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Let’s talk about the big scary asteroid that’s NOT going to hit Earth

Monday  20:06,   22 january 2018

If you loaded up Google News on Sunday morning, you'd be greeted by a picture of an asteroid boiling away an ocean beside the headline “Doomsday?"Between these paragraphs, the Mail inserts occasional reminders that asteroid 2002 AJ129 will[...]

Do moon phases produce big earthquakes? Study debunks that idea

Monday  13:36,   22 january 2018
Los Angeles Times

Huge earthquakes are not significantly influenced by the moon, a new study says. Load Error The study, conducted by U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Susan Hough, looked at earthquakes of magnitude 8 or greater over the past four centuries. [...]

Google's Gboard debuts a quick way to create reaction GIFs

Monday  12:53,   22 january 2018

Google's Gboard for iOS is lagging a bit behind its Android counterpart, but a new update for iPhone users comes with a game changer. As The Verge has noticed, its dedicated GIF-maker button is no longer hidden at the bottom and now has a more[...]

Tractor beam breakthrough could lead to levitating humans

Monday  12:53,   22 january 2018

Yes, really. Sci-fi technology that can float objects in mid-air like magic could become reality.Load[...]

Apple’s always-listening HomePod mics can be muted

Monday  12:53,   22 january 2018
The Verge

New icons unearthed in the latest iOS 11.2.5 developer build suggest you can disable the always-listening microphones on Apple’s HomePod speaker. While everyone loves the idea of room-filling compact speakers in their house, many are less[...]

Selfie app Snow, once a Snapchat clone, raises $50M from SoftBank and Sequoia China

Monday  12:11,   22 january 2018

It's been a while since we heard from Snow, the Snapchat clone app in Asia that Facebook once tried to buy, but today the company behind it has scooped up a $50 million investment from SoftBank and Sequoia China. Snow was started by[...]

Speedy DNA nanorobot could lead to molecular factories

Monday  12:10,   22 january 2018

DNA-based robots promise all kinds of microscopic machinery, but there's a major obstacle: they're slow. You see, DNA molecules have negative charges as a matter of course. Researchers found that they could quickly and accurately[...]

Facebook to open digital training hubs in Europe

Monday  09:21,   22 january 2018

<p>Facebook said on Monday it will open three new centers in Europe to train people in digital skills and committed to training one million people over the next two years, part of the social media giant's drive to show its contribution to the [...]

OnePlus hacked as customers are warned of a serious breach

Monday  05:37,   22 january 2018

Card numbers, expiry dates and security codes have been nabbed from OnePlus.netIt’s unclear exactly when this attack took place and for how long OnePlus has been sitting on the information, but it told customers that it “launched an urgent[...]

Relax, sleep and workout better in 2018, with these new apps and devices

Monday  05:37,   22 january 2018

It's almost February, so how bout those resolutions?If you’re human, you might’ve fallen off the bandwagon already – especially if your goal this year was to lose weight, get fit, be less stressed, or sleep[...]

What a government shutdown will mean for NASA and SpaceX

Monday  05:36,   22 january 2018
The Verge

The US government is officially shut down, and that means federal agencies like NASA will be forced to send some workers home without pay and alter daily operations. A shutdown won’t have a big impact on the space agency’s biggest projects, but[...]

20 handy things you didn’t know Google Photos could do

Sunday  11:55,   21 january 2018

Unlimited backups for all your photos, build a photo book, make an animation.Like most Google services, Photos is overflowing with helpful features, which can manipulate, organize, and share your thousands of images. Most impressive of all, you can[...]

A New Way to Find the Tree of Life's Missing Branches

Saturday  19:15,   20 january 2018
The Atlantic

Scientists have been been studying the DNA of microbes for a quarter-century, and in that time, they have sequenced about 2 million microbes. By one estimate, as many as 1 trillion microbial species may live on Earth.&nbsp;Progress? 0.0002[...]

Twitter finds over 1,000 new Russian-linked accounts

Saturday  15:15,   20 january 2018
The Hill

Twitter said Friday that it has suspended 1,062 new accounts it has found to be linked to the Internet Research Agency, a Russian "troll farm" which disseminated content intended to interfere in the U.S. political process. In total, the[...]

Using your smartphone is better with a stylus

Saturday  15:15,   20 january 2018
Popular Science

<p>Apple's Steve Jobs famously disliked the idea of using styluses with smartphones.</p>Once we make our case, you can pick up a stylus-equipped handset, like a member of Samsung's Galaxy Note series, or buy a cheap third-party stylus to[...]