US Canceled wedding turns into a meaningful time for homeless guests

08:20  16 july  2017
08:20  16 july  2017 Source:   USA TODAY

Uber driver helps stranded couple elope for free

  Uber driver helps stranded couple elope for free <p>When David Scullion II received a call from a Philadelphia couple stranded by a flat tire on southbound Interstate 95 and in danger of missing a scheduled appointment, he thought nothing out of the ordinary.</p>As an Uber driver, he's used to people in a panic needing to reach their destination in a hurry. But after meeting the pair at about 11:50 a.m. Friday, he learned this was no ordinary pickup. The couple was about to miss their wedding at the Cecil County Courthouse in Maryland.

Sarah Cummins canceled her Carmel wedding but is hosting the homeless for the reception. Outside of rearranging the tables to remove the head table and compressing the time , dinner service happened as it usually would, right down to serving the wedding cake and the former couple's

5 Ways To Be More Confident & Dress How You Want , November 10, 2015 Canceled Wedding Turns into Meal for Homeless , October 23, 2015 Could you imagine being so selfless in such a difficult time ? Let us know in the comment section

Sarah Cummins talks with men from Wheeler Mission, at the Ritz Charles, Saturday, July 15, 2017. Cummins called off her wedding which was supposed to be this day. She decided to bring purpose to her pain by inviting area homeless to enjoy the reception.© Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar Sarah Cummins talks with men from Wheeler Mission, at the Ritz Charles, Saturday, July 15, 2017. Cummins called off her wedding which was supposed to be this day. She decided to bring purpose to her pain by inviting area homeless to enjoy the reception.

INDIANAPOLIS — A school bus pulled up in front of the manicured landscaping of the Ritz Charles in Carmel on Saturday. It was a sunny, beautiful day for a wedding.

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About a dozen homeless veterans from the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation stepped off the bus. Sarah Cummins, in a jeweled sleeveless peplum top and pastel pants, cheerfully greeted and welcomed them to the reception in the glass house, one of the many Pinterest-picture-perfect spots at the Ritz.

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Instead of letting the money go to waste, Willie suggested they turn the wedding into an event for the homeless . Carol Fowler (in blue) and Elisabeth Omilami greeting guests . But it wasn’t just a party for the kids; it provided a learning experience as well, like teaching them proper table etiquette.

Everyone had such a good time that the Fowlers plan to find sponsors and make it an annual event 10 Quirky Families That Still Rule. Early Gigs of 20 Future Stars. Main Blog > Canceled Wedding Turns into Previous Story Next Story. Tags: Wedding , Homeless , Charity Feast.

"Thank you for having us," one of the veterans said, standing near a stunning tiered fountain. "It means more than you know."

This was supposed to be Cummins' wedding day.

But after the 25-year-old Purdue University pharmacy student and her fiance, Logan Araujo, canceled their $30,000 wedding a week ago for undisclosed reasons, the two were left with the non-refundable would-be celebration.

So Cummins decided to invite people from four area homeless shelters to enjoy the 170-person reception she and Araujo spent two years planning.

"For me, it was an opportunity to let these people know they deserved to be at a place like this just as much as everyone else does," Cummins said.

Inside, the guests from the veterans foundation, Wheeler Mission, Third Phase Christian Center and Dayspring Center, many dressed in semi-formal apparel, dined on hors d'oeuvres of bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese and roasted garlic bruschetta.

Ranks of homeless veterans keep swelling in Los Angeles

  Ranks of homeless veterans keep swelling in Los Angeles Kendrick Bailey is standing outside the tent he has pitched on a filthy sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles and points to the American flag he served proudly during the Vietnam War. "I didn't have education back then," says Bailey, recalling his time in combat. "So most of us shot guns. Sometimes you could see people get shot by guns. It was horrible."Bailey, who is in his sixties, is among an ever-growing population of veterans in Los Angeles who face challenges readjusting to civilian life and eventually become homeless.

Children attend a party that was converted for a celebration for the homeless by a family who donated their cancelled wedding reception. So the Atlanta couple turned their heartbreak into an occasion for celebration Guests attending a party that originally was supposed to be a wedding reception

Plates were overflowing as the last-minute guests happily dug into the food which would have “When you’re going through a hard time and a struggle, for you to get out to do something different with your Comment below and share this news! This article ( Cancelled California Wedding Turns Into

"It's beautiful," guest Erik Jensen said. "We're having a great time."

Jensen, who has been at Wheeler Mission for five months, said he was humbled that he was the recipient of the former couple's kindness.

"It's just a really great opportunity for us, that was going to be a huge tragedy in her life," he said. "It's a great opportunity to spread love. Being homeless is kind of a big loss for all of these guys. This is just a very nice thing to do."

The men who attended from Wheeler were selected based on their success in the mission's Steps Toward Economic and Personal Stability program.

"We want to show them that if you excel, good stuff happens," Wheeler case manager Bryan Schrank.

The reception went on as the staff at the Ritz Charles planned it, event manager Sherry Harper said. Outside of rearranging the tables to remove the head table and compressing the time, dinner service happened as it usually would, right down to serving the wedding cake and the former couple's late-night snack of pizza. The cake, though, was pre-sliced behind the scenes.

