Technology The first SMS was sent 25 years ago. Here’s why it’s still relevant.

23:51  03 december  2017
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Russian military chief criticizes U.S., Japan and South Korea drills

  Russian military chief criticizes U.S., Japan and South Korea drills Russia's military chief warned on Monday that military exercises by Japan, the United States and South Korea aimed at countering North Korea only raise hysteria and create more instability in the region. Russian Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces General Valery Gerasimov, issued his warning in Tokyo as the United States, Japan and South Korea began a two-day exercise to practice tracking missiles amid rising tension over North Korea's weapons programs.

Here ’ s why it ’ s still relevant . by Matthew Hughes — in Tech. Feel old yet? The first SMS was sent 25 years ago today.

Is it still relevant ? The paper had to attract attention and then quickly communicate what’ s inside and why it ’ s worth picking up. Years ago designers discussed what might be the best resolution to use and we did the same thing we did in general at that time.

a man standing in front of a brick building © Provided by The Next Web Feel old yet? The first SMS was sent 25 years ago today. For context, that makes it older than Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Harry Styles. If the SMS was a person, it’d be a debt-crushed millennial, still living with their parents while spending their money on extravagances like avocado toast and iPhones.

(And if you’re wondering, the first ever SMS said “Merry Christmas.”)

But while all Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Harry Styles have to look forward to 25 years after their careers took flight is a guest appearance on Dr Phil’s couch, the SMS has somehow managed to remain relevant, and has a glistening future ahead of it.

Microsoft is bringing clever tabs to every Windows 10 app

  Microsoft is bringing clever tabs to every Windows 10 app One of the most popular feature requests (more than 20,000 votes) for Windows 10 is tabs in File Explorer. Microsoft has resisted adding tabs to File Explorer and apps in general for years, after originally introducing tabs in Internet Explorer 6 with a toolbar extension back in 2005. That resistance is about to change, in a big way. Microsoft is planning to add tabs to apps in Windows 10, allowing you to group together apps in a better way.

Here ' s where I made my first mistake: I honestly thought we would have a car in a week. Rob restarted his search, once again faithfully sending me listings from all over Northern Europe This is , after all, a 25 - year -old Italian automobile that was never even sold remotely close to the United States.

Perhaps German, but 18 years ago

It’s hard to get an accurate, aggregate figure of the total, but according to Statistics Brain, in June of this year, over 781 billion SMS messages were sent and received in the US alone. That’s incredible.

And although messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook have made a dent into the numbers of people sending texts worldwide, there are places where SMS is the default messaging tool. In parts of the developing world, where feature phones are still king, they are incumbent.

Moreover, there is an entire ecosystem of software that that is built around the humble SMS, ranging from marketing tools, to banking and project management.

MessageBird and Twilio, for example, let anyone build complex applications use text messages as a form of interaction. Both of those are highly lucrative companies. Twilio has revenues of nearly $280 million, while Messagebird is profitable and growing like crazy.

Pope Francis defends Jerusalem 'status quo'

  Pope Francis defends Jerusalem 'status quo' Pope Francis Wednesday defended the "status quo" of Jerusalem, hours ahead of an announcement by US President Donald Trump in which officials said he will recognise the disputed city as Israel's capital."I cannot silence my deep concern over the situation that has emerged in recent days. At the same time, I appeal strongly for all to respect the city's status quo, in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions," the pope said in his weekly address.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. 01/28/2008 10:30 am ET Updated May 25 , 2011. It was an unsavory trip down misery lane that ended about six years ago , and Rudy made sure to take all of us New Yorkers with him when it happened.

Another interesting SMS-driven company is Textocracy. I met its founder, Elizabeth Shassere, last year at the Northern Stars grand final in Manchester, where Textocracy was competing. In short, Textocracy lets people offer their feedback on services via SMS.

This is amazingly useful, as it ensures that everyone can engage and offer their opinion on how to improve public services — not just those that own and know how to use smartphones. While online surveys can disenfranchise the poor and elderly, SMS is nearly universal.

And for a while now, I’ve had an obsession with an African banking tool (now owned by British telco giant Vodafone) called M-Pesa.

This service lets users transfer money to other individuals through text messages, bringing something we often take for granted (near-instant, electronic money transfers) to a population that often lacks access to traditional banking services.

Google Pixel 2: Five reasons it trumps the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8.

  Google Pixel 2: Five reasons it trumps the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. <p>Battery and camera for the win.</p>For a few weeks now, IB Times UK has been putting a Google Pixel 2 XL through its paces to see how it stacks up against other flagship phones.

Please contact your hosting administrator. USB 3.0 Finally on the Way — 8 years ago the USB

Why I love retro gaming and why it ’ s still relevant – Reader’ s Feature. GameCentral for 29 Mar 2013 12:00 am . A GameCentral reader explains why he gave up gaming for two years , and why it was retro rather than modern gaming that pulled him back in.

By 2014, payments sent through the platform in Kenya were equal to half of the country’s GDP. It has since spread outside of Africa, and has now launched in Afghanistan, India, and parts of Eastern Europe.

And although security experts are increasingly warning against SMS as a method for delivering two-factor authentication (2FA), that hasn’t dented its popularity. I’d imagine a significant chunk of the SMS messages sent in the US are authentication tokens for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

In short: happy 25th birthday, SMS. You’re certainly long in the tooth, and your star doesn’t shine as bright as it once did, but much like Betty White, you’re still relevant against all odds. And like Betty White, I hope you don’t go away any time soon.

Prosecutors: Ex-priest took confession, then murdered beauty queen .
A former Roman Catholic priest took the confession of a Texas beauty queen, then lured her to a church rectory and killed her, prosecutors said on Thursday to start a trial for a 1960 murder that has been one of state's most notorious cold cases.In opening statements at a state court in the border county of Hidalgo, prosecutors said John Feit, 84, charged with the murder 57 years ago of Irene Garza, then 25, engaged in "betrayal, murder and cover-up," local media reports from the courtroom said.

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