US General leading military effort in Puerto Rico explains departure

23:22  11 november  2017
23:22  11 november  2017 Source:   CBS News

Puerto Rico governor to tour Superstorm Sandy sites in NY

  Puerto Rico governor to tour Superstorm Sandy sites in NY The governor of Puerto Rico traveled to New York Thursday to see how the state rebuilt following Superstorm Sandy and meet with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to discuss his island's recovery from Hurricane Maria.Gov. Ricardo Rossello joined Cuomo for an aerial tour of sites on Long Island impacted by the 2012 storm that were rebuilt to be more resilient to flooding. The two men then discussed additional ways New York can help the U.S. territory, and Cuomo announced the deployment of additional utility workers to assist in restoring electricity.Rossello said he hopes Puerto Rico emerges from Maria as well as New York did after Sandy.

CBSN Top general in Puerto Rico says relief effort has Saturday Trump in Asia was tapped to lead the federal military 's response and arrived in Puerto Rico shortly after

The U.S. military , which has poured some 4,400 troops into the relief effort , named Lieutenant General Jeffrey Buchanan to oversee its response on the island. Buchanan, who heads the U.S. Army North, was expected to arrive in Puerto Rico later Thursday.

a man in a uniform: 1111-cbsn-raz-begnaudgeneralintv-1439227-640x360.jpg © Credit: CBSNews 1111-cbsn-raz-begnaudgeneralintv-1439227-640x360.jpg

The top commander overseeing the U.S. military's response in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico says relief efforts are shifting from a crisis phase to one of recovery as federal troops prepare to leave the island.

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, the Pentagon's liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), announced on Friday that troops would begin winding down operations, six weeks after Hurricane Maria wiped out power across Puerto Rico and devastated the island's infrastructure. Many residents are still without power or access to clean water.

Exclusive: Trump agrees to pick up 90 percent of Puerto Rico rebuilding costs - aide

  Exclusive: Trump agrees to pick up 90 percent of Puerto Rico rebuilding costs - aide <p>President Donald Trump on Thursday agreed to expand the use of disaster aid to rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid and other infrastructure wrecked by Hurricane Maria, a senior White House official told Reuters.</p>Under the plan, the federal government will pick up 90 percent of the costs - up from the typical level of 75 percent - and allow for funds to be released in a faster, more flexible way, an approach that recognizes the massive devastation on the island and its dire financial problems, the official said.

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(US Army). A three-star general with a solid record of leadership in the war zone was named on Thursday to spearhead the U.S. military 's relief efforts in storm-scarred Puerto Rico .

Buchanan, who serves as the commanding general of the U.S. Army North, was tapped to lead the federal military's response and arrived in Puerto Rico shortly after Maria struck in September. He is set to leave the island next week.

"On the military side, we're really here just for the emergency response," Buchanan told CBS News correspondent David Begnaud in a wide-ranging interview Saturday. "We've been transitioning out of the emergency response for the last several weeks. Some areas still need help, but it's more of a sustained effort, and moving, transitioning into a longer recovery and rebuilding effort."

person standing in a yard: Puerto Rico's long road to recovery from Hurricane Maria © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Puerto Rico's long road to recovery from Hurricane Maria 45Photos

Puerto Rico's long road to recovery from Hurricane Maria

Hurricane victims begin new life 1,000 miles from home

  Hurricane victims begin new life 1,000 miles from home In Puerto Rico, less than 20 percent of schools have reopened, and many kids are still studying in the dark . Rebuilding the island is still a distant dream.  © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Karen Espino's classroom at Lake Nona Middle School. In the Orlando area, there are more than 1,300 new students from Puerto Rico.Joaris Laureano, 13, arrived two weeks ago, living with her uncle and trying to find her footing.She said it's been difficult being in a new place, and "difficult being away from her parents and older brother." She said all her family wants to come.

“The supply chain in Puerto Rico is broken,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. “It’s not just broken it is shattered.” Buchanan is a lieutenant general and Hispanic Caucus members and Democratic leaders have been pushing Trump to make the military the lead agency in the relief effort , rather than FEMA.

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Buchanan said the initial response involved search and rescue operations, opening ports around Puerto Rico and clearing roads. Until the roads were cleared, helicopters were required to transport supplies. He said all roads have now been cleared, so FEMA and local officials are able to deliver supplies much more easily without the assistance of the military.

"The tone of the conversation a month or six weeks ago was very dire. 'Here's really where we need help, we're still in the business of saving lives,' and those kinds of things," Buchanan said about his talks with mayors across the island. "And now we're working on getting the right balance of delivery of supplies."

He said long-term rebuilding efforts of roads, bridges and housing will fall to the Puerto Rican authorities and FEMA, which is leading the overall federal response. 

"That's not really what the military is here to do," Buchanan said. "It doesn't make good sense to keep us for the long term for recovery." He cited the expense of using military resources and the importance of helping the local economy to get back on its feet. He said the cost of the military operation in Puerto Rico is now "into the billions."

Puerto Rico reports increase in overall deaths after storm

  Puerto Rico reports increase in overall deaths after storm The pace of deaths quickened on Puerto Rico immediately after Hurricane Maria — well beyond the number of deaths officially attributed to the Category 4 storm. Officials in the U.S. territory on Wednesday reported the island had an average of 82 deaths a day in the two weeks before Maria hit Sept. 20. The average increased to 117 deaths a day through the rest of the month, but the rate then fell below usual in October."The truth is, that's not normal," said Jose Lopez Rodriguez, a demographer with the island's Demographic Register. "We saw a difference, and it was a significant difference.

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Reflecting on what the government should do differently when responding to natural disasters in the future, Buchanan said the power of Maria made the response particularly challenging.

"We were in good shape in Texas, providing response right away. We were in good shape in Florida," Buchanan said, referring to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. "And I thought we had positioned ourselves very well with the Navy. The problem with Maria is that the storm itself -- a Cat-5 storm, on the heels of another Cat-5 storm -- was so devastating, so the response required was way higher, way greater than we needed in Texas or Florida."

He said the response was "made all that much harder because we're [on] an island 1,000 miles into the Atlantic."

The Trump administration came under withering criticism for its slow response following the storm as many of the island's 3.5 million citizens were left in the dark for days and weeks on end.

"We didn't have ports open," Buchanan said. "In retrospect, we could have conducted an airborne operation -- flown troops in and have them jump out of an airplane. But that's not really what those guys are designed to do ... It's not like they're going to seize a bridge or something like that, that we would do in combat. Here we need to provide help."

He added that the land component of the military's response could have been more robust, and said he should have pushed for more resources like helicopters and logistical supplies. 

Asked what the experience had taught him, Buchanan said "it taught me to love the people here." 

"This is an awesome place. I'm just learning Spanish. I've got a long ways to go," he said.

Chris St. Peter contributed to this report.

Trump Disaster Assistance Request Draws Bipartisan Criticism .
A White House request for $44 billion in disaster aid came under intense criticism from Republicans and Democrats, making it likely Congress will provide a higher level of aid for Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida. The White House request Friday united both parties in opposition. Lawmakers said the request lacked enough money to cover damage from hurricanes.John Cornyn of Texas, the No. 2 Senate Republican, called the request "wholly inadequate" and said he would work to improve its provision for hurricanes and wildfires.


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