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‘The Lees Are Complex’: Descendants Grapple With Rebel General’s Legacy

Tuesday  23:52,   22 august 2017
The New York Times

Even within the family of Robert E. Lee, there are divisions over what should be done about Confederate monuments and what their ancestor stands for now.Sign Up For the Morning Briefing[...]

Only one county in US remains without an Obamacare insurer for 2018

Tuesday  23:51,   22 august 2017

There are fewer than 350 people who now get Obamacare plans through a government marketplace and are at risk of having no coverage options in 2018.The entire United States, with the exception of a single small county in Ohio, is now on track to have [...]

Swastika-45 protest art elicits visceral reactions

Tuesday  23:36,   22 august 2017

Following the deadly clashes in Charlottesville involving white supremacists, a powerful piece of art spread at protests and through social media feeds. The artwork resembles a Nazi swastika, except it's the number "45" — for the 45th[...]

Energy Transfer sues Greenpeace over Dakota pipeline

Tuesday  23:10,   22 august 2017

<p>Energy Transfer Partners LP on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace and other environmental groups, accusing them of launching an "eco-terrorism" campaign aimed at blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline, the center of months of[...]

Couple who are both police accused of mistreating children

Tuesday  22:41,   22 august 2017
Associated Press

SYLVESTER, Ga. — A Georgia husband and wife — both of whom are police officers — have been accused of mistreating their adopted children.The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a news release that agents on Tuesday arrested 47-year-old Tracy[...]

Looks like Malia Obama has moved in at Harvard

Tuesday  21:55,   22 august 2017
The Boston Globe

Former President Barack Obama was spotted dining at Harvest restaurant in Harvard Square on Monday.&nbsp;It’s freshman move-in time at Harvard, which means the Obamas are in town to help Malia Obama move into housing. Tuesday is official[...]

UVA students rally for more minorities after tragedy

Tuesday  21:50,   22 august 2017

Hundreds of African American and other students at the University of Virginia rallied late Monday to demand that university officials increase the number of minority students enrolled at the school. The protest was a reaction to the events of[...]

Yale to remove carving with gun pointed at Native American

Tuesday  21:50,   22 august 2017
Associated Press

Yale University will remove what it calls a "problematic" doorway stone carving depicting a Puritan settler aiming a musket at a Native American .School officials announced the move Tuesday, after being criticized for covering the musket[...]

Charlottesville to cover Confederate statues in black fabric

Tuesday  21:11,   22 august 2017
Associated Press

&nbsp;Charlottesville, Virginia, is planning to cover the statues of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson in blackThe Daily Progress reports the city council voted unanimously early Tuesday to shroud the[...]

Confederate memorial removed from outside Maryland court

Tuesday  21:10,   22 august 2017
Associated Press

A Confederate memorial has been removed from outside a Maryland courthouse.Photos posted on Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman's Facebook page show the memorial outside the Circuit Court in Ellicott City being removed Monday night and[...]

Penn State Says White Nationalist Richard Spencer Not Welcome

Tuesday  21:10,   22 august 2017
U.S. News & World Report

The school joins a growing list of those shutting down efforts to hold events espousing the white nationalist's ideology.Pennsylvania State University is the latest school to reject a request to host an event featuring white nationalist Richard[...]

Far from Winner’s Circle, Saratoga Track Workers Fear Deportation

Tuesday  20:15,   22 august 2017
The New York Times

Saratoga’s racetrack is known for pomp and pageantry, but in the gritty backstretch, Latino track workers are nervous, after local immigration arrestsSARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — The conspicuous white vans showed up in downtown Saratoga Springs just as[...]

Priest takes leave after disclosing past in the Ku Klux Klan

Tuesday  19:51,   22 august 2017
Associated Press

McLEAN, Va. — A Roman Catholic priest in Virginia is taking a leave of absence after disclosing he once burned crosses as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.Father William Aitcheson, a priest in the diocese of Arlington, described how he belonged to the[...]

College students demand expulsion of white supremacist

Tuesday  18:33,   22 august 2017
CBS News

Students called for California Stanislaus State University to establish a zero-tolerance policy for white supremacy . They also wanted the expulsion of one of their peers, Nathan Damigo.Damigo, who was arrested for punching a woman during a Berkeley [...]

Over 45,000 pounds of sugar dumped in Times Square

Tuesday  18:33,   22 august 2017

Snack company KIND dumped 45,485 pounds of sugar in Times Square Tuesday to spark conversation about how much added sugar children consume.&nbsp;Snack company KIND dumped 45,485 pounds of sugar in Times Square Tuesday to spark conversation about [...]