bills itself as "we open governments," and entities linked to the Kremlin have a relationship that goes back further than the 2016 election. 

Headlines are focused again on WikiLeaks and Russia, after reports that Donald Trump Jr. occasionally corresponded with WikiLeaks on Twitter, starting in September 2016. While it doesn't appear Trump Jr. sent any messages after Oct. 2016, WikiLeaks sent him messages through July 2017.

Donald Trump Jr. corresponded with WikiLeaks during and after 2016 campaign

Those messages — which Trump Jr. disclosed earlier this week — have been turned over to congressional investigators as they investigate Russian election meddling and any alleged ties to the Trump campaign. According to the  the widely circulated January 2017 U.S. intelligence report detailing interference in the 2016 election, U.S. intelligence officials believe with "high confidence" that there is a connection between Russian military intelligence and the entities Guccifer 2.0, DCLeaks.com and WikiLeaks that resulted in the deluge of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's associates hitting the Internet in the weeks ahead of the election. 

Trump Jr. faces calls to publicly explain WikiLeaks contacts

  Trump Jr. faces calls to publicly explain WikiLeaks contacts President Donald Trump's oldest son released a series of private Twitter exchanges between himself and WikiLeaks during and after the 2016 election, including pleas from the website to publicize its leaks. Donald Trump Jr.'s release of the messages on Twitter came hours after The Atlantic first reported them Monday. In the exchanges — some of them around the time that the website was releasing the stolen emails from Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman — WikiLeaks praises his father's positive comments about WikiLeaks and asks Trump Jr. to release his father's tax returns to the site.

But they do show that WikiLeaks , an organization purportedly devoted to transparency, is at a In April 2012, the relationship between Assange and Russia became direct for the first time. Next Up In World. New data shows how the Trump administration is destroying the State Department.

How did an organization that once touted itself as the future of journalism — and for a time seemed to But the biggest problem with WikiLeaks is that it has become far too associated with the "crazy white haired The 1980s American Soap Opera That Explains How Russia Feels About Everything.

Clinton recently called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a "tool of Russian intelligence," and current CIA Director Mike Pompeo has dubbed it a "hostile intelligence service."

Watch: Attorney general considering charges against WikiLeaks

"We assess with high confidence that the GRU [Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate] relayed material it acquired from the DNC and senior Democratic officials to WikiLeaks," the January 2017 intelligence report said. "Moscow most likely chose WikiLeaks because of its self-proclaimed reputation for authenticity. Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries."

But the Russia-WikiLeaks connection goes back further than the 2016 election cycle. Russia and WikiLeaks, in some ways, have long had goals that could work in tandem.

'I did not recall:' 4 key takeaways from Jeff Sessions's memory lapse-filled congressional hearing

  'I did not recall:' 4 key takeaways from Jeff Sessions's memory lapse-filled congressional hearing Jeff Sessions can't remember, until he can.Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he couldn't remember any of these events — that is until the media or Robert S. Mueller III's investigation remembered for him.

Russia likely does not have “institutional contact” with Assange, as this would only serve to discredit WikiLeaks . How Russia Became a Hacking Superpower. WikiLeaks is a “black box,” says Israel Shamir, a controversial activist connected with the organization.

Heart Defibrillators – How it Become Useful To You?

Pompeo said in July that Russia has been at election meddling a "hell of a long time," long before the 2016 election, and former CIA Director James Clapper said on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is "committed to undermining our system or democracy, and our whole process."

From WikiLeaks' conception, WikiLeaks foundation Julian Assange said he wanted to use it to expose hidden information to "reveal illegal or immoral behavior" in government, and major businesses. 

One of the first public relationships between Russia and WikiLeaks emerged in April 2012, when the Russian-government funded RT — forced this week to register with the U.S. as a foreign agent — gave Assange his own talk show. Assange, who facing allegations of sexual misconduct made by two Swedish women, fled Sweden and took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in June 2012. The show didn't last long, ending in summer 2012, but it's one of the first public signs of connections between WikiLeaks and Russia. The January 2017 U.S. intelligence report mentions the Kremlin's connection with WikiLeaks through RT. 

