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Eric Bledsoe Takes Subtle Shot at Suns After Trade to Bucks

  Eric Bledsoe Takes Subtle Shot at Suns After Trade to Bucks ​The Milwaukee Bucks have picked up a great addition to the franchise, as point guard Eric Bledsoe will be joining the team after being traded from the Phoenix Suns. Bledsoe is happy to be gone from the desert, as he believes that this was a move he needed to get on with his career.He didn't mince words in his first interview after the trade. In his first interview since the trade, Eric Bledsoe (@EBled2) tells ESPN: “I️ felt like with where [Phoenix] was headed, it was time for me to move on.” https://t.

Who could the Pens get? Well here’s some candidates He might be a little too offensive for a 3rd line role that Pittsburgh typically asks that center to fill, but the Oilers have made a bunch of trades to acquire lesser players than they send out the door.

Cullen is considered a “fallback” option for the Pens . McKenzie “wouldn’t be surprised” if the Pens worked a trade to bring Cullen back. “They have a general manager who is not going to sleep until he exhausts every option to do everything and anything he can to make this team a little bit better

a group of hockey players on the snow© Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

Now that Matt Duchene is off the market, we put on a speculating hat and look at some other candidates that the Pens should at least inquire about

On the heels of the reports that the Pittsburgh Penguins made one last attempt last week to acquire Matt Duchene, the obvious situation at hand seems to indicate that general manager Jim Rutherford is actively looking to make a splash in the trade market.

And, for good reason. The team just looks listless right now. They’re not scoring a lot on 5v5 play. They’re giving up a ton of goals against. Something definitely seems off right now and the results show.

Report: Marlins would like to trade Stanton to Cardinals

  Report: Marlins would like to trade Stanton to Cardinals The Miami Marlins apparently have a trade partner in mind with regard to the Giancarlo Stanton sweepstakes. According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Marlins view the St. Louis Cardinals as an appealing suitor in a Stanton trade. The team has many premium pitching prospects, such as Alex Reyes and Jack Flaherty. They are also believed to be willing to part with some of them to bring Stanton to St. Louis.One big problem for the Cardinals could be the fact that Stanton may prefer a move to one of the coasts, with the Midwest less appealing to him.

Per Sportsnet, the Penguins were doing their best to try and land the star player who was dealt to Ottawa. NHL Free Agency: Should the Pens consider Jack Johnson? Most Read. Trade Targets for the Penguins to consider Looking at names that the Penguins could inquire about for a summer

He traded for defenseman Jamie Oleksiak and goaltender Michael Leighton. Potential Deal. Earlier this month, we targeted players from the Ottawa Senators who could aid these struggling Pens . Rumors have been swirling about the Pens trying to acquire Tyler Bozak for a while now.

To be fair, they’ve had to endure a tough schedule with more away games than home, and already have played six of their league-high 19 back-to-back games this season. They’ve probably had some bad puck luck too, the percentages will tell you, especially Sidney Crosby who’s got no goals and three assists in the last 10 games, despite being strong in scoring chances.

So, naturally, some of this is going to even out. Especially the Crosby stuff, while frustrating now it’s a very small difference between a rut and a groove and he’s a player that will be going on a 10 game point-scoring streak any time now. Anyone who’s watched any part of his career knows that while it’s worrisome when the star is struggling, he’s simply too good to be quiet for extended times.

Trump plans 'major announcement' after Asia trip, raising speculation about North Korea, trade

  Trump plans 'major announcement' after Asia trip, raising speculation about North Korea, trade President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday that he will be making a “major statement” following the 12-day trip in Asia and talks with world leaders.President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday that he plans to make a “major statement” following his 12-day trip in Asia, raising speculation of a breakthrough on trade or a new approach to North Korea.

“We’re going to try to get creative and do what we can ,” Rutherford said. Why this makes sense for Pittsburgh: Plekanec is a defensive-minded center who can matchup in a shutdown role So they can sign him back this summer at a cheap rate (much like the Pens traded Mark Recchi to Carolina in

But I wonder if trying to trade Cole depends on what happens with Jack Johnson first Ottawa is probably going to end up flipping him for draft picks and/or prospects to coincide with its rebuild process, so who ’s to say Cole can ’t NHL Free Agency: Should the Pens consider Jack Johnson?

