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‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ sales jump more than 500%

Monday  22:31,   21 august 2017
New York Daily News

People across the United States are turning around with bright eyes Monday to catch the total solar eclipse — and turns out, they're all listening with bright ears to Bonnie Tyler. Tyler's classic '80s hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart" has[...]

Twitter's #FakeEclipseFacts will lead you astray

Monday  22:21,   21 august 2017

What does the total solar eclipse have to do with gum, horror movies, haircuts and Earth, Wind & Fire? Let Twitter tell you with #FakeEclipseFacts.Now it's time to investigate the lighter side of the historic celestial event with a romp[...]

Radio Host Says Eclipse a Sign of Apocalypse

Monday  22:06,   21 august 2017

Pastor Paul Begley said the water would turn blood red and the sun would turn dark.A U.S. radio host broadcast from Indiana has told his listeners that Monday’s solar eclipse and the problems involving the U.S. and North Korea are predictors of the[...]

Microsoft’s New Xbox One X Goes Up for Pre-Order

Monday  20:36,   21 august 2017

Microsoft is giving Xbox fans a first chance to order the next version of the company’s game console, and rewarding early birds with something special: The Xbox One X went up for pre-orders online today. And as part of the launch, Microsoft is also[...]

Americans stake out prime viewing spots to watch the eclipse

Monday  19:37,   21 august 2017
Associated Press

Americans with telescopes, cameras and protective glasses staked out viewing spots along a narrow corridor from Oregon to South Carolina to watch the moon blot out the midday sun for a magical couple of minutes Monday.On August 21, 2017, most of[...]

Love to stargaze? Welcome to Sky Village, the darkest town in America

Monday  18:46,   21 august 2017

The community, which sits under some of the darkest skies in the U.S., is home for about 20 mostly retired couples who love to stargaze. "It's something you get used to," said Fred Espenak, a 65-year-old retired NASA astrophysicist who has been[...]

'Final Fantasy XV' Coming to Windows Early Next Year

Monday  18:02,   21 august 2017
Rolling Stone

Square teamed up with Nvidia for port of 'Final Fantasy[...]

From the Odyssey to Pink Floyd: How eclipses worked way into pop culture

Monday  17:06,   21 august 2017

"Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart and there's nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart." "Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart ... and there's nothing I [...]

Don’t get pregnant, shower in your clothes – Religious traditions on how to watch a solar eclipse.

Monday  16:32,   21 august 2017

Hindu tradition calls for believers to jump in the shower with their clothes on after seeing an eclipse.On August 21, 2017, most of North America will witness one of nature’s most awe-inspiring events – a total eclipse of the sun.[...]

Historic Eclipse Will Test America's Grid as Solar Waxes, Wanes

Monday  15:45,   21 august 2017

 In a few hours, the first total eclipse of its kind in 99 years will plunge broad swaths of the U.S. into darkness, sending solar supplies sliding and testing the resilience of the power grid for the first time since the rapid rise of[...]

The Solar Eclipse: What to Expect

Monday  15:21,   21 august 2017
The New York Times

• For the first time since 1918, a total eclipse will travel across the entire United States. • We’ll show you the eclipse’s path, how to view it and why it matters so much to scientists. • A total solar eclipse will cross the United States from[...]

Grab those funky glasses, eclipse day has arrived

Monday  14:36,   21 august 2017

It's time to dust off those funky dark glasses and scout out a view of the sun. After months of hype, eclipse day has arrived. The astronomical phenomenon on Monday will sweep across the U.S. from Salem, Ore., to Charleston, S.C., along [...]

Nokia 8: sound and video that stand out from the crowd

Monday  12:25,   21 august 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Nokia is expanding its range of smartphones to include a new high-end model which stands out from the competition with its ability to simultaneously display images from the front and rear cameras, and 360-degree sound recording.  Finnish[...]

Here's How Much Faster Your Next Laptop Will Be

Monday  12:25,   21 august 2017

Intel is providing more detail about its new line of processors. The company’s eighth generation chips, nicknamed “Coffee Lake,” will power upcoming laptops launching this year and next.  Most notably, the company is adding two additional[...]

Expert: Thousands of People Could Lose Vision Because of the Eclipse

Monday  10:12,   21 august 2017
U.S. News & World Report

Don't stare at the sun without proper eye protection.Monday's solar eclipse could cause thousands of people to lose vision if they don't take the proper precautions, one expert[...]