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FBI agent indicted on charges of lying about shooting at rancher in Oregon standoff

Wednesday  23:20,   28 june 2017
Los Angeles Times

PORTLAND, Ore. — An FBI agent has been indicted on suspicion of lying about firing two shots at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, one of the leaders of the armed standoff at a wildlife refuge in Oregon last year, according to court documents made[...]

Why one man keeps ramming his car into Ten Commandments statues on government property

Wednesday  23:15,   28 june 2017

“Oh my goodness,” a man says as he flicks on the car's lights. “Freedom!”“Oh my goodness,” a man says as he flicks on the car’s[...]

US trial of pharma bad boy Shkreli delayed over jury selection

Wednesday  22:15,   28 june 2017

The US securities fraud trial of Martin Shkreli, a former pharmaceutical executive who gained notoriety for jacking up the price of an HIV drug by 5,000 percent, has been delayed due to difficulties in finding impartial jurors. Shkreli, the ex-boss[...]

U.S. to unveil enhanced airline security plan to avoid laptop ban

Wednesday  22:05,   28 june 2017

<p>U.S. Homeland Security officials on Wednesday will unveil enhanced security measures for foreign flights arriving in the United States to avoid an expansion of an in-cabin ban on laptops and other large electronic devices because they might[...]

Michigan sues Flint over failure to approve long-term drinking water source

Wednesday  21:45,   28 june 2017

Michigan sued the city of Flint on Wednesday in federal court over Flint's failure to approve a long-term drinking water source for residents, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court. 6 Credit Cards Better Than Your Current Card [...]

A Navy veteran who identifies as neither male nor female can’t get a passport. That could change.

Wednesday  21:20,   28 june 2017

Dana Zzyym wants to travel abroad. But the Navy veteran and intersex citizen — who identifies as neither male nor female — is unable to hop on an international flight because Zzyym doesn’t have an updated passport and can’t seem to get one. Over the [...]

Tiny 'sanctuary' town fights Texas, Trump on immigration

Wednesday  19:57,   28 june 2017

&nbsp;In this city on the border with Mexico, Mayor Raul Reyes presides over 3,500 residents, city hall, two convenience stores, two churches and not much else.&nbsp;But Reyes and his border hamlet are on the frontlines of a growing fight[...]

Man arrested for smashing Ten Commandments monument at Arkansas Capitol

Wednesday  18:58,   28 june 2017

<p>A newly installed Ten Commandments monument on Arkansas state Capitol grounds was toppled on Wednesday, with police saying they have arrested a man they suspect of driving his vehicle into the granite slab.</p>"It was shattered into a lot[...]

Improperly stored equipment blamed for New York subway crash

Wednesday  18:31,   28 june 2017

New York City's subway system struggled to return to normal service on Wednesday, a day after a derailment caused by a piece of unsecured replacement track injured 34 people, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said. A preliminary[...]

Prosecutor and governor to spar over death penalty in Florida's top court

Wednesday  18:26,   28 june 2017

<p>The legal battle between Florida Governor Rick Scott and an Orlando prosecutor he removed from two dozen murder cases because she would not seek the death penalty goes before the state's Supreme Court on Wednesday.</p>Aramis Ayala, a[...]

Watchdog says former governor's tweet broke federal law

Wednesday  17:55,   28 june 2017
Associated Press

&nbsp;U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has been accused of a violating a law limiting government employees' political activity by voicing support for a South Carolina congressional candidate.Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington[...]

Appeals court rejects challenge to gay marriage-recusal law

Wednesday  17:50,   28 june 2017
Associated Press

A federal appeals court has rejected a challenge to a North Carolina law that allows magistrates to refuse to perform same-sex marriages. The Richmond-based 4th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling on Wednesday that three couples who sued to[...]

Crabs native to Pacific waters caught off Connecticut coast

Wednesday  17:50,   28 june 2017
Associated Press

Experts at a Connecticut aquarium are trying to figure out how crabs native to the Pacific Northwest ended up in the waters of Long Island Sound. The Hour newspaper reports that oyster fishermen hauled up four unusual crabs off the coast of Norwalk [...]

Firefighters battle wildfires in Arizona, Utah, California

Wednesday  17:30,   28 june 2017
Associated Press

A wildfire burning Wednesday through a dense Arizona forest has forced hundreds of people from their homes, closed a major road and created a huge plume of smoke over the same area devastated by a blaze that killed 19 firefighters four years ago.[...]

Woman being bitten by fox uses unlikely “weapons” to fight it off

Wednesday  17:22,   28 june 2017
CBS News

She was attacked while unpacking groceries form truck outside her family’s houseBEVERLY, Mass. -- Kayla Doig was unpacking her groceries on Monday when a fox bounded out of her neighbor's yard, bit her leg and latched on, reports CBS[...]