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Facebook just invented a new unit of time

Tuesday  15:20,   23 january 2018

In order to make it easier for film, VR and other visual content creators to work with individual frames on screen, Facebook has created a new unit with which to measure time, that divides more neatly than standard units like[...]

Lenovo's tough, hybrid Chromebooks are built for education

Tuesday  15:20,   23 january 2018

Two of them are also available as Windows machines.The 300e, which is available as a Chromebook or as a Windows 10 device, is also laptop-tablet hybrid. 300e for Windows has pen support, but it doesn't come with its own stylus like the 500e. Its[...]

Exoplanet’s Hot Spot Is Alien Mystery For Astronomers To Solve

Tuesday  15:20,   23 january 2018
International Business Times

A mysterious hot spot on this Jupiter-like exoplanet can teach astronomers more about how alien worlds work.The exoplanet’s spot is strange because it exists in a place where scientists did not expect to find it, based on their understanding of[...]

The first 512GB microSD card arrives in February

Tuesday  11:35,   23 january 2018

It didn't take long for someone to topple 2017's microSD storage record. The card arrives in February, although it's not clear how much it will cost or how readily available it will be outside of the UK. Don't expect it to be[...]

Android Oreo now shows WiFi network speeds before you connect

Tuesday  11:35,   23 january 2018

<p>Ever hop on a WiFi hotspot to save mobile data or boost speed, only to find out that it's so slow that you might as well have stayed on cellular access? If you're using Android 8.1 Oreo, that shouldn't be a problem going[...]

Get your stuff and go: Amazon opens store with no cashiers

Tuesday  11:11,   23 january 2018
Associated Press

No cashiers, no registers and no cash — this is how Amazon sees the future of store shopping. The online retailer opened its Amazon Go concept to the public Monday in Seattle, which lets shoppers take milk, potato chips or ready-to-eat salads off[...]

3D printers could let you produce your own drugs

Tuesday  03:57,   23 january 2018

Doctors or pharmacists could fabricate drugs on demand to stop outbreaks.The process sounds fairly simple when you describe it, but it took the researchers nearly six years to get to this point. Using the 3D printer, the team built various[...]

The Robot Who Wants to Destroy Humanity Isn’t So Good at Sentences Yet

Tuesday  03:57,   23 january 2018
The Daily Beast

Sophia netted a lot of press coverage for her Uncanny Valley face and somewhat coherent threat to destroy mankind. She’s currently too busy recalibrating to kill us all.But when I meet Sophia early in the morning at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas[...]

Facebook Says Social Media Not Always Healthy for Democracy

Tuesday  03:57,   23 january 2018

Facebook Inc. acknowledged that social media can have a negative impact on democracies, and that the company has more work to do in order to ensure that the good outweighs the bad. “From the Arab Spring to robust elections around the globe, social[...]

WWII Games Become a Vital History Lesson as the Greatest Generation Dies Out

Monday  22:58,   22 january 2018
Rolling Stone

How should video games depict WWI and WWII? We spoke to veterans, historians, and developers to find outAnd how right he is. Despite releasing late in 2017, COD: WWII was the best-selling game of the year in most markets, and made $1 billion in[...]

Let’s talk about the big scary asteroid that’s NOT going to hit Earth

Monday  20:06,   22 january 2018

If you loaded up Google News on Sunday morning, you'd be greeted by a picture of an asteroid boiling away an ocean beside the headline “Doomsday?"Between these paragraphs, the Mail inserts occasional reminders that asteroid 2002 AJ129 will[...]

Do moon phases produce big earthquakes? Study debunks that idea

Monday  13:36,   22 january 2018
Los Angeles Times

Huge earthquakes are not significantly influenced by the moon, a new study says. Load Error The study, conducted by U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Susan Hough, looked at earthquakes of magnitude 8 or greater over the past four centuries. [...]

Google's Gboard debuts a quick way to create reaction GIFs

Monday  12:53,   22 january 2018

Google's Gboard for iOS is lagging a bit behind its Android counterpart, but a new update for iPhone users comes with a game changer. As The Verge has noticed, its dedicated GIF-maker button is no longer hidden at the bottom and now has a more[...]

Tractor beam breakthrough could lead to levitating humans

Monday  12:53,   22 january 2018

Yes, really. Sci-fi technology that can float objects in mid-air like magic could become reality.Load[...]

Apple’s always-listening HomePod mics can be muted

Monday  12:53,   22 january 2018
The Verge

New icons unearthed in the latest iOS 11.2.5 developer build suggest you can disable the always-listening microphones on Apple’s HomePod speaker.&nbsp;While everyone loves the idea of room-filling compact speakers in their house, many are less[...]