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03:17  13 january  2018
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J.Lo and A-Rod share a Magic family date night at LA Lakers game

  J.Lo and A-Rod share a Magic family date night at LA Lakers game J LO and A-ROD share a Magic family date night at LA Lakers game

The idea of men who ‘can’t help themselves ’ when it comes to women is laughed off with a jolly ol’ “boys will be boys!” The flip side of this is the horror of sometime telling a Why aren’t more men pissed off by this, the idea that we cannot help ourselves and likely need to be saved from ourselves.

GMS contributor Cameron Poydras reveals how best the Lakers can help themselves out of their woeful situation.

Head coach Luke Walton of the Los Angeles Lakers consoles Brandon Ingram #14 of the Los Angeles Lakers after he was called for a technical foul during the game against the Memphis Grizzlies at Staples Center on December 27, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.© Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images Head coach Luke Walton of the Los Angeles Lakers consoles Brandon Ingram #14 of the Los Angeles Lakers after he was called for a technical foul during the game against the Memphis Grizzlies at Staples Center on December 27, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

From the point at which Jerry Buss bought the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979 until he died in February 2013, his franchise missed the playoffs just twice.

In the four years since, the Lakers have missed the playoffs every year and — barring some sort of miracle unseen in NBA history — will make it five in 2018, quite possibly with the worst record in the Western Conference. Since taking over control of the team, Jeanie Buss has had to fire two coaches, one of them — Byron Scott, an esteemed former player — while enduring the humiliation of tanking and an end to Lakers Exceptionalism.

ESPN’s Michelle Beadle blasts ‘obnoxious, misogynist’ LaVar Ball

  ESPN’s Michelle Beadle blasts ‘obnoxious, misogynist’ LaVar Ball Michelle Beadle was not about to allow LaVar Ball to dominate a discussion of his son, Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, during a Thursday’s edition of ESPN’s “SportsNation.” Beadle listened as panelist LZ Granderson brought up the outspoken, elder Ball’s name during the aforementioned discussion about his son.

The Lakers need to listen to folks like Smith, and listen good. If they decide to keep Coach Mike D'Antoni to save themselves paying him off million, they would be alienating Bryant and making the season even worse.

McMenamin: Lakers need a short memory. Oklahoma City Thunder. Andrew Bynum had a drastic turnaround from Game 1 to Game 2, but if the Lakers are going to dig themselves out of an 0-2 hole, he can't relent for one minute.

She let Mitch Kupchak hire his own coach — Luke Walton — to replace Scott, then canned Kupchak last February, along with her own brother, leading to an ugly lawsuit.

To replace Kupchak, she hired Magic Johnson, whose front office acumen we knew and still know next to nothing about, and Rob Pelinka, whose unofficial role seemed to be: Do everything Magic can’t.

The Lakers used the No. 2 pick they got from tanking on Lonzo Ball. Ball’s father is an idiotic self-promotional vehicle and won’t ever shut up. Ball himself — while showing flashes of brilliance and retaining potential — hasn’t been an instant superstar.

It’s almost understandable that Buss is itching for some sort of spark to reignite the magic. According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, she, Johnson, and Pelinka seem to believe that spark might be created by moving on from head coach Luke Walton.

Randle leads Lakers past Mavericks in OT

  Randle leads Lakers past Mavericks in OT Julius Randle's rebound and late putback sealed a 107-101 overtime victory for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday. With his team leading 104-101, Randle grabbed a rebound on Lonzo Ball's missed jump shot and scored on the rebound with 18.3 seconds remaining, giving the Lakers a five-point lead they needed to extend a season-best four-game win streak.BOX SCORE: LAKERS 104, MAVERICKS 101The Lakers (15-27) trailed by double digits in the fourth quarter, but battled back for their first win against the Mavericks in 15 tries and their first win in Dallas since Feb. 24, 2013.

"They need to do the same thing Sacramento did -- get new players," said O'Neal, now a minority Kings owner. "I think the Lakers tricked themselves into thinking that what they did before was smart and they Said another agent, "They're in major trouble -- and the Lakers name isn't going to save them."

Of course there are still a number of things these Lakers need to work on and improve if they want to keep up the pace they have started. The quicker the team adapts to the offense, the sooner they save themselves from making bad decisions late in the game.

They are wrong.

Walton, in fact, might be the only member of the entire organization to whom the Lakers should have an unequivocal attachment.

Did Walton lead Los Angeles to a 39-4 start, like he did as the interim head coach in Golden State while Steve Kerr was out? No, of course not. The Lakers are a bad team with young talent and no real depth. They handicapped themselves by handing out money like free samples at Costco to Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov during the 2016 Salary Cap Bonanza — a mistake of Kupchak’s regime that has and will continue to have lasting effects.

