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Top rights body: Trump no longer 'moral leader of his country or the world'

Wednesday  18:58,   20 june 2018

<p>U.S. President Donald Trump is "no longer the moral leader of his country or the world," the human rights watchdog the Council of Europe said.</p>"What is happening at the (U.S.-Mexico) border where he (Trump) is separating[...]

‘Today I renounce my membership’: Longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announces he’s leaving his party

Wednesday  16:52,   20 june 2018

The former senior adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign said it has become “fully the party of Trump.”In early-morning tweets, Schmidt, a vocal Trump critic, urged voters to elect Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections and harshly[...]

James Clapper: Family separations hurt US' international image

Wednesday  16:27,   20 june 2018

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned Wednesday that the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" policy that is resulting in thousands of children being separated from their families at the border hurts US[...]

Outside Trump Hotel, an Uproar. Inside, a Calm Sea of Conservative Cash.

Wednesday  16:05,   20 june 2018

Outside the hotel’s walls, protesters blasted audio of children crying in detainment centers and the homeland security secretary was heckled at a nearby Mexican restaurant. In the days before, an anti-Trump group had projected the words “Over 3,000 [...]

An Ex-Con Looks for a Comeback in New York’s 11th District

Wednesday  15:51,   20 june 2018

It’s been 90 years since someone with a criminal conviction was elected to the House. But one felon could jump-start his congressional comeback if he wins a Republican primary next week.GOP voters in New York’s 11th District head to the polls[...]

Q&A on Border Detention of Children

Wednesday  15:27,   20 june 2018

The controversy surrounding family separations at the U.S. Southern border has prompted outrage, opinions and finger-pointing. It has also raised a number of questions, including from our readers. We answer those questions here.“Are there really[...]

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt denounces party, will vote for Democrats

Wednesday  15:26,   20 june 2018

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, one of the GOP's loudest critics of President Trump, renounced the party early Wednesday and announced that he will begin voting for Democrats. Schmidt slammed Trump in a Twitter thread, saying he was leaving [...]

A Bush is running in a Trump-love primary and the race is getting ugly

Wednesday  13:21,   20 june 2018

Walker Stapleton's familial relation to the Bush dynasty would be an asset in another era. But in Colorado's GOP contest for governor on Tuesday, the president reigns supreme.In Colorado, where the GOP will select its gubernatorial nominee[...]

Explaining Trump’s Claim About Canadians Smuggling Shoes Because of ‘Massive’ Tariffs

Wednesday  06:15,   20 june 2018

President Trump said on Tuesday that Canadians were smuggling shoes across the border “because the tariffs are so massive.” But under Nafta, Canada does not charge a tariff on American shoe imports.WHAT WAS[...]

Trump urges House GOP to fix immigration system, expresses no strong preference on rival bills amid uproar over family separations

Wednesday  05:30,   20 june 2018

The president told lawmakers he “wanted to take care of the kids,” but his visit to Capitol Hill sowed confusion.Load[...]

The very long list of high-profile White House departures

Wednesday  04:50,   20 june 2018

A guide to the resignations, ousters, and firings of the Trump administration. There’s been a bit of a lull in White House departures, but that might be about to change as summer approaches. A few reports have suggested some top staffers might be[...]

Republicans tear into IG finding on Clinton probe

Wednesday  04:35,   20 june 2018

House Republicans on Tuesday took aim at a finding from the Department of Justice's (DOJ) inspector general that anti-Trump bias did not influence the outcome of the Hillary Clinton email probe, during a fractious and extended hearing that[...]

Trump didn’t invent family separation, but his administration was willing to try it

Wednesday  03:55,   20 june 2018

How an idea considered excessive became a harsh attempt at border deterrence.Their idea went to top Obama administration officials at the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. Then it went into a drawer, like a blueprint for a weapon[...]

Republicans outline their latest strategy to roll back Obamacare

Wednesday  03:50,   20 june 2018

In a bid to revive the Republican effort to roll back the Affordable Care Act, a group of leading conservative health care advocates is proposing a new strategy to overhaul the law. The plan - which is outlined in a seven-page blueprint unveiled[...]

GOP senators introduce bill to prevent family separations at border

Wednesday  03:50,   20 june 2018

GOP senators on Tuesday introduced legislation aimed at preventing the separation of immigrant families detained along the U.S.-Mexico border while seeking asylum. The bill, spearheaded by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), would require tha t the children[...]