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Xiaomi Mi 7 Might Come With Face ID-Like Feature

Friday  17:15,   20 april 2018
International Business Times

A new report claims that the first Android phone to feature 3D-sensing technology like the one on the iPhone X will be released in the third quarter.The reason why it’s taking so long for Android phones to adopt 3D-sensing technology is due to the[...]

Festo's fantastical robots inspired by animals and insects

Friday  14:06,   20 april 2018

A cartwheeling robo-spider and a bionic bat are the latest additions to the impressive nature-inspired lineup of German robotics company Festo.But despite its looks, this robot means no harm. It's modeled after a real spider that dwells in the[...]

Exclusive: YouTube ran ads from hundreds of brands on extremist channels

Friday  11:35,   20 april 2018

<p>Ads from over 300 companies and organizations -- including tech giants, major retailers, newspapers and government agencies -- ran on YouTube channels promoting white nationalists, Nazis, pedophilia, conspiracy theories and North Korean[...]

Facebook wants to save your face. Should you say yes to facial recognition?

Friday  10:26,   20 april 2018

After Cambridge Analytica, privacy experts say consumers should think twice before giving Facebook permission to scan their faces.With 2.2 billion users uploading hundreds of millions of photos a day, the giant social network has developed one of[...]

'Sea Nomads' Are First Known Humans Genetically Adapted to Diving

Friday  09:50,   20 april 2018
National Geographic

For hundreds of years, the Bajau have lived at sea, and natural selection may have made them genetically stronger divers.Most people can hold their breath underwater for a few seconds, some for a few minutes. But a group of people called the Bajau[...]

Don't expect Apple to combine macOS and iOS anytime soon

Friday  02:55,   20 april 2018

<p>At the end of 2017, Bloomberg reported that Apple will merge its Mac and iOS software codebases. This would enable designers to create a single version that works on both platforms -- and it was rumored to come as early as this year. But the[...]

Ice-T’s Character Aaron Griffin Is Unlockable in ‘Gears of War 4’

Friday  02:10,   20 april 2018

Earlier this week, rapper and actor Ice-T teased on Twitter that “Gears of War” news was incoming. Now, we know what it is — he’s reprising his role as Aaron Griffin in “Gears of War 4,” developer the Coalitionrevealed Thursday. Starting April 20,[...]

Humans Have Caused Mammals to Shrink

Friday  01:10,   20 april 2018
U.S. News & World Report

A new study found the average size of mammals has decreased over the last 100,000 years because of human activity.The size of the average mammal has been shrinking for more than 100,000 years – and it's all because of[...]

‘Fortnite’ on Mobile Earned $25 Million in First Month (Report)

Friday  01:10,   20 april 2018

Epic Games launched the mobile version of its battle royale shooter “Fortnite” last month, and it’s already grossed more than $25 million, according to intelligence firm Sensor Tower. “Fortnite” on mobile was invite-only at first, but opened up to[...]

This Robot Assembled an IKEA Chair in 20 Minutes

Thursday  23:50,   19 april 2018

<p>A pair of stationary robotic arms executed the roughly 50 steps required to put together an IKEA STEFAN chair.</p>A new study in the journal Science Robotics shows that robots can do it just as well as humans. Built with off-the-shelf[...]

How to see the Lyrid meteor shower

Thursday  18:40,   19 april 2018
NBC News

Clear skies and darkness are all you need!Your best bet for seeing the action will come after the moon sets at around midnight local time. Find an area far from sources of light and buildings or other possible obstructions, lie face-up on a blanket[...]

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook to put 1.5 billion users out of reach of new EU privacy law

Thursday  18:01,   19 april 2018

<p>If a new European law restricting what companies can do with people's online data went into effect tomorrow, almost 1.9 billion Facebook Inc users around the world would be protected by it.</p>Facebook members outside the United[...]

'Artificial mole' could warn of cancer: study

Thursday  17:56,   19 april 2018

<p>Scientists have developed an experimental skin implant that darkens like a mole when it detects subtle changes in the body that may be an early warning sign of cancer.</p>The implant, or "biomedical tattoo," as researchers call it, has been [...]

Facebook Is Trying to Exclude 1.5 Billion Users From Stricter Privacy Regulations

Thursday  16:26,   19 april 2018

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a strict set of laws governing what data tech companies can collect on users, requiring them to seek explicit opt-in consent before doing so, and promptly disclose breaches, goes into[...]

Facebook Is Forming a Team to Design Its Own Chips

Thursday  09:46,   19 april 2018

Facebook Inc. is building a team to design its own semiconductors, adding to a trend among technology companies to supply themselves and lower their dependence on chipmakers such as Intel Corp. and Qualcomm Inc., according to job listings and people [...]