Girl Scouts Troop For Girls Who Are Homeless Will Soon Reach 15 Shelters

  Girl Scouts Troop For Girls Who Are Homeless Will Soon Reach 15 Shelters The inspiring Girl Scout troop for girls who are homeless is about to reach even more young women. Troop 6000 is a Girl Scout troop that began in a Sleep Inn that serves as a homeless shelter in Queens. The scouts as well as the leaders live in the shelter. On Wednesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that his administration is teaming up with the city’s Department of Homeless Services and the Girl Scouts of Greater New York to ensure more girls can participate in the program.&nbsp;The inspiring Girl Scout troop for girls who are homeless is about to reach even more young women.

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Home >> Love Line, Inspiration, Wedding Waltz, Charity, Breakups, Viral: News >> A Bride's Cancelled Wedding Turns Into A Feast For the knot — without enough time to cancel the ,000 reception they'd already paid for! After the family reached out to several homeless shelters, over

"We really didn't change anything," Harper said.

The story has inspired a wave of goodwill around the city and beyond. Matt Guanzon was among those reaching out locally.

The Indianapolis man donated some suits from his own closet so guests could dress up for the dinner, and others pitched in after he posted a request on his Facebook page. His tailor, A. Mina Fine Clothier & Tailors on Monument Circle, donated several pieces, and The Gifted Gown contributed dresses and accessories.

Guanzon, a contract negotiator for United Healthcare, rushed around Saturday in a cargo vehicle loaned by a friend, picking up the formal wear and dropping it off at the shelters throughout Central Indiana.

He even thought of the kids, asking that friends drop off children’s items at the Ritz before the dinner.

"We mark our lives with the good times and sometimes the bad, so if we can help out in the good times, that’s what we're doing here today," Guanzon said. I’m just trying to show that even a little bit can help."

Charlie Allen, who's spent three months at Wheeler Mission, received one of Guanzon's donated jackets.

Airbnb host gets $5,000 fine for canceling over race

  Airbnb host gets $5,000 fine for canceling over race She'll also apologize, do community service and take an Asian-American studies class after settling with CaliforniaLOS ANGELES - An Airbnb host who canceled a reservation and told the guest, "One word says it all. Asian," has agreed to pay a $5,000 fine and attend a college course in Asian-American studies, officials with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing said Thursday.

Canceled wedding turns into banquet for homeless 0:32. Guests feasted on cauliflower, gnocchi, salmon and salads in addition to tasty appetisers. Rashad Abdullah dined with his wife, Erika Craycraft, and their five children.

Instead of wedding guests flooding the venue, however, there were homeless members of the community. This video shows true compassion given by a family during a trying time in their lives. Overcoming Incredible Odds - Turning Hate Into Strength.

"I didn't have a sport coat," he said, tugging gently at the lapels of his new coat, smiling. "I think I look pretty nice in it."

Allen, like others, was grateful for his invitation.

"For a lot of us, this is a good time to show us what we can have," he said. "Or to remind us what we had."

It was a difficult decision to attend, Cummins said, but when one of the homeless program directors said he was looking forward to meeting her, she knew she had to.

Three of her original seven bridesmaids, along with her mom and aunts, also came to support her during what they knew would be a hard day for her.

“Out of everything, I just want people to understand that there are still wonderful people in this world,” said college friend and bridesmaid Kendell Suevers.

The Indianapolis Star first reported this story Thursday, and it was quickly picked up by national and international media. The massive response, both negative and positive, was overwhelming, Cummins said. She says she doesn’t want any of the attention, but was caught off guard by how many people reached out to her.

"There have been hundreds of people that have said how touched they were and how this is something that really meant a lot to them," she said.

When Cummins approached Araujo with the idea of donating the dinner, he agreed to what he thought was a selfless way to deal with something that would go to waste.

Bride-to-be calls off wedding, invites homeless to reception

  Bride-to-be calls off wedding, invites homeless to reception <p>Sarah Cummins was supposed to get married this weekend. The 25-year-old Purdue University pharmacy student had been planning her dream wedding for two years, scrimping and working overtime to save for the $30,000 extravaganza.</p>A week ago, she called it off (she prefers not to say why) and was left with a broken heart and a nonrefundable contract for a venue and a plated dinner for 170 guests Saturday night at the Ritz Charles in Carmel.

It may have been a horrible and heart wrenching moment for one woman, but her and her family turned it into one of the greatest times for 90 homeless people. Duane shared her thoughts on when the first guest arrived: “When I found out on Monday that the wedding would not be taking place, it just

A canceled wedding led a bride’s family to use the banquet they had paid for to feed the city’s homeless . So Saturday, the family decided to turn the 120- guest banquet into a feast for area homeless people.

Cummin said Araujo footed most of the bill for the wedding and ceremony, both of which were to be at the Ritz Charles. Cummins and her parents, and one of Araujo's family friends, paid for the rest. They got $500 back from the photographer, but everything else — the DJ, a harpist, suits, bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces and a wedding dress — is sunk.

"Everyone has done so much to give me the most wonderful experience and it just really sucks that they had to waste it," Cummins said. “It was a huge loss. But you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. And that was one of the reasons I wanted to do something with the reception, because it literally felt like I was throwing that money in the trash. At least we can use it somehow."

She's not sure, yet, what she's going to do with the wedding dress.

"It's too painful to think about," she said. "I just love it so much. For me, I know my dream wedding is already gone. It’s happened. I got the dress, I got the place, I got everything I wanted."

And for one day, her guests felt a little bit of that.

"It's a fantastic way to take something that's an unfortunate event, and to bless others," Schrank said. "This is like Thanksgiving 2.0 for these guys. Many of them have never had a meal like this in their lives — or at least not in years."

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