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Nintendo Switch eShop’s most exciting new game has a very weird name

Friday  19:01,   11 may 2018

There are a few games that stand out in this week’s Nintendo Switch eShop update, but not because of our familiarity with them — but because they have some seriously weird names. Between Immortal Redneck, Suicide Guy and Three Fourths Home, eShop[...]

YouTube now supports HDR video on Apple’s latest iPhones

Friday  16:31,   11 may 2018

YouTube has added support for HDR video playback on Apple’s iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus. YouTube has plenty of great demo material for seeing the improved picture for yourself: just search “HDR” and you’ll find no shortage of exotic scenery,[...]

Moto Z3 Play kicks the home button to the curb

Friday  16:30,   11 may 2018

This is according to a recent leak. It doesn't look like there's a headphone jack though. Boo.The phone will remove the home button of its predecessor, the excellent Z2 Play, and as such is likely to feature a display larger than the Z2[...]

Voice assistants could be fooled by commands you can’t even hear

Friday  16:30,   11 may 2018

Many people already consider voice assistants to be too invasive to let them listen in on conversations in their homes — but that’s not the only thing they should worry about. In a new paper (PDF), Nicholas Carlini and David Wagner describe [...]

Should people know they're talking to an algorithm? After a controversial debut, Google now says yes

Friday  09:20,   11 may 2018

Psychology professor Michelle Drouin wanted to know how people would react if a chatbot could emulate a human. So she and her fellow researchers split 350 undergraduate students into three groups. One group was told they would be interacting with a[...]

Temperature control for turtle sex found

Friday  02:40,   11 may 2018

Scientists have isolated the gene responsible for temperature-controlled sex determination in turtles. Red eared slider turtles, a common household pet, develop into male or female embryos according to their egg incubation temperature.This little[...]

Now we know what will happen when the sun dies

Friday  02:15,   11 may 2018

New study suggests our star will become 'one of the prettiest objects in the night sky.'No one is writing its obituary just yet, but scientists have long known that the sun will die — and now we know what will happen[...]

SpaceX aborts first 'Block 5' Falcon 9 launch

Friday  02:05,   11 may 2018

Elon Musk's company wasn't quite able to send a rocket to space that's designed to fly 100 times. It'll try again soon.The first Block 5 Falcon 9 at Kennedy Space[...]

Elon Musk wants to launch the same rocket to orbit twice in a single day

Friday  01:16,   11 may 2018

Launching the same rocket to orbit twice in 24 hours has never been done before. But Elon Musk says the newest version of his Falcon…Load[...]

Sharks Prefer Jazz Over Classical Music, Study Finds

Friday  00:50,   11 may 2018

Given a food incentive, the young predators can develop a taste for jazzy tunes. [...]

Ancient DNA Study Pokes Holes in Horse Domestication Theory

Thursday  21:35,   10 may 2018

A long-held theory on how horse domestication and language spread across Asia has been disrupted by a look at our genetic past.These horse-riding pastoralists from the western steppe, known as the Yamnaya, may not have been responsible for bringing[...]

Chrome will let you have AR experiences, no app needed

Thursday  20:37,   10 may 2018

Google believes that 2018 is the year the web turns a corner and starts becoming more immersive, and the company's new WebXR API is at the heart of its efforts. Let's set the stage a little bit first. A Google staffer handed me a Pixel[...]

Now You Can Train to Be an Astronaut on Your Smartphone

Thursday  20:37,   10 may 2018

Oh, and if you're good enough, Space Nation will send you to space.Space Nation, a Finnish space tourism startup, recently launched Space Nation Navigator, which the company touts as the first astronaut training app in the world. The app aims to [...]

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate brings series to Switch

Thursday  20:25,   10 may 2018

Capcom will release a Monster Hunter game on Nintendo Switch this summer, the first entry in the franchise to come to the console in the West. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, which updates the 2016 Nintendo 3DS release for Switch, launches Aug. [...]

FCC: U.S. 'net neutrality' rules will end on June 11

Thursday  18:36,   10 may 2018

<p>The Federal Communications Commission said in a notice on Thursday that landmark 2015 U.S. open-internet rules will cease on June 11.</p>The FCC in December repealed the Obama-era "net neutrality" rules, allowing internet providers to block [...]