L.A. managed to get off the Mozgov deal, but not without dealing D’Angelo Russell to the Nets as collateral. To open up the cap space necessary to have two max slots next summer — enough to sign Paul George and LeBron James, who would catapult the Lakers into championship contenders, if only for a couple years — the Lakers will have to deal Luol Deng as well. And there lies the problem.

Magic Johnson And Jeanie Buss Finally Publicly Back Luke Walton

  Magic Johnson And Jeanie Buss Finally Publicly Back Luke Walton The Lakers supported Luke Walton on Saturday.First, Buss sent the following tweet:

He is filtering all the talk, pressure and critiques of the Lakers out of his mind and preaching to himself and his teammates to just play basketball and find answers within themselves . That is all he can do on the court and as a leader. The team needs to except the reality they are playing in

The Lakers shake themselves awake after watching Howard's pathetic performance Sunday and have the courage to move forward without him. When Howard begins negotiations with the Lakers on a contract that could pay him 8 million, the Lakers need to remember that message.

To get anybody to so much as consider taking Deng’s $18 million per year salary, the Lakers will need to sweeten the deal with one or more of their young players. And Johnson hasn’t exactly been subtle about wanting George. Thing is, the Lakers don’t have him, nor do they know for sure he’s coming. Ditto for James.

What they do have is a young core consisting of Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Julius Randle, Kyle Kuzma, and Larry Nance. A young core which has heard about nothing except rumors about which of them will be shipped away to make room for George and James.

Now, not only are the Lakers not supporting their players, they’re not supporting the coach who has developed them into an intriguing group, started to get Ingram to realize his potential, and turned both Nance and Kuzma into League Pass darlings. He’s also gotten Julius Randle from a bust to a legit NBA rotation player with the chance to get even better. With time, Ball will improve as well.

Walton brought the Lakers out of the stone-age offense Scott was running amidst Kobe Bryant’s retirement tour run amok. He brought structure to a locker room that didn’t have it and has a good relationship with every young player on the roster, though evidently, not all parents. He’s regarded as one of the best basketball minds out there by, well, everyone.

This ferocious Lonzo Ball dunk is his best NBA highlight so far

  This ferocious Lonzo Ball dunk is his best NBA highlight so far Lonzo Ball crossed over Kemba Walker and threw down a massive dunk.Ball brought the ball up, crossed over Kemba Walker, waltzed into the lane and threw down a monster dunk.

Firstly, and not surprisingly, the Lakers should pound the ball inside (gee, you think, really?). That means Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum need to touch the rock. But that’s not all the Lakers will need .

The young Lakers need someone whose going to fire them up and it would even hello Kobe to get fired up all over again as well! They both just gotta humble themselves and return to form to save themselves mockery.

And now, the Lakers are (reportedly) considering moving on for the mere idea of LeBron James who, by the way, is going to be 34 years old next season? Maybe the Lakers should stop trying to go from cellar dwellers to title winners in the space of one offseason.

Here’s how the Lakers should approach this. First, release a statement as soon as humanly possible. In fact, do it before this article is published. Refute Windhorst’s report — and for that matter, the idiocy spouted by LaVar Ball — and stand by Walton in the strongest possible terms. Then, go about the rest of the season as if the core of your roster for the next 10 years is already in place.

If James and George decide to drop everything to join the Lakers, do what you have to do. Just don’t tell the entire world about it before you know whether it will happen. And if one of James’s conditions is to get rid of Luke Walton, tell him no. If James plays five years at his current level in Los Angeles, it will be a miracle of modern medicine and training. Walton could be the head coach for the next 30 years if the Lakers don’t push him out the door now. That’s not a trade worth making, especially given how unlikely it is to beat the Golden State Warriors, even with James and George.

The Lakers have spent a handful of years tanking, trying their hardest to keep protected picks, all of which they somehow kept. It would be nice to see the fruits of that labor.

LaVar Ball served with lawsuit over Big Baller Brand products

  LaVar Ball served with lawsuit over Big Baller Brand products Ball has yet to pay any of the $25,000 owed to a company that helped with Big Baller Brand products.The lawsuit was filed in San Bernardino County by the owner of Closet Collection in November. Michael Sayer, the attorney for Closet Connection, said that Ball himself received the summons for the breach of contract lawsuit.

I just think like we need to bring that competitive energy to the game. I feel like in practices we ’ re going at each other, but in game we ’ re not going as hard,” Ball said. The Lakers are going against themselves in practice, rather than another, likely better, NBA team.

The Lakers need to be aware of where he is on the floor when he is in the game. If Antetokounmpo can run wild tonight, the Lakers will find themselves in a difficult position. He is going to get his points, but the Lakers must make it tough for him to get those points.


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