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What’s With ‘Dragon’s Dogma Online’s’ Mysterious Countdown?

Thursday  23:07,   12 july 2018

A mysterious clock has appeared on the “Dragon’s Dogma Online” website and it’s counting down to despair, Siliconera reports. The countdown ends on July 19 at 1 p.m. JST and it’s likely teasing new content for the massively multiplayer online[...]
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Cooperation is as wild as competition in Sea of Thieves

Thursday  22:26,   12 july 2018

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.“What is the capital of Mississippi?” the galleon captain asks. He speaks with a heavy Danish accent, and there’s amusement in his voice. The rest of his crew chuckles as the silence stretches on; the sloop captain[...]

Fortnite Season 5 Is Live With Map Changes, New Skins, And Battle Pass

Thursday  21:56,   12 july 2018

The latest Fortnite update has been successfully released, which means players that jump into game now will find a fresh crop of content to enjoy. This is all part of Fortnite Season 5, which introduces the All Terrain Kart, the Lazy Links and[...]

Microsoft is putting Slack on notice

Thursday  21:06,   12 july 2018

Microsoft announced that it’s launching a free version of its Teams software today, July 12. The company first introduced Teams last year as its answer…The company first introduced Teams last year as its answer to the communication tool Slack that[...]

Pesticides are making bees dumber

Thursday  20:56,   12 july 2018

Even if they survive, they might not thrive. Honey, we stupefied the bees.You might associate honeybees and bumblebees with their cute, fuzzy shape and seemingly aimless interest in flowers. But beneath the yellow-and-black (mostly) stripes lies an[...]

SpaceX and Boeing are racing to put a man in space, and they’re both losing

Thursday  20:12,   12 july 2018

NASA would love to stop having to rely on Russia to send its astronauts into space, but realizing that dream means that someone needs to step up to the plate with a safe, reliable crew transportation system. Right now, both SpaceX and Boeing are[...]

5,300 Years Ago, Ötzi the Iceman Died. Now We Know His Last Meal.

Thursday  20:12,   12 july 2018

It took 20 years to find his stomach. Now researchers know what was inside—in excruciating detail.Since 1991, when a pair of hikers found the 5,300-year-old hunter in the Ötztal Alps, researchers have been scouring Ötzi's frozen, shriveled form for[...]

Scientists genetically modified gerbils to hear light through an implant

Thursday  20:06,   12 july 2018

A team of German scientists recently developed a spectacular new cochlear implant that uses light to simulate sound. Cochlear implants are a decades-old invention that uses electricity to stimulate or bypass deadened auditory nerves in[...]

Apple will end its photo printing operation in September

Thursday  19:26,   12 july 2018

Apple is planning to cease its Photo Print Products service at the end of September, as spotted by 9to5Mac. The message suggests that users download a third-party app from the Mac App Store to get prints. These apps integrate directly into[...]

We may finally know where the 'ghost particles' that surround us come from

Thursday  18:36,   12 july 2018

Ghost particles, otherwise known as neutrinos, are literally everywhere—trillions of them, each with barely any mass at all, are passing through your body right now. But we understand very little about how these particles work. In this[...]

Walmart patents surveillance tool that can eavesdrop on workers

Thursday  18:27,   12 july 2018

It looks like Amazon and Walmart, which have long been battling it out in the retail arena, both want to keep a very close eye on their workers. Earlier this year, Amazon patented smart wristbands that can make sure a warehouse worker's hands are[...]

Report: The Mac mini is finally getting an update after nearly 4 years

Thursday  17:34,   12 july 2018

The Mac mini is the cheapest Mac, but it’s also the one Apple seems to care the least about. Case in point: the last time it got an update was October 16 of 2014. There hasn’t been so much as a spec bump in the four years since.That’s finally about [...]

First-ever colour X-ray on a human

Thursday  17:34,   12 july 2018

New Zealand scientists have performed the first-ever 3-D, <g class="gr_ gr_12 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="12" id="12">colour</g> X-ray on a human,[...]

India says ‘yes’ to net neutrality

Thursday  15:56,   12 july 2018

It’s official: at long last, the Indian government has approved net neutrality to ensure that all web traffic is treated fairly, and that internet service providers won’t block, throttle, or favor any content or services (with a few reasonable[...]

Google X’s ambitious Loon and Wing projects graduate into independent companies

Thursday  15:56,   12 july 2018

Loon and Wing, two of Google X’s moonshot projects, “graduated” yesterday to become full companies under the Alphabet banner. Loon was an ambitious Google X project to establish a network of balloons in the stratosphere to relay internet[...]