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Scientists think they know where that bizarre ‘alien probe’ asteroid was born

Wednesday  19:01,   21 march 2018

Late last year scientists spotted a totally unexpected visitor speeding its way through our Solar System. A long, cigar-shaped object had flown through our little celestial neighborhood at a breakneck pace and flung itself around the sun before[...]

Hidden Ocean 'Twilight Zone' Discovered

Wednesday  19:01,   21 march 2018

A new study investigated a zone of the ocean where life is so different from the regions above and below that an entirely new category is required to describe it. The scientists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and the[...]

5 easy ways to avoid being hacked online

Wednesday  19:01,   21 march 2018

Think you're immune to it? Think again.Experts say we need to take our account management to the next level to keep personal information safe. Megyn Kelly TODAY consulted Caleb Barlow, the vice president of threat intelligence at IBM, and NBC[...]

12 Incredible New Images of Galaxies and Nebulae from the Hubble Telescope

Wednesday  18:36,   21 march 2018

Look up to the sky with the unaided eye and you’ll see lots of specks and globs that look mostly like stars. On closer inspection, though, some of those dots refuse to resolve, smeared out on the night sky. Famed astronomer Charles Messier noticed[...]

NASA data processed by citizen scientists show stunning pink storms on Jupiter

Wednesday  18:16,   21 march 2018

<p>NASA’s orbiter Juno has captured countless scenes of the sweeping, curling clouds over planet Jupiter. But one image from the solar system’s biggest planet, taken in February, reveals a small club of brighter, craggier-looking clouds; this,[...]

Welcome to Zucktown. Where Everything Is Just Zucky.

Wednesday  18:06,   21 march 2018
The New York Times

In Menlo Park, Calif., Facebook is building a real community and testing the proposition: Do people love tech companies so much they will live inside them?MENLO PARK, Calif. — John Tenanes, Facebook’s vice president for real estate, is showing off[...]

What are you actually smelling when it rains?

Wednesday  17:52,   21 march 2018

<p>Have you ever wondered about what causes the distinct smells you detect in the air before, during and after a rainfall? Scientists say it's a combination of ozone, petrichor and geosmin.</p>Before it rains, a person might say that they[...]

A $50 crack sale in Florida could yield significant ruling on facial recognition

Wednesday  17:27,   21 march 2018
Los Angeles Times

A humble drug bust in Jacksonville, Fla., could result in a landmark ruling that challenges the rising popularity of the face recognition technology used to help put a man in jail for eight years.&nbsp;The potentially historic case revolves[...]

Here's How to Share as Little Data as Possible Without Deleting Facebook

Wednesday  16:56,   21 march 2018

<p>As you may have realized by now, Facebook can’t be trusted with your data, and has been caught out time and time again letting it leak out to places it shouldn’t.</p>As you may have realized by now, Facebook can’t be trusted with your data, [...]

I wore tomorrow's vision of your next VR headset

Wednesday  16:36,   21 march 2018

Eye tracking and full-room motion sensing: Qualcomm's dev kit reference design for standalone VR could be a peek at where 2019 heads."Blink," I'm told. But it's not working for me. One eye is permanently[...]

YouTube now lets you livestream straight from your webcam

Wednesday  14:51,   21 march 2018

YouTube is making it easier for you to broadcast a livestream right from your desktop with a handy new update to its site. Load Error Instead of fiddling with an encoder app, you’ll only need Chrome and a webcam. Simply visit[...]

Dinosaurs Developed Frills and Horns to Woo A Mate

Wednesday  14:51,   21 march 2018

Scientists think the dinosaurs are showing off their genetic make-up.Scientists used to think this armor helped the huge herbivores avoid cross-species breeding. Now, evidence points to a different explanation: sexual selection—the horns and frills[...]

AMD vows to fix newly-disclosed processor vulnerabilities

Wednesday  14:47,   21 march 2018

Semiconductor company AMD has finally acknowledged there's a problem with its Platform Security Processor.&nbsp;The announcement comes against a wider backdrop of controversy involving responsible disclosure. When researchers find[...]

Google is reportedly acquiring Lytro for around $40 million

Wednesday  14:46,   21 march 2018

Lytro burst onto the scene in 2011 with its then-unprecedented "light field" technology that powered an oddly-shaped camera with the ability to refocus pictures after they're taken.So what could Google have in mind? Light field[...]

Huawei's P20 Pro reportedly packs a 40MP camera

Wednesday  14:37,   21 march 2018

Do you still have a hole in your heart where Nokia's camera-centric Lumia 1020 used to be?&nbsp;The Pro would offer the equivalent of 3X optical zoom through its telephoto lens, and is expected to shoot 960 frames per second slow motion.[...]