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Google Assistant can help troubleshoot your Pixel 2 phone

Saturday  09:35,   18 november 2017

Plenty of companies offer chat support to troubleshoot problems with your phone. But do you really want to talk to another human for what could be a simple fix? You don't have to... if you have a Pixel 2. Android Police has discovered that you[...]

Apple iPhone 11 Chipset Being Made By Intel: Report

Saturday  03:40,   18 november 2017
International Business Times

The tech giant has chosen Intel instead of Qualcomm for 5G capable chipsets on the next generation of its iPhones.One of the reasons that the company needs to work toward new chipsets is the evolution of 5G as wireless standard that will[...]

Bizarre Lava-Covered Planet's Air Could Support Life

Saturday  03:36,   18 november 2017

But don't book your tickets yet—this place is definitely too hot to handle.That distant planet, known as 55 Cancri e, has been entrancing scientists since they first spotted it in 2004. It's skewed with respect to its star, its core may be[...]

2017 Smart Home Gift Guide for Every Budget

Saturday  03:31,   18 november 2017

What’s the must-have holiday gift for 2017? Smart money is on smart home devices, which consumers everywhere are embracing in a big way. A recent HomeAdvisor survey found that home service professionals are getting requests for smart home installs[...]

Wireless carriers on mute as Supreme Court hears big privacy case

Friday  23:05,   17 november 2017

<p>The U.S. Supreme Court is set to consider a major cellphone privacy case later this month, but leading players in the wireless industry that is at the center of the closely watched dispute are keeping their distance.&nbsp;</p>The case,[...]

How 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' Crafted a New "Poster Child for the Empire"

Friday  23:05,   17 november 2017
The Hollywood Reporter

Actress Janina Gavankar opens up about her starring role in the new game and why you shouldn't judge a member of the Inferno Squad just for following the bad guys.While the game has received mostly positive reviews from critics, it has come[...]

FCC vote could force low-income households offline

Friday  20:51,   17 november 2017

Bootstrapping yourself out of poverty via the internet is about to get a lot harder in the US. The FCC, led by industry-friendly chairman Ajit Pai, has voted along party lines to reform the low-income Lifeline broadband subsidy program. Among the[...]

What NASA's 20-year time-lapse of Earth shows

Friday  20:51,   17 november 2017
CBS News

Unprecedented space-based view sheds light on global warming and shows the planet literally "breathing.""It's one of a kind. It's never been done before and so being able to capture land, ocean, atmosphere, ice, over 20 years together --[...]

What Climate-Conscious Cities Can Learn From Each Other

Friday  18:40,   17 november 2017

A new alliance has representatives from Pittsburgh, Essen, Beijing, and other metros swapping strategies for transforming from a factory town to a sustainable city.In many ways, Essen is the envy of cities trying to move past their industrial days.[...]

Hands-on: The OnePlus 5T closes the flagship gap with tiny bezels and better photos

Friday  17:21,   17 november 2017

When the OnePlus 5 arrived earlier this year, it was the closest the company had ever come to its original ‘flagship killer’ mantra.&nbsp;Cue the OnePlus[...]

Facebook launches Creator app for influencers to build video communities

Friday  12:37,   17 november 2017

Facebook wants to turn mindless, passive video consumption into "time well spent", and now its giving social media stars a powerful tool to foster communities around their creations.&nbsp;Facebook promised the Creator app back in June[...]

Security firm Kaspersky said it did obtain classified NSA documents — just not deliberately

Friday  02:21,   17 november 2017
Tech Insider

<p>Embattled Russian security firm Kaspersky confirmed that it had pulled classified documents from a US computer for almost two months in 2014, but the company again blamed the computer's owner for poor security practices and said there was[...]

SpaceX poised to launch secretive Zuma mission

Friday  01:30,   17 november 2017

SpaceX is poised to launch on Thursday a secretive payload known as Zuma for the U.S. government.The launch atop a Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled from Cape Canaveral, Florida, sometime between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00[...]

Overwatch’s new hero, Moira, now available on console and PC

Friday  01:24,   17 november 2017

Overwatch ’s newest hero, Moira, is now playable in the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One versions of the game, Blizzard announced today. An update for Overwatch is now available for all versions of the hero-based shooter. Moira’s rollout has[...]

Facebook says messaging apps aren't turning people into hermits

Thursday  21:24,   16 november 2017

Think people are replacing face-to-face communication with gadgets and chat apps?&nbsp;Based on the survey commissioned by the Messenger team for the 25th anniversary of the first text ever sent (December 3rd, 1992), those who message their[...]