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California prepares for the 'big one' with earthquake drill

Thursday  17:10,   19 october 2017

<p>Millions of Californians were due on Thursday to simultaneously drop to the floor, clamber under tables and cover their heads for a minute or two of imagined seismic turmoil during the latest annual "Great ShakeOut" earthquake[...]

Federal Ban Leaves Thousands of Pets Behind in Puerto Rico

Thursday  17:06,   19 october 2017
The Daily Beast

Animals larger than 20 pounds aren’t being allowed on planes, forcing families to choose between their two- and four-legged loved ones. Meanwhile, shelters are overflowing.A partially collapsed bridge is seen in Roseau, capital of the Caribbean[...]

Man suspected of fatally shooting 3 in Maryland is apprehended

Thursday  11:05,   19 october 2017

A man suspected in a workplace shooting in Harford County that killed three people and critically injured two others was in custody Wednesday night after a multistate manhunt. State and federal authorities located Radee L. Prince, 37, late Wednesday [...]

Letters from young Obama show a man trying to find his way

Thursday  08:41,   19 october 2017
Associated Press

<p>A young Barack Obama questioned his place in the world and his racial identity, agonized over whether he'd make enough money as a community organizer, and lamented his incompatibility with his ex-girlfriend in 30 pages of letters he wrote[...]

‘It looks like we’re afraid of foreigners’: Army turns away some green-card holders

Thursday  06:35,   19 october 2017

Critics deride the moves as potentially unlawful, and that they'll turn away prospective troops.Implemented late last week, the new policy halts indefinitely all enlistments involving green-card holders seeking to join the Army Reserve, which is [...]

Lawyer who took on tobacco industry turns to opioids fight

Thursday  05:50,   19 october 2017
CBS News

Mike Moore calls himself a "country lawyer from Mississippi." Don't believe itJACKSON, Miss. -- The opioid epidemic is killing tens of thousands of Americans every year -- and one attorney is fighting it in[...]

Fire crew shares video of what they faced battling Calif. blaze

Thursday  05:25,   19 october 2017
CBS News

Berkeley firefighters thought they were responding to a grass fire, but instead they drove into an inferno .This rare account of the first moments on scene were recorded by firefighter Mike Shuken, who said that the first thing he felt coming upon[...]

Protection order was denied for ex-boss of Md. shooting suspect

Thursday  05:25,   19 october 2017
CBS News

Radee Prince was fired from another job in Feb. after he allegedly attacked a co-worker, according to a petition for a peace order filed by his former boss thereRadee Labeeb Prince, 37, allegedly walked into the Edgewood, Maryland business just[...]

Home of the ‘Bump Stock’ Says, Don’t Blame Us for Las Vegas

Thursday  05:25,   19 october 2017
The New York Times

Residents of Moran, Tex., depend heavily on the company whose products enable high-speed gunfire, and say a ban would be disastrous, and unconstitutional.MORAN, Tex. — For a tiny town about 150 miles west of Dallas that was struggling to stay alive, [...]

Muslim Americans rally against Trump travel ban one day after a judge blocked it

Thursday  04:10,   19 october 2017

The rally was scheduled for the day the latest travel ban was expected to be implemented.But late Tuesday, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked its implementation, saying that it “plainly discriminates based on nationality.” A federal judge in Maryland [...]

Snopes actually has to tell people the Wine Country fires weren't started by 'Mexican drug cartels'

Thursday  03:50,   19 october 2017
SF Gate

It may be months before fire investigators are able to determine what caused the devastating and deadly Wine Country fires. But that didn't stop multiple fake news sites from spreading conspiracy theories about causes, even as firefighters are[...]

The private life of Sgt. La David Johnson, the slain soldier ensnared in a Trump controversy

Thursday  03:48,   19 october 2017

Johnson, a young father of two with another one on the way, was one of four soldiers killed in an ambush in Niger on Oct. 4.To most of the country, Sgt. La David Terrence Johnson was an American service member killed in action in West[...]

Dead woman billed on 100th birthday by Florida nursing home

Thursday  03:48,   19 october 2017

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Even though Albertina Vega is dead and the sweltering nursing home where she died is shut down, the facility still billed her on what would have been her 100th birthday. Vega, 99, was one of 14 deceased residents of the[...]

Nation’s top cops, prosecutors urge Trump not to roll back successful crime policies

Thursday  03:48,   19 october 2017

The Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime &amp; Incarceration implored the Trump administration not to ramp up drug enforcement at the cost of drug and mental health treatment, and called for federal sentencing reforms.The Law Enforcement[...]

Jeff Sessions to Congress: DACA answer 'is in your hands'

Thursday  02:15,   19 october 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told senators they have an "opportunity to do something historic" on immigration on Wednesday as he was pressed repeatedly on the administration's move to terminate a popular protection for young[...]