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Sport Time to put Rose on Hall of Fame ballot

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Governors break ground on US Olympic museum in Colorado

  Governors break ground on US Olympic museum in Colorado A groundbreaking ceremony was held Friday for an Olympic museum that will include a Hall of Fame and make mention of every athlete who has competed for the U.S. team. Attending the ceremony were Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Ohio Gov. Dick Celeste.The U.S. Olympic Museum will cost $75 million and is set to open in 2019, blocks from the U.S. Olympic Committee headquarters and a short drive from the Olympic Training Center.This will be the first full-fledged Olympic museum in the United States. Lake Placid has a small museum that commemorates the two Winter Games held in New York.

Time to Put Rose On HOF Ballot . Comments (0). Pete Rose now has a bronze statue outside Great American Ball Park in his honor. Pete got himself on that list the way he got all those hits. He still belongs on the Hall of Fame ballot .

aimed at Rose (there wasn't anyone else on the ineligible list at the time ), while the latest change will hurry the steroids-era players off the ballot with a "nothing Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame . Go ahead and put on his plaque that he was a compulsive gambler who was banned from the game

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It is best to get the basics out of the way first with Pete Rose: He doesn't come off baseball's ineligible list, he doesn't get to be a manager or coach again, he doesn't get to be back on the field for anything except ceremonial occasions, and never in uniform. He gambled on baseball when he managed the Reds and got caught and then lied about his gambling for years. Pete got himself on that list the way he got all those hits.

HOFer Evander Holyfield: "My mom wouldn't let me quit."

  HOFer Evander Holyfield: Evander Holyfield, boxing's only four-time world heavyweight champion, was inducted Sunday into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, and "The Real Deal" delivered one more time.The youngest of nine children, Holyfield spent nearly his entire speech crediting his mother and his siblings for much of his success."This Hall of Fame thing is all about the help I got from someone else," Holyfield said. "My mom wouldn't let me quit.

Even before new commissioner Rob Manfred is able to sit down for a face-to-face with Pete Rose , baseball’s banned all- time hit king is back among us, albeit slightly from afar, in a Fox TV Sports studio in Los Angeles.

Seriously, it’s time to move on. Pete Rose needs to come back to baseball and needs to be put on the ballot . Plus, Rose the player deserves a shot on the ballot . Think about it this way, If Pete Rose never bet on baseball as a manager, he’d be in the hall of fame right now and we wouldn’t be writing

He still belongs on the Hall of Fame ballot. Once he gets on that ballot, if he ever gets on, then it is up to the voters to decide about him. The voters should make that decision, not the Hall's board, which last week upheld Rule 3E, a rule written for Pete Rose after he was first placed on baseball's ineligible list, and one that states that any player on the ineligible list cannot be considered for induction to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

3E is the official name for this rule, by the way. The unofficial name, and far more accurate name, is the Pete Rose Rule. It was conceived for him, written for him, upheld once again by the Hall's board last week. So Cooperstown is still being kept safe from 76-year-old Peter Edward Rose except when he shows up for some cheesy autograph signing. Pete: Who is baseball's all-time hit king, who is someone now immortalized (as if he needed any more immortalizing in Cincinnati) with a bronze statue of him -- making his iconic headfirst dive -- outside Great American Ballpark.

Derrick Rose’s agent hints he’s willing to take a pay cut to remain with the Knicks

  Derrick Rose’s agent hints he’s willing to take a pay cut to remain with the Knicks There’s going to be a lot of interest in Derrick Rose’s services once free agency opens in July. Sure the veteran is coming off a torn meniscus in his knee this past regular season. Despite what will likely be a robust market, it appears that Rose himself is willing to take a pay cut to remain with the fledgling New York Knicks. At least that’s what his agent, former NBA player B.J. Armstrong, says.

Name the baseball players who were inducted into the Hall of Fame on their first ballot . If they deserve to be in the Hall , they deserve to get in on the first ballot . Why wait to put the guy (or gal) Sure, Rose is a liar, is (at least was) a gambler, and bet on baseball, but maybe it's time to let him in?