Who could the Pens get? Well here’s some candidates-

Edmonton: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

a group of people racing each other in the snow: NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Edmonton Oilers© Provided by SB Nation NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Edmonton Oilers

Salary situation: $6.0 million through 2021

He might be a little too offensive for a 3rd line role that Pittsburgh typically asks that center to fill, but the Oilers have made a bunch of trades to acquire lesser players than they send out the door. If nothing else, it’s worth inquiring on to see what Edmonton would want from Pittsburgh for Nugent-Hopkins and go from there. There’s not much reason to expect negotiations will go far, but as the old saying goes you never know until you ask..Shooters shoot.

Florida: Nick Bjugstad

a hockey game in the snow: NHL: Florida Panthers at Pittsburgh Penguins© Provided by SB Nation NHL: Florida Panthers at Pittsburgh Penguins

Salary situation: $4.1 million through 2021

Florida is also a team that’s made a series of questionable moves and finds themselves back near the bottom of the conference standings at this point in the season. Would they declare themselves sellers later on? Worth finding out!

MLB trade rumors: Giancarlo Stanton won’t approve move to Cardinals, Red Sox

  MLB trade rumors: Giancarlo Stanton won’t approve move to Cardinals, Red Sox The Marlins slugger reportedly won't waive his no-trade clause and accept a trade to the Cardinals or Red Sox. However, NBC Sports Boston reported subequently that an unidentified person "with knowledge of Stanton's thinking" indicated that he has "a completely open mind" about teams that have shown interest in acquiring him.​With new owners taking over in Miami, Stanton has become subject to trade rumors in recent weeks and drawn interest from as many as seven teams, most prominently, according to, the Cardinals, Red Sox, Dodgers, Phillies and Giants.However, ESPN.

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Bjugstad adds size at 6’6 220 and was a player identified here as a potential buy during the last off-season, since he was coming off two poor statistical seasons. So far this year, he’s rebounded slightly with 8 points (3g+5a) in 16 games, which is modest enough but considering he only scored 7g+7a (in 54 games) all of last season, it’s a fairly decent bounce-back.

Carolina: Jordan Staal

a hockey player on the field: NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Pittsburgh Penguins© Provided by SB Nation NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Pittsburgh Penguins

Salary situation: $6.0 million through 2023

To me, this would be the Pens white whale. It’s been rumored since at least 2015 that Pittsburgh has had interest in re-acquiring Staal. But, it also hasn’t happened. Rutherford was asked about Staal earlier in the summer on a interview with 93.7 The Fan:

“I can’t talk about players on other teams, but to my knowledge he’s not available,” said Rutherford.

If Staal’s not available, there’s not much the Pens can do. However, it’s been since 2009 since Carolina’s made the playoffs and Staal has the highest salary on the team. That’s probably not ideal, especially for a budget team that is going to need to re-sign and give raises to Noah Hanafin and Elias Lindhom this summer. Could it become more economically viable for Carolina to move Staal (who’s still owed $30+ million over the life of his deal)? Seems like a question for them to at least consider.

Hannity: Moore answered my questions

  Hannity: Moore answered my questions Fox news host Sean Hannity said Wednesday night that Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore answered the questions he posed to him the previous night about the sexual misconduct allegations he is facing. "Now we demanded, rightly, answers form Judge Moore," Hannity said on his show. "He provided them to the specific questions we asked."Hannity on Tuesday said he would give Moore "24 hours" to provide evidence that he did not engage in sexual misconduct with teenage girls, or he should step aside from the race.

Want to be a better salesperson? Try the bartering challenge. They can barter for whatever they like, but it must be something they can then trade forward. "Jim, would you be willing to trade me that coffee mug for this pen ?" I couldn't help but think, ' Who would be so foolish as to leave something so valuable on the ground?'"

