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23:45  19 june  2017
23:45  19 june  2017 Source:   USA TODAY

Warren Sapp donating brain, says concussions affected memory

  Warren Sapp donating brain, says concussions affected memory Former NFL superstar Warren Sapp is the latest in a growing number of players who have decided to donate their brains to science. The Hall of Famer penned a short essay on The Players’ Tribune in which he says his memory has suffered from all the hits he took during his playing career. He wants something positive to come out of all that, so he’ll allow CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) experts to study his brain postmortem to gain a better understanding of brain injuries.“I’ve also started to feel the effects of the hits that I took in my career. My memory ain’t what it used to be.

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We've maxed out safety measures, psychologist Steve Casner says. Now it's on us to not die unexpectedly.© Michael Blann, Getty Images We've maxed out safety measures, psychologist Steve Casner says. Now it's on us to not die unexpectedly.

One in 20 people died of an accident in 1918, according to Steve Casner, a NASA psychologist who studies safety. That death rate plunged to 1 in 40 by 1992, after decades of new laws, warning labels and awareness campaigns.

But then, in 2000, that accidental death rate rose again, he notes. It hasn't stopped since, with car crash fatalities spiking 8% in 2015 alone.

We've done all we can to maximize safety through innovation and regulation, Casner argues in a new book, Careful: A User's Guide to Our Injury-Prone Minds. Now it's up to us to override our own wiring if we want to stem a tide of accidental deaths, he says.

Who's to blame for lake's brain-eating amoeba?

  Who's to blame for lake's brain-eating amoeba?  Public officials had no legal obligation to protect a man who died after a brain-eating amoeba entered his nose as he swam at a county park beach, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled this week. The Highest Paying Cash Back Cards Available Today See The Best Cash Back Cards Sponsored by The ruling reverses a Dubois Circuit Court judge’s decision that would have allowed a lawsuit to go forward against Daviess County, Daviess County Health Department and the Daviess-Martin County Joint Parks and Recreation Board. The suit was filed by the family of Waylon Abel, who died Aug.

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We've maxed out safety measures, psychologist Steve Casner says. Now it's on us to not die unexpectedly. (Photo: Michael Blann, Getty Images). CONNECTTWEET LINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE.

Casner, a skateboarder and jet pilot, is no worrywart, but he says "we've wrung all the big gains we're going to get from putting rubber corners on stuff and saying, 'Hey, don't do that,'" adding that the "next safety revolution is going to have to happen in our own minds."

Among the painful data Casner collected: Kitchen-knife related injuries put about 330,000 Americans in an emergency room each year (hello, "avocado hand"). Bunk beds land some 36,000 kids in the E.R. annually, while washing machines rack up 40,000 or so emergency-level injuries each year.

There are several reasons why accidents may be on the rise, Casner writes, from distracting technology to the rise of risky sports like rock climbing. More of us now live into old age, he notes, when frail bodies fail us. And then there's a do-it-yourself culture that finds us constantly fixing and building things around the house, where 50% of all fatal accidents happen.

UK charges 6 people in deadly Hillsborough stadium case

  UK charges 6 people in deadly Hillsborough stadium case British prosecutors charged six people Wednesday in the 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster where 96 soccer fans were crushed to death. Those charged include the police commander on the day, David Duckenfield, who is accused of gross negligence manslaughter. The former chief of South Yorkshire Police, Norman Bettision, is charged with misconduct in public office for lying about the disaster and its aftermath.

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But as the New Yorker's Joshua Rothman notes in his review of the book, "The core problem is that minds wander." Our brains lack focus, underestimate risks and go on autopilot far too frequently, Casner argues, often without us realizing it.

This safety crisis, then, demands we retrain our stubborn minds, adopting intentional habits of thinking into our everyday, injury-laden lives, Casner writes. Parents can pass off a "Water Watcher Card" when kids are in the pool, which reminds the holder to do nothing but keep eyes on young swimmers until relieved, or yell "hands clear" before slamming a car door — potentially on a tiny finger. No one sticks to such procedures perfectly, he says, but every effort helps.

"Even the greatest safety tips and inventions only managed to inch us gradually in the direction of being more careful," Casner writes. "Working a new way of being more careful into our routines won't be any easier or faster."

[h/t The New Yorker]

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Scientists made an AI that can read minds .
Whether it's using AI to help organize a Lego collection or relying on an algorithm to protect our cities, deep learning neural networks seemingly become more impressive and complex each day. By reverse-engineering signals sent by the brain, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have been working on an AI that can read complex thoughts simply by looking at brain scans. Using data collected from a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine, the CMU scientists feed that data into their machine learning algorithms, which then locate the building blocks that the brain uses to create complex thoughts.


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