World The drone shot down by Israel was an Iranian copy of a U.S. craft, Israel says

03:20  12 february  2018
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Israel F-16 jet shot down by Syrian fire, military says

  Israel F-16 jet shot down by Syrian fire, military says An Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed Saturday in northern Israel due to "massive anti-aircraft fire" from Syrian forces, according to the Israeli army. The incident was reported after an Israeli combat helicopter came in contact with an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle that had been launched from Syria, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement. Israeli forces also launched attacks on what they described as Iranian targets in Syria, the IDF said.Jonathan Conricus, a spokesman with the Israel Defense Forces said in a tweet that "Iran is responsible for this severe violation of Israeli sovereignty.

Israeli authorities have not confirmed that the F-16 jet was shot down by the Syrian fire, saying that “the concerned authorities are still conducting investigations to determine the reason behind the jet’ s crash.” Israeli apache shot Iranian UAV.

Israeli security forces walk next to the remains of an F-16 Israeli war plane near the Israeli village of Harduf, Israel February 10, 2018. REUTERS/Herzie Shapira. JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Syrian anti-aircraft fire shot down an Israeli jet on Saturday, the military said , after Israel intercepted an Iranian

a group of people walking down a dirt road: Israeli soldiers inspect the remains of an Israeli F-16 fighter jet shot down after a hit by Syrian anti-aircraft system, near the northern Israeli Kibbutz of Harduf, on Feb. 10, 2018. © Abir Sultan/Epa-Efe/Rex/Shutterstock/Abir Sultan/Epa-Efe/Rex/Shutterstock Israeli soldiers inspect the remains of an Israeli F-16 fighter jet shot down after a hit by Syrian anti-aircraft system, near the northern Israeli Kibbutz of Harduf, on Feb. 10, 2018.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a spokesman for Israel’s military, and Yuval Steinitz, a minister in Israel’s security cabinet, said the craft was a copy of a U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel spy drone, which Iran claims to have reverse-engineered.

Experts who examined footage of the drone being shot down and images of its wreckage released by the Israeli military agreed that the shape strongly resembled that of Iran’s Saeqeh, or “Thunderbolt,” drone, which was based on a CIA-operated RQ-170 captured by Iran.

Israel, Iran Lurch Toward Confrontation as Border Region Boils

  Israel, Iran Lurch Toward Confrontation as Border Region Boils Israel and Iran moved closer to confrontation in Syria as rising tensions erupted into the most serious standoff between the sides since the Syrian civil war began seven years ago. Israel on Saturday struck 12 targets in Syria, including four Iranian targets, in a “large-scale attack” after an Iranian military drone penetrated Israeli airspace, the Israel Defense Forces said. An F-16 fighter plane crashed in northern Israel after coming under fire from Syrian anti-aircraft missiles, and the pilots were hospitalized with moderate to severe injuries.

An Iranian drone was launched from Syria targeting Israel territory This prompted Israel to intercept the drone with F-16 fighter jets However, one of the fighter jets were shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft missile

Iran attacked Israel with an armed drone as it entered the skies over Northern Israel . The Israel Defense Forces responded by shooting the drone down and targeting the Iranian drone control station in Syria. One Israeli F-16 was shot down over Israel with both pilots ejecting.

Conricus said that he could not specifically confirm that the drone was a Saeqeh and that the debris is still being examined. Iran has developed several other models based on the RQ-170.

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“It was an Iranian copy of a U.S. drone that they got hold of a few years ago and they duplicated,” Steinitz told Israeli radio. Israel said the drone, operated by Iran from a base inside Syria, traveled three or four miles into its territory Saturday morning before being shot down.

Iran has described the Israeli claim as “ridiculous.”

A spokesman for U.S. Central Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in the Middle East, declined to comment.

The incident sparked a flurry of cross-border confrontations that ended with an Israeli jet being shot down for the first time since 1982 and Israel’s most extensive bombing of Syria in that same period.

Rex Tillerson is skipping Israel on a massive tour of the Middle East, and it's looking more and more like a mistake

  Rex Tillerson is skipping Israel on a massive tour of the Middle East, and it's looking more and more like a mistake AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell Rex Tillerson is going on a five-country tour of the Middle East this week. Israel is noticeably absent from his itinerary. Tensions escalated in the region after Tillerson's trip wasLoad Error

After Israel shot down the Iranian drone , she then sent in a number of planes to bomb Iranian military installations in Syria. The Syrians/ Iranians shot around twenty five Russian made missiles at the Israeli F-16 plane.

