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Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engine completes first hot-fire test

Saturday  02:01,   21 october 2017

Blue Origin was a bit of a mystery to the public for quite awhile. First hotfire of our BE-4 engine is a success[...]

NASA study will help identify potentially habitable planets

Friday  21:56,   20 october 2017

Stars must emit just enough near-infrared light to prevent the loss of oceans.For the foreseeable future, astronomers will be scanning red dwarf stars for habitable planets, rather than other types like our sun. That's because they're easier to find [...]

New Apple Mac mini incoming, says Tim Cook himself

Friday  20:12,   20 october 2017

Just when you thought the Mac mini was no more.Tim Cook himself has said that a new Mac mini should be coming in the future. In an email to a customer, shared by MacRumours, the Apple CEO wrote: “While it is not time to share any details, we do plan [...]

Asteroid Samples Show Old Space Rock’s Violent Past

Friday  18:21,   20 october 2017
International Business Times

This asteroid is just one big pile of rocks traveling through space together.According to a study in the journal Geology, scientists analyzed dust particles that the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Hayabusa space probe brought back from the[...]

New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple's Nasty Surprise

Friday  17:26,   20 october 2017

<p>Apple’s best ever iPhone is coming soon. But the harsh reality for Apple is it may not come soon enough and in significant enough quantities to avert a very nasty surprise…</p>Apple’s best ever iPhone is coming[...]

Verizon’s streaming TV service reportedly delayed until spring 2018 at the earliest

Friday  12:26,   20 october 2017
The Verge

Verizon has supposedly had its own over-the-top TV service in the works for a while now. Bloomberg first reported that it was supposed to launch in the summer back in March, and Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam confirmed in a Variety report that the[...]

Amazon's original Echo gets a much-needed upgrade

Friday  12:26,   20 october 2017

With a good software-driven product, the hardware is almost inconsequential. After the unboxing and the setup, it just sort of fades into the scenery. That was always the case with Amazon’s original Echo, but even as Alexa continues to do all of the [...]

Google will pay hackers who find flaws in top Android apps

Friday  12:10,   20 october 2017

Google is probably hoping to raise the quality of apps in the Play store by launching a new bug bounty program that's completely separate from its existing one.&nbsp;Google promises $1,000 for every issue that meets its criteria, but bounty[...]

Google considers 'fixing' the Pixel 2 XL's display colors

Friday  04:00,   20 october 2017

<p>While Google's Pixel 2 XL has generally been well-received, there have been some complaints about its LG-made P-OLED screen. It's supposed to reflect "natural" colors, but many see it as downright dull after years of seeing[...]

Scientists Warn of Insect ‘Armageddon’ After Dramatic Drop in Populations

Friday  01:25,   20 october 2017
NBC News

<p>Scientists warn that insects could be facing “Armageddon” after a new study found that more than 75 percent of the insect population in Germany has declined in the last two decades.</p>According to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, [...]

Ghost Type Pokemon Coming In 'Pokemon Go' Halloween Update

Thursday  22:51,   19 october 2017
Rolling Stone

Players will soon be able to catch ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon Go during an annual Halloween event, developer Niantic announced today. Starting tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET) and running until November 2nd, players will begin to find[...]

Google matches Apple by reducing Play Store fee for Android app subscriptions

Thursday  21:21,   19 october 2017
The Verge

Google announced that it will follow Apple’s lead in lowering the amount of money app developers must pay for mobile subscriptions processed through the Play Store.&nbsp;Now, Google is doing the same. Similar to Apple’s approach, an Android[...]

How to make Facebook less annoying to use

Thursday  19:13,   19 october 2017

If you're despairing at the dross served up by the world's biggest social network every time you log in, then we've got some advice for you.There's a lot of mystery surrounding the algorithms that Facebook uses to decide what to serve up [...]

Nintendo: Two-Thirds of September Hardware Sales Were Nintendo Systems

Thursday  19:13,   19 october 2017
Rolling Stone

Switch top console in SeptemberSeptember proved to be another great month for Nintendo, with the game-maker claiming two-thirds of all hardware sales in the U.S. thanks to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS systems and the Super Nintendo[...]

Google Confirms Android 8.1 Coming Soon To Pixel Phones

Thursday  17:21,   19 october 2017
Know Your Mobile

<p>Google has confirmed that the first major update to Android Oreo is in development, it will bring it up to Android 8.1 and, naturally, is planned to land on all the Pixel smartphones first (that's both first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL, and[...]