So Rose got to make his case to the Hall : put me on the ballot , and I'll live with the results. Gennett said he cannot wait to meet Rose for the second time in his life, at this weekend's festivities. And the Hall of Fame ?

"They wrote that rule in 1991, and they certainly didn't write it for Shoeless Joe Jackson, since the last time I checked Joe has been dead since 1951," Bob Costas was saying Monday morning. "And even Shoeless Joe briefly appeared on the Hall of Fame ballot, even though he didn't get much support."

Costas has been making this case for Rose's name being placed on the ballot, both sensibly and eloquently, since it was determined that Rose's name couldn't be placed on the ballot. Costas has been making this case since before what will always be known as the steroids era; before there was the kind of debate we have now about Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens and the rest of the known or alleged users of performance-enhancing drugs. At least those names are on the ballot. At least the voters get to make the determination about them. The name of Pete Rose, who got 4,256 hits in the big leagues, has never been on the ballot, and might never be.

Report: Spurs have 'strong interest' in Derrick Rose

  Report: Spurs have 'strong interest' in Derrick Rose The San Antonio Spurs are exploring the possibility of trading certain players, and speculation has been that they are looking to clear salary cap space to pursue Chris Paul. If that doesn’t work out, what about Derrick Rose? ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reports that the Spurs have “strong interest” in both Paul and Rose.

Stark: Explaining my 2014 Hall of Fame ballot . 1553dJayson Stark. Good times . Yes, once, Hall of Fame time really did involve an actual baseball conversation. Fourteen. And only 10 slots to put them in.

The Hall of Fame has voted again to not put Pete Rose on the ballot . The L.A. Times reports that in December, the Hall of Fame shut down Rose 's request to have his case reviewed and get become eligible for election.

It was the late George Carlin who once sent me a letter about Rose, and explained, as only George could, about how he thought baseball should deal with Pete Rose.

"You really want to punish him?" Carlin wrote. "Take away some of his hits. That'll piss him off."

Pete has done his time for 26 years now. He has been voted onto the game's All-Century team, been honored by the Reds, become a part of Fox Sports' baseball coverage. Now there is this statue on Crosley Terrace at Great American Ballpark. He just can't get on the Hall of Fame ballot.

You may recall that Commissioner Rob Manfred reaffirmed Rose's lifetime ban, and properly so, in December of 2015. This was part of the statement he issued at the time:

"It is not part of my authority of responsibility here to make any determination concerning Mr. Rose's eligibility as a candidate for election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. In fact, in my view, the considerations that should drive a decision on whether an individual should be allowed to work in Baseball are not the same as those that should drive a decision on Hall of Fame eligibility. … Thus, any debate over Mr. Rose's eligibility for the Hall of Fame is one that must take place in a different forum."

Hockey Hall of Fame could call a pair of Penguins on Monday

  Hockey Hall of Fame could call a pair of Penguins on Monday When the 18 members who comprise the Hockey Hall of Fame’s selection committee reveal their choices for the Class of 2017 on Monday afternoon, Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford won’t be refreshing his computer screen or swiping down on his iPhone. Ditto for director of player development Mark Recchi.“I have enough things on my mind,” Rutherford said. “I don’t say that disrespectfully. I just have other things on my mind.”Busy as they are, Rutherford and Recchi would welcome the interruption. It would also serve as way-past-due recognition for both men.

It wasn’t easy to put up numbers that stood out at a time in baseball history when 30-homer second basemen seemed a dime a dozen, but Thomas did. A year ago, no living soul was inducted — not a player on the Hall of Fame ballot , not an old- timer elected by the Pre-Integration Committee.

Jack McCaffery, Delaware County Daily Times . Same situation as Carchidi – a solid ballot (Biggio, Bonds, Clemens, Johnson Pingback: Looking ahead to the 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot . The Rockies were not putting up with any sexist nonsense. By Alex Putterman OnApr 24, 2018 0.