Israel says Iranian drone infiltrated country. David Lee Miller reports on conflict between the countries. The Israeli military shot down an Iranian drone that infiltrated the country on Saturday, Feb.

The U.S. RQ-170 drone captured by Iran in 2011 was part of a fleet of secret aircraft used by the CIA in an espionage campaign targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to U.S. officials who spoke at the time. Iran claimed to have downed it with an “electronic ambush.”

The United States later requested that Iran return the drone, but Iran said the United States should instead apologize for invading its airspace. The U.S. drones are mainly used for surveillance and reconnaissance and can be equipped to capture a range of intelligence material.

Iran first tested its own version of the RQ-170 in 2014, and its elite Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled the Saeqeh in 2016. Those unmanned aerial vehicles boosted the ambitious drone program the country has maintained since the 1980s, when it first deployed the craft during the Iran-Iraq War.

Its arsenal now includes surveillance and attack drones that have been used from Pakistan to Syria to the Persian Gulf, despite years of international sanctions. In Syria, where Iran is providing military support to President Bashar al-Assad, it has conducted air-to-ground strikes, according to experts.

Israel Says U.S. Not in Syria ‘Game’ as Russia Seen Dominant

  Israel Says U.S. Not in Syria ‘Game’ as Russia Seen Dominant Israel is counting on Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep confrontations with Iran and Syria from spiraling into war as the Trump administration mostly watches from the sidelines, a senior aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. “The American part of the equation is to back us up,” but the U.S. currently “has almost no leverage on the ground,” Michael Oren, Netanyahu’s deputy minister for public diplomacy and a former ambassador to Washington, said in a phone interview Sunday. “America did not ante up in Syria. It’s not in the game.

Israel says an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace early Saturday. The drone was tracked by an Apache helicopter and shot down . From the Jerusalem Post

Israel shoots down Iranian drone infiltrating from Syria. Ronen Manelis said Israel "identified an Iranian drone drone which took off from Syrian territory.

Iran said the Saeqeh can carry four laser-guided bombs, although experts have said it may not be able to maintain its stealth capability while armed. Iranian leaders often exaggerate the country’s military prowess.

The Israeli military has declined to comment on whether the drone that was intercepted Saturday was armed, but officials said it was on “a mission.” Israel has carried out regular bombing raids inside Syria in recent years to contain what it says is the growing presence of Iran and its proxies, and officials said Sunday that the drone proves that their warnings about Iran were justified.

“It was not an attack, but a test of the limits and rules,” said Chagai Tzuriel, director general of Israel’s Intelligence Ministry, referring to the incursion. “For the Iranians, there is nothing better than to test the limits and get away with it, and that’s why we should not let them.”

Wim Zwijnenburg, coordinator for the European Forum on Armed Drones, said that footage released by Israel of the drone being shot down Saturday was notable because the craft’s triangular shape did not resemble anything Iran is known to be flying over Syria.

“It would be a new development if they were flying these around,” Zwijnenburg said. The RQ-170 is designed to evade radar, made of materials that absorb rather than bounce the radar signal, but it is possible Iran has not been able to replicate that capability, Zwijnenburg said.

“They could have been testing air defenses or trying it out,” he said. “If it was trying to evade radar, it would have to be flying low, and from the video it looks to be flying low.”

He said that judging from video the country has released, Iran appears to have built about a dozen Saeqehs.

The Israeli military said the drone it shot down had a wingspan of about 85 feet. The Lockheed Martin RQ-170 has a wingspan of about 66 feet.

Tal Inbar, head of the Space and UAV Research Center at the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, said the similarities were clear. Syria, he added, is “a laboratory for Iran to test out new weapons and new tactics.”

Israel's 'myth of invincibility ... has crumbled,' Iranian foreign minister says .
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke to NBC News' Bill Neely in an exclusive interview on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.After "30 years the Syrians were able to down one of its planes," Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told NBC News in an exclusive interview on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Sunday. "And so the myth of invincibility of Israel, of the Israeli military, has crumbled.


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