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Former Brexit volunteer alleges campaign 'cheated'

Sunday  06:15,   25 march 2018

An individual who volunteered for a Brexit campaign effort said the organization broke the law, and in turn, is arguing the referendum vote "wasn't legitimate," according to the United Kingdom's Channel 4 News.Shahmir Sanni told[...]

Creator of Venezuelan youth orchestras Abreu dead at 79

Sunday  04:25,   25 march 2018
Associated Press

Jose Antonio Abreu, the Venezuelan government economist turned musical educator who created a network of youth orchestras that has been replicated in dozens of countries around the world, died Saturday. He was 79.His death was announced by the[...]

Iowa family of four found dead in Mexico killed by gas -officials

Sunday  02:31,   25 march 2018

An Iowa family of four found dead at their vacation condominium in a Mexican seaside resort suffocated from gas, according to autopsies, local authorities said on Saturday. There were no signs of foul play or suicide, Quintana Roo state prosecutors[...]

A Dubai shopping trip and a missed chance to capture the head of the Taliban

Sunday  01:41,   25 march 2018

Some officials rue that Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was killed in 2016 and not captured when U.S. officials had a rare chance to grab him.The appearance of Akhtar Mohammad Mansour roaming freely in the commercial capital of the Middle East[...]

Turkey takes full control of Syria's Afrin: military source

Saturday  23:45,   24 march 2018

Turkey takes full control of Syria's Afrin: military sourceLoad[...]

Young people give Pope Francis a piece of their mind

Saturday  20:43,   24 march 2018
Associated Press

Young Catholics told the Vatican on Saturday they want a more transparent and authentic church, where women play a greater leadership role and where obeying "unreachable" moral standards isn't the price of admission.In a fascinating[...]

‘He saved lives’: Arnaud Beltrame, French police officer who traded places with a hostage, dies

Saturday  20:06,   24 march 2018

"He has always been like that — someone who, since he was born, was doing everything for his country,” his mother said.Beltrame, 45, was a lieutenant colonel in the gendarmerie, a part of the French military that focuses on domestic[...]

Ulan Bator? A ship at sea? The logistical nightmare of picking a venue for Trump to meet with Kim Jong Un

Saturday  19:50,   24 march 2018
Tribune News Service

<p>In less than three months, President Donald Trump is supposed to reset history by becoming the first sitting U.S. president to meet with a North Korean leader. But there's still one key omission in this momentous undertaking: where they[...]

It’s Disturbingly Easy to Buy Iraq’s Archeological Treasures

Saturday  19:30,   24 march 2018
The Atlantic

She can’t remember the exact date of her kidnapping. But it was springtime when the blur of bodies burst into her home, breaking first the silence, then the stone and glass. Someone rushed at her with outstretched hands, grabbed her head, and[...]

In Tokyo, they're holding up the names of Americans killed by guns

Saturday  19:27,   24 march 2018

They stood silently, each of them holding a placard bearing the name of someone who lost their lives to a bullet. "Steve Curnow. Age 14. 1999. Columbine""Josephine Gay. Age 7. 2012. Sandy Hook"This was the scene at the March for Our Lives in[...]

Portugal starts clearing forests to prevent deadly fires

Saturday  19:15,   24 march 2018

Portugal on Saturday launched an unprecedented drive to clear its vast forests in order to prevent a repeat of last year's deadly wildfires, which killed 112 people and sparked a massive backlash against the Socialist government. Load Error [...]

The March for Our Lives isn't just happening in the United States

Saturday  19:06,   24 march 2018

Dozens of marches are taking place Saturday in cities around the globe, where Americans abroad and their foreign allies are lending their voices to the gun control cause.But these rallies aren't just happening in the US. Dozens of marches are taking [...]

First Person: This Is What I Do When I Hear the Bombs Explode

Saturday  16:06,   24 march 2018
The New York Times

<p>Whenever I hear a blast go off in my hometown the first thing I do is call my little brother.</p>KABUL, Afghanistan — Times Insider delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how news, features and opinion come together at The New York[...]

Sydney goes dark as global Earth Hour climate campaign kicks off

Saturday  14:51,   24 march 2018

The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge went dark for an hour Saturday to kick off a global campaign raising awareness about the impacts of climate change. Earth Hour, which started in Australia in 2007, is set to be observed by millions of[...]

New jeans, new schools, new worries: North Korean family settles into South Korea

Saturday  14:15,   24 march 2018

For four defectors, life on the fringes of Seoul holds new luxuries and challenges.Last August, they were making a terrifying escape from North Korea, fleeing over rivers, on buses and in rickety taxis through China, Vietnam, Laos and[...]