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How Ohio State has held steady in recruiting with Urban Meyer on paid leave

Thursday  19:35,   16 august 2018

The school confiscated Urban Meyer's phone when it put him on paid administrative leave in early August, but Meyer's staff continues to work their phones to keep the Buckeyes' 2019 class intact.The 15 players committed to the 2019 class[...]
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Watch: Andrew McCutchen gives hilarious recount of Giants-Dodgers brawl

Thursday  19:22,   16 august 2018

If you want an outfielder's perspective on a brawl, Andrew McCutchen delivered a hilarious Instagram recap of the Dodgers-Giants fight.Things got spicy in the Giants' 2-1 victory over the Dodgers in Los Angeles when a late shoving match ensued[...]

Chris Berman Could be Back, Back, Back

Thursday  19:12,   16 august 2018

Remember this[...]

These are the 4 reasons why Jose Urena hit Ronald Acuna Jr. with the first pitch

Thursday  19:11,   16 august 2018

Hint: they aren’t good reasons to hit somebody with a 97 mph fastball! Players getting hit by pitches isn’t uncommon in baseball. Beaning batters can be accidental, or often times in retaliation over myriad things that get baseball players[...]

Detroit Red Wings' Kris Draper already scouting for 2019 NHL draft

Thursday  19:01,   16 august 2018

A week at a preseason showcase of 2019 picks hints at how Wings could benefit from missing playoffs againKris Draper is excited about the 2019[...]

The Cardinals are back in the playoff race after firing Mike Matheny

Thursday  19:00,   16 august 2018

The Cardinals looked like they were headed for another lost season, but now they’ve got that post-Matheny bump.Instead, it seems as if the firing of Matheny — who seemingly had problems from the day he became manager back in 2012, and was in the[...]

Jordan McNair's dad: Maryland should fire suspended coach

Thursday  18:30,   16 august 2018

The parents of offensive lineman Jordan McNair say suspended University of Maryland coach DJ Durkin should be fired.McNair collapsed during a preseason conditioning drill May 29 and died two weeks later. Durkin was placed on administrative leave[...]

5 top College Football Playoff contenders (besides the obvious)

Thursday  18:21,   16 august 2018

Besides the obvious top contenders for the College Football Playoff, which five teams are the next-best candidates to be in the tournament? Contact@PeteFiutak- 2018 CFN PreviewYou know who the main players are in the race to get to the College[...]

Justin Thomas on the realization no one cares about him when Tiger Woods is around

Thursday  18:00,   16 august 2018

Thomas shared a funny story about golfing with Tiger at the PGA Championship.While on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, Thomas told a funny but true story to Jimmy Fallon about what it's actually like to be golfing with Woods[...]

Kasey Kahne is the latest NASCAR driver to retire: 'I'm at ease with the decision'

Thursday  17:47,   16 august 2018

Kahne announced his plans to retire from full-time racing at the end of the 2018 season. Sharing the news on Twitter on Thursday, he said he's thought about this for a long time and "couldn't commit" to more years racing in the Cup Series.Longtime[...]

Chipper Jones reacts to Keith Hernandez's controversial comments about Ronald Acuna

Thursday  17:46,   16 august 2018

Here is the reaction from players, analysts and[...]

NFL should ignore fascist frenzy over national anthem protocol

Thursday  16:57,   16 august 2018

Players are right to ignore fabricated outrage, especially after Jerry Jones failed to follow proper protocol.But is such a fix even possible? The president wants to keep the national anthem issue alive to distract and inflame. And there is no[...]

Why Ben Roethlisberger’s Possible Concussion Should Be Taken Seriously

Thursday  16:57,   16 august 2018

Why Ben Roethlisberger’s Possible Concussion Should Be Taken Seriously“He’s had concussions before,” Kellerman[...]

La Liga to play regular season game in United States

Thursday  16:06,   16 august 2018

La Liga to play regular season game in United StatesNo date or location has been named for the[...]

France top new-style FIFA rankings, Germany slump to 15th

Thursday  14:58,   16 august 2018

World champions France predictably shot to the top of the FIFA rankings published on Thursday while previous leaders Germany slumped to 15th after their humiliating first round exit in Russia. The rankings were the first to be issued since France[...]