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Airlines, including Southwest, are so safe it's hard to rank them by safety

Friday  09:31,   20 april 2018

The last time there was an uncontained engine failure in a U.S. plane was in Sioux City, Iowa in 1989. That accident killed 111 passengers.In fact, airlines have become so safe that many experts say ranking them by safety is[...]

David Copperfield Has Been Forced to Reveal His Famous 'Lucky 13' Magic Trick in Court

Friday  09:31,   20 april 2018

David Copperfield was forced to break the magicians code in court Tuesday, when a judge ordered him to explain one of his most famous tricks following a lawsuit from an injured participant. British tourist Gavin Cox, 58, is suing the illusionist for [...]

Backpacker trapped in the torrential rains in Hawaii survived by hiking 20 miles in sandals

Friday  09:15,   20 april 2018

For a group of friends in Hawaii this past weekend was supposed to be filled with fun, laughs and a wedding engagement; instead they were left cold, wet and trekking through knee deep mud to safety.Load[...]

Parkland survivors rally in Colo. on eve of Columbine massacre

Friday  09:15,   20 april 2018

School shooting survivors from Parkland, Fla. rallied in Colorado on Thursday — the night before the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting — to push for stronger national gun control.  Headlined as “Vote for Our Lives,” the[...]

Arizona teachers vote for statewide walkout

Friday  09:05,   20 april 2018

Arizona has among the lowest-paid teachers in the US, and educators are pushing for higher salaries and better school funding.Load[...]

Southwest gives $5,000 check to passengers on Flight 1380

Friday  07:35,   20 april 2018

<p>Some passengers aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 received a $5,000 check after a deadly engine failure that led to an emergency landing in Philadelphia.</p>Load[...]

San Francisco board votes to keep controversial statue

Friday  07:00,   20 april 2018
Associated Press

<p>San Francisco authorities reversed a decision to remove a 19th century statue near City Hall that some say is degrading to Native Americans.</p>San Francisco's Board of Appeals late Wednesday unanimously voted to overturn the city's Arts[...]

Appeals court rules against U.S. on funds for sanctuary cities

Friday  06:40,   20 april 2018

<p>A U.S. appeals court on Thursday upheld an injunction blocking the U.S. Justice Department from denying public safety grants to so-called sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with the Trump administration's crackdown on illegal[...]

Free of New York’s Stinky Sludge Train, an Alabama Town Is Still Steaming

Friday  05:52,   20 april 2018
The New York Times

The train full of treated sewage waste was halted on the way to a landfill. Then it overwhelmed a town for months with a suffocating stench.No town ever wants a “poop train” nearby, and should that fate befall your town, you would not want to see a[...]

Kushner Companies hit with subpoena in federal rent-control probe

Friday  04:31,   20 april 2018
New York Daily News

Jared Kushner's family business blamed "mistakes" and "typographical errors" for the row.The Wall Street Journal said the subpoena was sent to Kushner Companies in the middle of last[...]

Deportation of Cambodian refugees in the U.S. devastates community

Friday  04:05,   20 april 2018
NBC News

After fleeing the genocidal Khmer Rouge, Cambodian refugees living in the U.S. are being deported back to to the[...]

Tampa Bay Times to lay off dozens of staff in response to Trump tariffs

Friday  02:55,   20 april 2018
The Hill

The Tampa Bay Times announced that it would cut about 50 jobs after new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration dramatically increased the cost of newsprint.A spokeswoman for the Times confirmed the layoffs to the Tampa Bay Business Journal,[...]

Parkland school shooter started throwing up, hyperventilating after his arrest

Friday  02:20,   20 april 2018
Miami Herald

MIAMI - Minutes after being arrested for a gruesome killing spree, the Parkland school shooter had trouble standing up, began to heave and "vomited clear fluid" as a witness prepared to identify him, according to a police report written by [...]

Brother of Stephon Clark arrested on suspicion of threats

Friday  02:15,   20 april 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Stevante Clark, the older brother of Stephon Clark, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of threatening to cause death or serious injury, as well as calling 911 to annoy or harass, according to Sacramento County jail booking[...]

Oil, gas drilling in pristine Alaska refuge takes step ahead

Friday  02:05,   20 april 2018
Associated Press

The Trump administration is moving forward on oil and gas drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, fulfilling a longtime Republican priority that most Democrats fiercely oppose.A notice being published Friday in the Federal Register [...]