Technology Epic explains Fortnite’s corrupted replay problem, says solution on the way

19:10  20 april  2018
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“Be apart of the solution , not the problem . However, there are some who are strictly against teaming and agree with Epic , even making threads on the Fortnite sub-Reddit to expose teammers and report them in order to get their User darkveil explains … “ Epic has a strict stance against cheating.

  Epic explains Fortnite’s corrupted replay problem, says solution on the way © Epic Games

There’s no better feeling in Fortnite than capturing the moment you execute a spectacular move with a grenade launcher or cinch a victory after hours of playing. 

That’s why players have been upset with faulty replay captures. Epic Games first announced an in-game replay tool was coming to Fortnite at the end of March, but didn’t unleash it until update patch v3.5 just a couple of weeks ago. The replay tool was developed as a way to give YouTubers better “in-game, cinematic camera features,” and allow other players to revisit their previous matches to better understand their gameplay techniques.

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I played a bit, then the next day i try to launch my fortnite and a message comes up saying " Corrupt game data found, please verify your installation". Epic Games really dont care about their players, as there has been no given solution even though it ' s 1 of the biggest problems .

Now, Fortnite developer Epic Games says that feature was actually a bug, which the studio is referring to as a “configuration issue” that it says it has fixed. Console cross-play opens up games’ player bases so friends who don’t have the same system can game together.

It only took a short while for players to notice that replay saves were showing as corrupt files, which Epic Games addressed in a recent Reddit post.

“As of now any replays that were saved in a previous update will not work once a new one is released,” a representative wrote on Reddit. “However, in the future, we are working towards making replays work for the entirety of each major patch. This means that your replays would work until we have another major patch, which is usually every two weeks.”

For example, a “replay saved in v3.5 will not be watchable in v3.5.1” is the current situation Fortnite players are in, according to Epic. The studio is hoping to make it so that a “replay saved in v3.5 will work in every v3.5 version (v3.5.1, v3.5.2, etc),” adding that even those replays, however, will still be “unwatchable once v3.6 releases.”

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Now that Epic has a popular project, namely Fortnite Battle Royale, the publisher is shifting focus to work on the growing part of the business. We have good ideas that would solve those problems if we can find a way to make Paragon grow.)”

Epic Games has blamed Meltdown patches for login problems and downtime in Fortnite , pointing to the increased processor use at the third-party cloud services the battle royale component of the There may be other "unexpected issues" over the next week as other services are updated, Epic said .

It isn’t too unusual for saved files to stop working when an update rolls out, and Epic Games is telling players to “keep this in mind when planning your editing sessions.” Fortunately, Fortnite players have discovered new ways of saving their replay sessions. PlayStation players are using the console’s share button on the controller to capture gameplay. Although the footage may not be as cinematic as Epic’s in-game tool, it appears to get the job done for the time being.

“Can’t you just hit the share button on the controller to record the screen while you watch the replay,” one person said on Reddit. “If you can’t save replays, that would be the next best option.”

It may be the best solution for now until Epic works out a better option.

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