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One thing Carolina lacks is elite skilled forwards. Daniel Sprong with his shot and offensive ability seems to be that. But, other than that, the Penguins don’t have a lot more to give up to fit that vein. A first round pick seems like a sure-fire addition too. Surely Carolina GM Ron Francis will ask for Jake Guentzel, but that’s probably not going to work for Pittsburgh.

About the only way that Pittsburgh would get Staal would be if Carolina falters big time this season and is out of the playoff race by the deadline, and getting skittish about the total amount of money they still owe Staal. If that’s the case (and they’re willing to take Carl Hagelin’s salary back too) then perhaps something could work. Otherwise, the trade fit doesn’t look to be that ideal and we’ll just have to keep on dreaming about the white whale.

Montreal: Alex Galchenyuk

a baseball player holding a bat: NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens© Provided by SB Nation NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens

Salary situation: $4.9 through 2020 (then UFA)

Galchenyuk makes the list since the Habs have had some erratic roster building decisions as well, and he has been rumored to be on the trading block as well. At just 23 years old and already with a 30 goal NHL season under his belt, he’s obviously the real deal as far as talent goes.

The question would be - what’s his role in Pittsburgh? He’s played better on the wing than at center in Montreal and as an offensive-minded center, he again isn’t going to be a fit for what the Pens ask a 3rd line center to do in terms of matchups and defensive-heavy responsibilities.

Report: Giants are the favorites to land Giancarlo Stanton

  Report: Giants are the favorites to land Giancarlo Stanton While the MLB world waits for the first shoe to drop, it’s looking more and more like NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton might head out west to the San Francisco Giants. According to this report from Mark Feinsand of, the Miami Marlins have had “deeper discussions” with the Giants to trade their star outfielder. The Giants themselves are now seen as favorites to land Stanton.Source says Marlins and Giants have had "deeper discussions" on a Giancarlo Stanton deal. Believes Giants are favorites to land the NL MVP, though Cardinals may still be a factor.

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Also, despite reputation, surely Canadiens GM Marc Beregin is going to know he has a valued and prime young asset and isn’t just going to give him up for a song and a dance, right? I could see Montreal wanting Olli Maatta back in this trade, which likely is a no-go for Pittsburgh and probably ends the negotiation without a deal.

Buffalo: Evander Kane

a hockey player with a crowd watching: NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Buffalo Sabres© Provided by SB Nation NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Buffalo Sabres

Salary situation: $5.25 million through 2018 (UFA)

While most are assuming the Pens will trade for a center, left wing has been a problem area too this season, and really has been in general since Chris Kunitz aged-out and stopped producing points at a high rate. Enter, the sometimes problematic Evander Kane? Kane is a UFA in 2018 and Buffalo already looks like they’re going no where this season, so it makes sense that the Sabres will be trading him at some point before the trade deadline.

This would most likely be a pure rental for Pittsburgh, and probably for the best since Kane is known as a malcontent and potential headache off the ice. However, on the ice when focused (which, playing for a contract, he should be focused) Kane would be a great fit on a scoring line in Pittsburgh. Add him to a top-6 of Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, Guentzel and Sheary/Hornqvist? That sounds very appealing. It also makes the 3rd line a lot deeper as well.


A lot of those names probably won’t be traded immediately, but they’re guys who have had their names floated out somewhat in the rumor mill. The fits aren’t all ideal, if they would have been, likely Pittsburgh would have pulled the trigger on it already and everyone would be happy.

In this day and age, there aren’t too many blockbuster trades going down in the NHL, but Rutherford certainly is pushing for some addition. The Pens have a unique opportunity and are right in a championship window. They’ve sacrificed a lot of future assets and don’t have a deep prospect pipeline right now as it is. That’s the price of being bold and acquiring so much championship level depth. Rutherford has one more year to be bold and add another piece and some fresh blood to the team that will hopefully have them positioned to make another run at it.

Now the fun part becomes waiting for what magic he can work, and when it may go down. Rutherford loves to make trades early, but his counter-parts around the league may need more time to determine if their teams look playoff worthy or not.

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