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12:25  10 april  2018
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Snapchat reinstates Giphy stickers following removal of racist GIFs

  Snapchat reinstates Giphy stickers following removal of racist GIFs Last month, both Snapchat and Instagram pulled Giphy stickers from their apps after users discovered a racist GIF with a slur. At the time, Giphy said that it had removed the GIF in question and fixed the bug that let it through. It also said it would be reviewing all of its GIF stickers manually. Last week, Instagram reinstated Giphy stickers and now, so has Snapchat.A spokesperson for Snapchat, which has had issues with racistfilters in the past, told TechCrunch today that it worked with Giphy to boost its moderation system and that it was content with the changes Giphy has implemented.

This has led Snapchat to prioritise development for the iOS version of the app over its Android version. The company clearly knows that the Android version of its app is inferior to its iOS counterpart and the risk it entails.

Compared with Snapchat , Instagram is more intuitive for first-time users, and so is its stories feature. Snapchat has proven that you can hand a teen a gnarled mess of features and they’ll figure out how to master them, so long as their friends are on the network.

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Instagram's tendency to shadow Snapchat features now extends to the way you find new people to follow.

The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it's testing Nametags, a not-too-subtle riff on Snapcodes. As reader Genady Okrain discovered, the feature lets you create a custom tag using emoji patterns (which can be based on augmented reality selfies) for future sharing. You can't actually scan or share them right now, but there isn't much mystery as to how they'll work -- you'd point your phone camera at a Nametag to add someone without typing their name or waiting for a request.

BlackBerry accuses Snapchat of infringing its messaging patents

  BlackBerry accuses Snapchat of infringing its messaging patents BlackBerry has filed a complaint against Snap accusing the company of infringing its patented messaging technology in the Snapchat app. BlackBerry previously filed a lawsuit in March against Facebook, alleging that the social media platform, WhatsApp, and Instagram also infringed on BlackBerry’s messaging app patents. The Snap complaint includes two patents (‘634 and ‘713) that also appear in the Facebook suit. The ‘634 patent refers to the display count notification dot, while ‘713 is a patent that discloses time data in messaging conversations.

Snapchat is looking to pull off the latest heist in the escalating war of idea theft between Snapchat and Instagram . Its most recent move? Snap is Testing Friend -Tagging Feature Right Now. Take that, Instagram .

Like other experiments, there's no certainty that this will become widely available. With that said, this seems more likely to ship than most. If Instagram is going to continue usurping Snapchat's dominance, it needs to capture more of the cultural zeitgeist -- and that means replacing (or at least, supplementing) the Snapcodes you see on Twitter avatars and posters with Nametags. They'll make it easier for you to add contacts, but they may also have you thinking twice about loading Snapchat just for the sake of following a superstar.

You can now build your own face filter for Snapchat .
Snap is expanding its developer platform to let creators build face filters for the first time, the company said today. Four months after introducing its Lens Studio platform, which allowed creators to build the augmented reality objects that Snap calls “world lenses,” Snap is releasing seven new templates into Lens Studio to let creators build digital masks. The templates, which range in complexity, include virtual baseball hats, face paint, and tools to attach three-dimensional objects to a user’s head.In addition to new templates, the Lens Studio is also getting Giphy integration starting today.

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