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He was caught viewing 'inappropriate images' on a church computer. Now he's a pastor in Fort Worth

Thursday  04:30,   17 may 2018

A pastor booted from a megachurch for viewing "inappropriate images" on his church computer in 2016 has found a job as an associate pastor in Fort Worth, according to his website. Scott Crenshaw had served as a senior pastor at[...]

Glendale cop tied to Mexican Mafia and Armenian organized crime, federal officials say

Thursday  02:10,   17 may 2018

As far back as 2015, a Glendale narcotics detective used burner phones to tip off gangsters about upcoming raids, once allowing a top target of federal law enforcement to elude arrest for a month, authorities said Tuesday. John Saro Balian is also[...]

Trump says some migrants are 'animals'

Thursday  02:10,   17 may 2018

US President Donald Trump described some migrants as "animals" Wednesday, in a charged discussion about the border wall and law enforcement. "We have people coming in to the country, or trying to come in," Trump told California Republicans [...]

Surgeon general comes to aid of passenger on Delta flight

Thursday  01:25,   17 may 2018

The Trump administration's surgeon general, Jerome Adams, intervened on board a Delta Airlines flight Wednesday from Atlanta to Jackson, Miss., to help a passenger having a medical emergency. Adams tweeted Wednesday afternoon that he[...]

Two Cheesecake Factory Employees Are Out After Trump Hat Remarks

Thursday  00:00,   17 may 2018

Cheesecake Factory Inc. said two workers at one of its Miami restaurants are no longer employed there after making “disparaging remarks” about a customer’s hat bearing the slogan of President Donald Trump’s campaign “Make America Great Again.” “No[...]

Police release witness accounts in Vegas shooting massacre

Wednesday  23:50,   16 may 2018

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday released 1,200 pages of reports, including witness statements and officer testimony, on the shooting massacre that left 58 people dead at a country music festival last October. The documents[...]

Families outraged when cemetery throws out flowers the day after Mother's Day

Wednesday  23:11,   16 may 2018

Some families with loved ones laid to rest in an Indiana cemetery were dismayed by what happened to the flowers they broughtSome families with loved ones laid to rest in a Boone County, Indiana, cemetery are outraged. Those who visited Maple Lawn[...]

California high schoolers write gun control legislation, will introduce it to local government

Wednesday  23:06,   16 may 2018

A group of California high schoolers has written their own gun control legislation and plan to introduce it to their local government, the Pasadena Star-News reported. Students in a government class at Alhambra High School, located outside of Los[...]

California judge overturns End of Life Option Law

Wednesday  22:28,   16 may 2018

A California judge on Tuesday overturned a 2016 state law allowing the terminally ill to end their lives with medical assistance, calling it unconstitutional. Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel A. Ottolia said The End of Life Option Act,[...]

Video: Driver Drags Autistic Student off School Bus

Wednesday  21:40,   16 may 2018

Surveillance footage captured a California bus driver calling the girl a “baby” and shoving her into a seat several times.  A teacher’s aide can be seen coming to get the girl from the bus, which was dropping off special needs[...]

Students required to smile at Pennsylvania school — or else

Wednesday  21:32,   16 may 2018

Northern Lebanon School District students must smile while walking the school’s hallways or they will be punished.Northern Lebanon School District students in Pennsylvania must smile while walking the school’s hallways or they will be punished,[...]

Vermont becomes first state to allow imported drugs from Canada

Wednesday  21:20,   16 may 2018

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R) on Wednesday signed a law permitting the import of prescription drugs from Canada into the state. Proponents of the law, which has been opposed by President Trump's health officials as well as pharmaceutical companies,[...]

"Lives were saved:" Officer hailed for confronting school gunman

Wednesday  21:17,   16 may 2018

No students or staff were injured in the shooting Wednesday morning at Dixon High School in Dixon, IllinoisDIXON, Ill. -- A school resource officer is being hailed as a hero after confronting a gunman at an Illinois high school Wednesday morning,[...]

Suspect's family wants answers after fatal struggle with La. cops

Wednesday  21:17,   16 may 2018

Robinson's death was classified as a homicide and a coroner said the most likely cause of death was asphyxiation .Robinson's parents are stunned and his mother says she wants the officers arrested and charged. The 22-year-old stopped at a gas[...]

Disgraced Parkland school deputy is collecting a six-figure pension

Wednesday  21:12,   16 may 2018

Scot Peterson resigned a week after the mass shooting after being accused of failing to confront the gunman.The Florida deputy who failed to confront the gun-toting teen blamed for the Parkland high school massacre is now collecting a pension that[...]