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‘Nude’ Sea-Creature Belonging To Mysterious Group Identified

Thursday  01:25,   21 june 2018

The initial analysis of the fossil suggested the creature had a surprisingly large tube-shaped body, measuring approximately up to 50 cm or more. It even had a few tiny spines on its body.On the basis of these features, the group has suggested the[...]

After years of searching, scientists can finally account for all the normal matter in the universe

Thursday  01:01,   21 june 2018

Astronomers using a powerful quasar to study an enormous invisible tendril full of superheated gas say they may have finally discovered the universe's "missing" detectable matter.The findings, published in the journal Nature, solve a[...]

World's first known manta ray nursery discovered off the Texas coast, scientists say

Thursday  00:30,   21 june 2018

Scientists have discovered a site off the Texas coast that they say is the world’s first known manta ray nursery. Joshua Stewart, a marine biology graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego,[...]

Weapons reveal how this 5,300-year-old ice mummy lived -- and died

Wednesday  23:06,   20 june 2018

Although he's older than the Giza pyramids and Stonehenge, the 5,300-year-old mummy of Otzi the Tyrolean Iceman continues to teach us things. The latest study of the weapons he was found with, published in the journal PLOS ONE on Wednesday,[...]

Bose gets into the business of sleep

Wednesday  22:15,   20 june 2018

You know you’ve got a problem sleeping when someone tells you that 35-percent of US adults aren’t get seven hours of sleep a night, and the number sounds remarkably low. I’m not a good sleeper. I never have been, and I’m a sucker for any gadget that [...]

An astronomer's stunning photo of the Milky Way shows our galaxy through a crystal ball

Wednesday  22:05,   20 june 2018

Astronomer Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mateos took a photo of the Milky Way through a crystal ball. A stunning new photo of the Milky Way (shown above) came about because of a flea-market purchase, a late night on a Chilean mountain range, and a dash [...]

Did Scientists Just Find a Missing Piece of the Universe?

Wednesday  21:56,   20 june 2018

It would be silly to think we completely understand our universe, given how small the Earth is compared to the vastness of the cosmos. But from here on our tiny planet, it appears that much of the universe is missing. And I’m not just talking about[...]

Rocket League makers give more details on ‘Rocket Pass’

Wednesday  21:50,   20 june 2018

Rocket League’s makers have shared more information about the upcoming “Rocket Pass,” announced back in May, which seems to follow the season pass model of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. First, the pass will be available on all[...]

Westworld launches an eerie voice game for Alexa devices

Wednesday  21:50,   20 june 2018

It was probably only a matter of time: Westworld is invading your Amazon Echo with an interactive game that totally won’t turn your handy personal assistant into a vengeful murder-bot — at least, that’s what HBO and Amazon want you to believe. To[...]

Amazon Prime Wardrobe officially launches to all U.S. Prime members

Wednesday  21:26,   20 june 2018

Prime Wardrobe, Amazon's “try before you buy” shopping service first announced last summer, is officially out of beta and open to all Prime members in the U.S. as of today. The service has been gradually opening up to more customers over the[...]

Instagram announces IGTV, a standalone app for longer videos

Wednesday  21:25,   20 june 2018

Instagram today announced IGTV, a standalone app for watching longform vertical video. When you log in with the app, it will automatically begin playing videos from people you follow, along with personalized recommendations from elsewhere in[...]

AI could turn your blurry phone videos into slow-mo masterpieces

Wednesday  21:25,   20 june 2018

Nvidia has developed technology that will add additional frames into video that's already been recorded.Nvidia wants to help you turn any old video shot on your phone into a blur-free, slow-motion masterpiece, and it's using artificial[...]

Microsoft News launches on Android and iOS as rebranded MSN app

Wednesday  21:25,   20 june 2018

Microsoft is launching rebranded Microsoft News apps for both iOS and Android today, alongside using its news engine to power news across a variety of Microsoft products. “Microsoft News is the new name for our news engine that powers[...]

5 new features for Android Messages roll out, including a desktop version

Wednesday  21:25,   20 june 2018

Android Messages is finally catching up with iMessages, as Google rolls out the ability to send and receive text messages via the web, along with a few other fun features. Google has been working on integrating RCS (rich Communications Services)[...]

Snapchat will begin adding docu-series to its slate of shows

Wednesday  21:25,   20 june 2018

Snapchat has hosted around 50 series on its Discover page so far, including murder mysteries, reality shows, sports coverage and news. And soon it will be adding docu-series. The company has announced one series that's set to air in September, but[...]