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Sugar 3D Printer Could Let Scientists Print Organs

Saturday  22:15,   26 may 2018

The printer uses a process called free-form printing to create intricate structures.Load[...]

Peruvian scientists use DNA to trace origins of Inca emperors

Saturday  22:10,   26 may 2018

Researchers in Peru believe they have traced the origins of the Incas -- the largest pre-Hispanic civilization in the Americas -- through the DNA of the modern-day descendants of their emperors. From their ancient capital Cusco, the Incas controlled [...]

Planet Nine, Show Thyself

Saturday  20:14,   26 may 2018

<p>“Planet Nine,” thought to be 10 times the mass of Earth, has yet to show itself, but the planet hunters have just found a new clue.</p><p></p>The search is more than two years in now. “Planet Nine,” thought to be 10 times the mass of[...]

Hundreds of great white sharks are congregating in the Pacific and researchers don’t know why

Saturday  03:25,   26 may 2018

There’s probably a perfectly good explanation for it, and there is absolutely no reason to be alarmed, but hundreds of great white sharks are congregating…Which is fine! Yes, great white sharks are typically solitary creatures, so researchers were a [...]

Scientists Discover Three Giant Antarctic Valleys

Friday  23:53,   25 may 2018

They might play a crucial role in the continent's future.The findings are the first fruits of a project known as PolarGAP, which started in 2015 and was funded by the European Space Agency with the goal of better understanding the South Pole's[...]

Scientists Are Close to Imaging Milky Way's Black Hole

Friday  23:53,   25 may 2018

The event horizon is the point of no return beyond which nothing, not even light, can escape the immense gravitational pull of the black hole. In 2013, the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) joined the EHT, significantly increasing the resolution[...]

‘God of War’ Offers Fantasy World of 100 Unbroken Takes

Friday  21:55,   25 may 2018

The long take — a sequence shot in one unbroken camera move — isn’t easy to pull off. Many films are remembered for such virtuosity. Think Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope,” which appears as one continuous take; the Battle of Dunkirk shot in the middle of[...]

The Sims 4 is getting the much-anticipated expansion pack Seasons

Friday  19:29,   25 may 2018

When The Sims 3’s development came to a close to make room for The Sims 4, some fans were unsure whether making the switch was worth it. The main reason for that uncertainty was the rich library of expansion packs released for The Sims 3, which[...]

Engineers Developing Self-Consuming Rocket

Friday  17:52,   25 may 2018

Consuming itself to send small satellites into orbit.The autophage engine designed by engineers from Glasgow University and Oles Honchar Dnipro National University would eat a propellant rod comprised of solid fuel on the outside and oxidizer on the [...]

Apple blocks Steam's plan to extend its video games to iPhones

Friday  17:25,   25 may 2018

<p>Apple Inc has blocked the plans of the biggest distributor of PC-based video games to extend its reach into iPhones, according to the game distributor, a sign that Apple is serious about protecting its ability to take a cut of digital[...]

Tick Wrapped in Spider Silk Found Trapped in Amber—A First

Friday  13:35,   25 may 2018

The unlucky creature is now a boon to scientists studying the evolution of arachnid behavior.Normally, the tick would have been hiding in vegetation, hoping to latch onto a small mammal or a feathered dinosaur to suck its blood. But this tick[...]

The Milky Way galaxy may be much bigger than we thought

Friday  12:26,   25 may 2018

New research suggests our galactic home spans a distance of 200,000 light-years.Load[...]

How Did Dino-Era Birds Survive the Asteroid 'Apocalypse'?

Friday  09:30,   25 may 2018

Fossil spores and bird family trees suggest that deforestation was a key factor in determining who survived 66 million years ago.The long-standing question, then, is why certain birds lived while others died in the mass extinction event at the end[...]

Apple wins $539 million from Samsung in latest chapter of ongoing patent trial

Friday  08:40,   25 may 2018

The latest twist in the ongoing, seven-year-old smartphone patent trial between Apple and Samsung awards the iPhone maker a final verdict of $539 million in damages, according to Bloomberg. Jurors awarded Apple the verdict in federal court in San[...]

Remember StumbleUpon? Well, it's going away June 30th

Friday  08:26,   25 may 2018

According to co-founder Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon has delivered nearly 60 billion "stumbles" to more than 40 million people over the past 16 years.&nbsp;The internet is a vastly different place than it was 16 years ago, and Camp says[...]