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Maryland removes Dred Scott ruling author's statue

Friday  16:38,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

A statue of the U.S. Supreme Court justice who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery and denied citizenship to African Americans was removed from the grounds of the Maryland State House early Friday. Has Your Home's Value [...]

Confederate removal fight extends to KKK birthplace Stone Mountain

Friday  15:51,   18 august 2017
CBS News

The carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson is larger than Mount Rushmore . Trending Now: The 10 Best Balance Transfer Cards See The Cards Sponsored by NextAdvisor Edward Williams has lived near it for almost 20[...]

Jason Kessler, Charlottesville rally organizer, says he's in hiding

Friday  15:51,   18 august 2017
FOX News

Jason Kessler graduated from the University of Virginia, voted for Obama in 2008, and once attended an Occupy Wall Street rally in Charlottesville. His grievances are rooted in what he calls the identity politics of today. “Some are the[...]

Cities Face a High Bar to Stop Hate Groups from Marching

Friday  15:51,   18 august 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Cars

After Charlottesville, officials might not want far-right protesters in their cities. But stopping them isn't easy.After the eruption of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, extreme right-wing groups are planning to proceed with[...]

'Spectacular' autumn foliage is forecast for New England

Friday  15:16,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

New England's fall foliage forecast is looking so fine it's enough to make a maple leaf blush. Debt Escape Plan: Pay No Interest Until 2019 Do You Qualify? Sponsored by CompareCards For the first time in several years, little[...]

Born with “half a heart,” four hospitals said he was inoperable. They were wrong

Friday  13:46,   18 august 2017
Tribune News Service

"I can imagine Calvin telling his kids someday: 'Your grandma saved my life when I was born. She did it by never giving up on me, and by using an ancient software program called 'Facebook,'" joked Dr. Redmond P[...]

Thousands Expected to Attend Boston Counter-Protests to Right-Wing Rally

Friday  13:26,   18 august 2017
NBC News

Interest in two major protests opposed to Saturday's right-wing "free speech" assembly in a Boston park has grown exponentially in the aftermath of the deadly white nationalist rally in Virginia last weekend. The 4 best airline[...]

Homeless California war veteran gets place to call home

Friday  13:21,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

Vernon Poling was 44 years old when he got a home of his own. The Iraq war veteran was medically discharged from the Army in 2014, had to quit his trucking job for medical reasons, and found himself living out of his pickup last year in Orange[...]

Huge Confederate flag near Interstate is 1 man's mission

Friday  12:50,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

Marion Lambert is unapologetic about the abundance of Confederate flags that surround him. A faded pillow with the flag's print sits on the porch chair of his quirky urban farm in South Tampa, an area known more for craft beers and gluten free[...]

For Jewish Americans, anger over Trump's response to Charlottesville

Friday  12:50,   18 august 2017
Los Angeles Times

Dina Chernick had just arrived for breakfast Thursday at a Jewish deli in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, but she already had a bad case of indigestion. She could thank President Donald Trump for that. "Here's this guy and he's talking [...]

Wildfire leads to more evacuations in Montana

Friday  12:50,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

A month-old wildfire flared up in western Montana, forcing the evacuation of hundreds more homes and devouring another large chunk of forest as the drought-stricken state struggles with one of its worst wildfire seasons in years. 6 Cash Back[...]

Roger B. Taney's statue removed from Maryland State House ground

Friday  12:50,   18 august 2017

A statue of the of the U.S. Supreme Court justice who wrote the Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery and denied citizenship to African-Americans has been removed from the grounds of the Maryland State House. The statue of Roger B. Taney was[...]

Colleges brace for more violence amid rash of hate on campus

Friday  12:50,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

Nicholas Fuentes is dropping out of Boston University and heading south, pressing ahead with his right-wing politics despite receiving online death threats. The 19-year-old joined a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last[...]

'Black power' painted on Rizzo statue after call for removal

Friday  10:40,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

Philadelphia police are investigating after the phrase "black power" was found scrawled across the statue of an ex-mayor in the wake of a call for its removal. The message was discovered late Thursday, sprayed in white paint on the bronze[...]

Ohio man accused of plotting US attacks set to be sentenced

Friday  10:11,   18 august 2017
Associated Press

An Ohio man charged with plotting to kill military members in the U.S. after receiving overseas training is scheduled to be sentenced. Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud (ab-dee-RAH'-mahn shayk moh-HAH'-mud) is set to be sentenced Friday morning in federal[...]