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SpaceX delivery delayed a day; 1st reused rocket for NASA

Tuesday  20:10,   12 december 2017
Associated Press

SpaceX has delayed its latest grocery run for the International Space Station for at least a day. The company now aims to launch its first recycled rocket for NASA on Wednesday. The unmanned Falcon originally flew in June. The Dragon capsule,[...]

Google wants you to experiment with its new photo apps

Tuesday  19:32,   12 december 2017

Google released three free experimental apps for playing with photos and videos.The company released a trio of free photo apps on Monday. Created as experiments by different Google departments, the simple mobile apps include a photo booth with[...]

New Harry Potter game will allow fans to finally attend Hogwarts

Tuesday  19:31,   12 december 2017
Entertainment Weekly

Every Harry Potter fan knows the feeling of anxiously waiting for that acceptance letter, delivered via owl, to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now, 20 years after the first book was published, a whole generation of witches and[...]

This is the OLED TV you want but probably can't afford

Tuesday  17:25,   12 december 2017

<p>LG's C7 65-inch OLED TV costs around $2,700. For a lot of people, that's a lot of money to spend on a TV, even if does have the best picture quality we've seen in a TV this year.</p>But you can spend more -- or in the case of[...]

These wireless Crazybaby Air Nano earphones won't break the bank

Tuesday  17:17,   12 december 2017

<p>If you love the idea of Apple's wireless AirPods but aren't a fan of the price, the $89 (about £65 and AU$120 converted) Crazybaby Air Nano could be just the thing, although you'll get what you pay for.</p>What you get is a pair [...]

Apple now lets you preorder apps in the App Store

Tuesday  13:21,   12 december 2017
The Verge

Apple has launched a simple but useful new feature for the App Store: the ability to preorderapps and have them automatically download upon their release.&nbsp;A developer will now be able to put their app in the App Store up to 90 days in[...]

New Galaxy S9 Leaks Reveal Samsung's Hidden Secret

Tuesday  13:21,   12 december 2017

Samsung is testing out a second variant of the Galaxy S9 flagship in China according to the latest leaks. The South Korean company is testing two S9 and two S9 plus variants - with single SIM and dual SIM versions of the two flagship handsets being[...]

Apple in 2018: Five questions we need to ask

Tuesday  09:41,   12 december 2017

The company had a big year in 2017. Could next year be even[...]

Saturn's Rings Rain and Cast Shadows

Tuesday  09:37,   12 december 2017

<p>If you are taking a trip to Saturn this weekend, don’t forget to bring an umbrella—and a flashlight. Scientists have discovered that Saturn’s rings cast shadows over the planet and may produce a kind of rain.</p>Research published in[...]

SpaceX readies used rocket for launch

Tuesday  07:51,   12 december 2017
CBS News

<p>SpaceX is readying a previously flown Falcon 9 booster and an equally "used" Dragon cargo ship for launch Wednesday, one day later than planned, on a flight to deliver 4,800 pounds of equipment and supplies to the International Space [...]

Cassini may be dead, but a new era of Saturn science has just begun

Tuesday  05:50,   12 december 2017
Tribune News Service

<p>NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn may have came to a fiery end in September, but observations made by the spacecraft in its final months still have plenty to teach us about the mysteries of the ringed planet.</p>Case in point: A new[...]

FCC, FTC announce partnership to police internet after net neutrality repeal

Tuesday  03:20,   12 december 2017
The Hill

<p>The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced an agreement on Monday to coordinate their efforts to police the internet once the latter agency has repealed its net neutrality rules.</p>On Thursday, [...]

Facebook is trying to make the Poke happen again

Tuesday  01:35,   12 december 2017

Facebook's "Poke" feature has never really gone away, but now the social network is giving it a more prominent placement.A number of people recently noticed the return of the Poke on Facebook's mobile[...]

There are only 450 North Atlantic right whales left and 17 died in 2017

Monday  23:07,   11 december 2017

<p>Whales and humans have long had a complicated relationship. For centuries, we hunted the massive sea creatures for their oil and meat until they were almost extinct. That stopped last century when replacement materials made it possible to[...]

Trump signs new space policy directive to send Americans back to Moon, Mars

Monday  23:07,   11 december 2017
CBS News

The order directs NASA to lead further space exploration programs to the Moon and eventually MarsPresident Trump signed a new directive at the White House on Monday, aimed at furthering the administration's efforts in advancing space exploration for [...]