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Weeks after Russia annexed Ukraine 's Crimea region, it plans to take custody of the nation's dolphins as well.

Army Technology is using cookies. We use them to give you the best experience. Eager to retain its influence in Ukraine ’s Russian -speaking eastern regions, the Kremlin is believed to have prevented Ukraine from joining Nato, and pushed for the country to become federation, which were rejected by

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Dolphins trained by the Ukrainian military for missions at sea are likely dead because they refused food from Russian handlers and starved, a top official in Kiev has claimed .

The facility for training sea mammals in Crimea is one of several Ukrainian assets that fell under Russian control in 2014 following Moscow’s annexation of the territory. Since then, Ukrainian authorities have made repeated requests for the return of the animals it began training in 2012.

Four years later, Ukraine appears to have lost hope it will see its service animals again, after an envoy of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said he was informed that the dolphins are dead.

Vladimir Putin To Open $4 Billion Bridge to Crimea Built By His Judo Sparring Partner

  Vladimir Putin To Open $4 Billion Bridge to Crimea Built By His Judo Sparring Partner The bridge restricts Ukrainian access to the Black Sea.The 12-mile road and rail bridge is the only land link between Russia with the Black Sea peninsula, seized by Russian forces from Ukraine in 2014.

The Russian navy will acquire Ukrainian military-trained combat dolphins and seals from the region of Crimea following its formal annexation . The mammals, which were serving under the Ukrainian armed forces before Crimea's breakaway, are to be incorporated into the Russian forces after being

There have been many interesting political and social ramifications to the Soviet Union’s — I mean, Russia ’s — attempted annexation of Crimea, but let’s talk about what everyone is really concerned with: Who will get custody of the Ukraine ’s dolphin army ?

“There is a very sad story related to the dolphins,” Borys Babin, Poroshenko’s permanent representative in Crimea, told Ukrainian news site Obozrevatel. According to him, when Russian forces annexed the peninsula and took over the facility, the dolphins did not take to their new masters.

“The dolphins, trained by the [Ukrainian] naval forces in Sevastopol, would communicate with their trainers through special whistles,” Babin said. “The Russians obtained these whistles and the rest of the special equipment belonging to the military unit but the trained animals refused not only to cooperate with the Russian trainers, but [also] refused food and subsequently died.”

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Putin’s bridge to Crimea illustrates his power — and his regime’s weak spot

  Putin’s bridge to Crimea illustrates his power — and his regime’s weak spot The government poured significant money into the project, but the president’s personal patronage hasn’t extended to several other much-needed public works improvements.Putin, clad in jeans and a jacket, walked on the Russian end of the 12-mile-long, four-lane bridge alongside the business mogul who built it — Arkady Rotenberg, the president’s former judo partner. Then Putin took the wheel and drove over the Kerch Strait of the Black Sea in an orange Kamaz dump truck — manufactured by a state-owned company headed by Sergey Chemezov, Putin’s KGB colleague in East Germany in the 1980s. Both Rotenberg and Chemezov are under U.S. sanctions.

WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. Army paratroopers are arriving in Poland to begin a series of military exercises in four countries across Eastern Europe to bolster allies in the wake of Russia ’s annexation of Ukraine ’s Crimean Peninsula last month.

The Ukrainian military dolphin programme was born out of a Soviet-era scheme that, like much of the Soviet army , fell into neglect in the 1990s. However, Ukraine 's military infrastructure in Crimea was destroyed by Russia during the annexation of the territory.

The facility is not unlike the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program based in San Diego. There, dolphins and other sea mammals are taught to recover objects at sea and detect mines and other naval hazards, as well as alert officers and help in rescuing people overboard.

When Russian forces seized public buildings in Crimea, Ukrainian military personnel there received offers to defect to Russia or face deportation. Ukraine had permitted Russian use of some facilities on the peninsula and the invite to join the Russian military divided the loyalties of staff in the Russian-speaking, southern region of Ukraine.

“It is very sad that so many Ukrainian soldiers, deployed to Crimea in 2014, treated matters of defection and loyalty to the flag much more poorly than these dolphins did,” Babin added. Crimea served as a hugely important part of Ukraine’s naval presence, housing two of the country’s four main military ports on the Black Sea.

Poland stops 'Russian hybrid war groups'

  Poland stops 'Russian hybrid war groups' Poland says Russian networks were trying to foment Polish hostility to Ukraine.Poland's internal security agency, the AWB, said "Yekaterina C" would be expelled soon. Four other people are now barred from entering Poland.

Russia and the US were the only nations believed to have actively invested in combat dolphins , with the Soviet dolphins transferring to Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

At a panel discussion convened by the Atlantic Council to commemorate the third anniversary of Russia 's annexation , Reps. Recent moves by Russia to incorporate the army of the Georgian breakaway territory of South Ossetia into the Russian military and to recognize as valid documents of

Sevastopol served as the country’s main military port and Russia’s annexation effectively cost Ukraine two-thirds of its fleet, according to Reuters. Kiev has drafted a plan to rebuild its naval presence with assistance from both the U.S. and NATO.

Babin’s story about the dolphins’ tragic fate lead to heated discussions online about the animals, both in Ukraine and Russia. Some hailed the dolphins as heroes, while others disparaged Babin’s account.

“There can be no talk about any Ukrainian patriotism with regards to the combat dolphins because precisely under Ukraine the special forces dolphins… were involved entirely in commercial activities, not underwater operations,” Dmitry Belik, a Russian representative in Sevastopol, told state news agency RIA Novosti. He seemed to suggest that the facility now had relatively few dolphins, if any, but said old age and sales of the animals in the past were to blame.

Speaking to Ukraine’s Channel 112, Babin stressed that ridiculing the story about the dolphins’ cause of death missed the bigger point he wanted to make.

“The issue is not about a handful of mammals who died because they were obviously distressed, be it because of their trainers or for other reasons,” he said on air. “However we can speak about something else—that over the course of these few years, unfortunately, our potential in many spheres including the naval sphere, requires significant improvement.”

Netherlands, Australia hold Russia liable for downing MH17 .
The Netherlands and Australia are holding Russia legally responsible for the downing nearly four years ago of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down over war-ravaged eastern Ukraine killing all 298 people on board. The announcement Friday came a day after international investigators announced that the missile system that brought down the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur flight came from a Russia-based military unit.Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok says that following that conclusion, "the government is now taking the next step by formally holding Russia accountable.


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