What more evidence of collusion do you need?

  What more evidence of collusion do you need? Donald Trump, Jr. at the center of the Russia scandal again.We know President Trump during the campaign publicly encouraged the Russians to hack and release Hillary Clinton’s emails. We know he referenced the WikiLeaks email dump 145 times in the closing days of the campaign. We also know that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort met with Russians in June 2016 with the promise of “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, and we have learned that campaign adviser George Papadopoulos had extensive contacts with Russian officials that included discussion of “dirt” on Clinton.

So how did the number “420” become connected to smoking reefer? It’s not because 4-20 is a police code for a marijuana bust, like you might’ve heard. And it’s not connected to Earth Day, which is two days later.

Cold creepiness’ – Assange on Clinton after she calls WikiLeaks ‘ Russian

"The Kremlin's principal international propaganda outlet RT (formerly Russia Today) has actively collaborated with WikiLeaks," the report said. "RT's editor-in-chief visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in August 2013, where they discussed renewing his broadcast contract with RT, according to Russian and Western media. Russian media subsequently announced that RT had become 'the only Russian media company' to partner with WikiLeaks and had received access to 'new leaks of secret information.' RT routinely gives Assange sympathetic coverage and provides him a platform to denounce the United States."

Izvestia, formerly a Russian state-owned newspaper, claimed the flight for National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden to Hong Kong was coordinated with Russian authorities and intelligence agencies. WikiLeaks claimed it had paid for the flight. Snowden, a former contractor the NSA, revealed the NSA was tracking American's phone records, fueling debates over technology and privacy.

Lawmakers want more information from Trump son-in-law Kushner for Russia probe

  Lawmakers want more information from Trump son-in-law Kushner for Russia probe The leaders of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee said on Thursday they had not received information they requested from President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, including emails, phone records and documents related to communications with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. In a letter to Abbe Lowell, Kushner's attorney, Senators Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein requested all those documents, as well as transcripts from interviews with other committees.

Wikileaks cache of documents, Vault 7, just revealed how the CIA has the tools to hack US systems and insert false evidence Russia was responsible. Meaning, in short, officials with the NSA and other Intelligence agencies likely did detect the electronic markings of the Russian government — but they

How to contact WikiLeaks ? What is Tor? Tips for Sources After Submitting. Spy Files: Russia . Today, Monday 31 July 2017, WikiLeaks publishes a searchable archive of 21,075 unique verified emails associated with the French presidential campaign of Emmanual Macron.

Fast-forward to the 2016 election cycle. 

WikiLeaks published the hacked DNC emails beginning in July of 2016, and suspicion mounted that the Kremlin was somehow behind the hack. WikiLeaks did not reveal its source, although the hacker Guccifer 2.0 later claimed responsibility.

The January 2017 intelligence report confirmed Russian intelligence "gained access" to DNC networks in July 2015, keeping it until at least June 2016. 

Days later, then-candidate Donald Trump joked he hoped Russia would "find" Clinton's missing 30,000 emails, causing an uproar from critics. 

"I will tell you this, Russia: If you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing," the GOP nominee said in Florida during a news conference. "I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press."

The then-candidate also praised WikiLeaks. 

"I love WikiLeaks," Mr. Trump said on Oct. 10, 2016.

In October and November of 2016, WikiLeaks proceeded to publish emails from former Clinton aide John Podesta, and intelligence officials also blamed Russia ultimately for the breach. 

Assange has denied that the Russian government was behind the hacks during the 2016 election, telling Fox News' Sean Hannity in a Jan. 3, 2017 interview, "our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party."

Days later, the U.S. intelligence report emerged and contradicted that claim. But, with Russian meddling investigations ongoing with the special counsel and multiple congressional committees, the topic of connections between Russia, WikiLeaks and Trump associates is unlikely to go away soon.

Kushner didn't recall any campaign WikiLeaks contact .
Kushner told congressional Russia investigators that he didn't communicate with WikiLeaks and didn't recall anyone on the Trump campaign who had, per a source But Kushner did receive and forward an email from Donald Trump Jr. about contact Trump Jr. had with WikiLeaks, according to a new report this week and a letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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