The more you think about this, the more you believe the only forum for that debate should involve a Hall of Fame ballot with Rose's name on it. Let the voters, and not the Hall's board, provide a reckoning about what Rose did both on and off the field. Put him on and leave him on for 10 years, as long as he is maintaining the 5 percent threshold that keeps a player's name on the ballot. You have to start the clock at zero, no matter how long he's been retired, because his name wasn't on the ballot in the first place.

"This is a very easy decision to make when you put it in the starker relief of known or suspected steroids users being on the ballot," Costas says. "I know that those guys aren't banned for life the way Pete Rose is. So I know you can split hairs and be lawyerly and put Pete in a different category. But if you're being logical, in a fair-minded world, it's clear that Pete remains on an island where only he exists.

"You want to know who's gotten it right on Pete from the start? The public has. I'm not saying the public gets to decide this, or that they're always right. But they've been able to perceive what a bunch of guys in suits haven't: That Pete Rose was no saint or no angel, and he did what they said he did with gambling when he managed the Reds. But that he was also one hell of a ballplayer who gave his heart and soul to the game, someone who was a great ballplayer and a tremendously flawed human being.

Selanne, Kariya headline Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2017

  Selanne, Kariya headline Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2017 Teemu Selanne and longtime Ducks teammate Paul Kariya headline the Hockey Hall of Fame's class of 2017.Selanne and Kariya are joined by Dave Andreychuk, Mark Recchi, women's star Danielle Goyette, coach Clare Drake and Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs.

At the time Manfred added that his decision to continue Rose ’s lifetime ban did not mean that Rose wouldn’t be eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame . He added, “We feel it would be incongruous to be putting someone on a ballot that is otherwise banned from the game.”

Amid the arguing over this year’s Hall of Fame , one of the weirder potential results involves no argument at all. Unless there’s a dramatic and unexpected late break in the voting, Jorge Posada—who as of this afternoon appeared on 10 of 239 known ballots in the ballot

"Listen: No person would defend what Pete did, or all the subsequent lying he did. He hasn't reconfigured his life, a judgment has been upheld by Bud Selig and Rob Manfred since Bart Giamatti died. But who would ever say that Pete Rose damaged baseball as much as steroids did? It's why we are constantly parsing the achievements of the guys on the ballot. Just not with Pete. Every hit he got was authentic.

"I've said all along that he should be on the ballot. And as time has passed, the case has only become stronger, at least in my mind, because he's served this much time in purgatory. We're talking about a sentence moving up on 30 years, one that could continue for the rest of his life. And for what? Because if someday there is a reconciliation and he does stand on that stage in Cooperstown that people will be thinking, 'Hey, you can bet on baseball and get away with it?' In what world would people think that way, after watching what's happened to Pete since he went on that list, and all it's cost him? All a reconciliation would do, if one ever occurs, is be a show of heart and forgiveness and humanity."

Costas is right about what he has always referred to as an "unnecessary controversy." Pete Rose is no angel, and certainly no saint, and not only did he commit what became baseball's capital crime after the Black Sox scandal of 1919, he did lie about it, almost as if lying to stay in practice. He will always be a cautionary tale in baseball, in the same way all the PED poster players, from Bonds to Clemens to Alex Rodriguez, have become modern cautionary tales. But the voters are allowed to decide on them. Let them decide on Pete Rose, once and for all.

Selanne gets the call to the Hall: 'I owe you big-time beers, boys'

  Selanne gets the call to the Hall: 'I owe you big-time beers, boys' <p>Teemu Selanne wasn't going to let this one go to voicemail.</p>

You can make honest Hall of Fame arguments in his favor. It is a fact, for instance, that Morris The two best players of the past half-century hit the ballot for the first time at the same time , and Simply put , very few truly deserving candidates fail to gain induction sooner or later; if anything, the Hall

This year’s Hall of Fame ballots , which went out last week, are due by Dec. Now he’s on the rise , surging to 58.6 percent last year. That’s a better spot than Tim Raines (55 percent) was at with two years It’s time , and I think it’s more clear-cut than ever: Edgar Martinez is a bona fide Hall of Famer .

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