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World 'Confusion and Anger' Grip Fearful Muslims After London Attack

17:06  19 june  2017
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London attack on Muslim worshippers: What we know

  London attack on Muslim worshippers: What we know Ten people were injured when a van drove into a crowd of Muslim worshippers near a mosque in London in the early hours of Monday, and a man who had been taken ill before the attack died at the scene. London Mayor Sadiq Khan called it an "horrific terrorist attack" and counter-terrorism police are leading the investigation, as Muslim leaders linked the incident to a rise in Islamophobic crime.Here is what we know so far:- What happened? -Witnesses said a white van struck a crowd of Muslim worshippers who had been attending evening prayers during the holy month of Ramadan and were looking after a man who had collapsed.

A man reacts after the attack near a mosque in London 's Finsbury Park neighborhood early Monday. Abdul Abdullah, 16, who regularly attends the nearby Finsbury Park Mosque, said there was “a lot of confusion and anger ” in the area.

An Attack on Muslims Shakes Cosmopolitan London . “It feels like you’re under siege,” said Mr. Abdullah, 23, a law student standing outside Finsbury Park Mosque in North London on Monday morning hours after the attack .

LONDON — They prayed for victims of the high-rise apartment fire and recent terror attacks, only to find themselves targeted in Britain's latest horror story.

Analysis | An attack on Muslims leaving a mosque in London is exactly what ISIS wanted

  Analysis | An attack on Muslims leaving a mosque in London is exactly what ISIS wanted “Now is a time once again for London to stand together to face those who seek to divide us,” said the Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism.The van plowed into a crowd outside two of North London's mosques, leaving one dead and injuring 10 others. “I want to kill more Muslims,” the driver shouted, according to witnesses. London Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said on Monday morning that the incident was “another appalling attack on our city,” and that there was an “ongoing investigation by our Counter Terrorism Command to establish why this attack was carried out.” Additional officers were sent to Muslim places of worship around London early Monday morning.

Related: ' Confusion and Anger ' Grip Muslims After London Attack . “This type of attack cannot be stopped,” said Warriach, who is the director of the Faith Associates, an organisation that provides security to British mosques.

Related: ' Confusion and Anger ' Grip Muslims After London Attack . Basu, the deputy assistant police commissioner who also serves as senior national coordinator for counter-terrorism policing in the U.K., added

Residents of Finsbury Park, where an attacker drove a van at crowds gathered near local mosques and a Muslim welfare center, expressed fear for their safety and anger at authorities in the wake of Monday morning's attack.

The attack unfolded in the middle of a hot summer night as Muslims in the north London district gathered to talk and eat during a break between the traditional post-fast prayers of tarawih and tahajjud.

"There were people everywhere in the street, it was a busy time," said Ibn Omar, 25. "There was screaming and shouting, just pandemonium."

Ahmed Shakair, 25, left prayers at the nearby Muslim welfare center and witnessed a vehicle mounting the sidewalk with all four of its wheels.

He said there had been prayers for the Grenfell Tower victims before worshippers broke off to eat. "I came out ... and started walking away when I heard screaming," he said. "I saw a white van hurtling along at 40-50 miles an hour then it swerved onto the [sidewalk] ... and smashed into a group.

An Attack on Muslims Shakes Cosmopolitan London

  An Attack on Muslims Shakes Cosmopolitan London This proudly diverse and tolerant city is now confronted with the tensions and ugliness that have been simmering on the fringes for years and are boiling to the surface. As Hamdan Omar, another student who grew up in the area, put it, “There are people on both sides who want the clash of civilizations.”The man under investigation for the mosque attack was identified by the police as Darren Osborne, 47, of Cardiff, Wales. Prime Minister Theresa May, who has been criticized for her response to the Grenfell fire, denounced the assault as an act of “evil” and “hatred” and promised to bolster security at mosques.

They prayed for victims of the high-rise apartment fire and recent terror attacks , only to find themselves targeted in Britain’s latest horror story.

Ещё один сайт сети «Сайты Web2UA – news». Без рубрики. 0. London Attack on Muslims : ‘ Confusion and No end to the bloodshed: Boy, 16, fights for his life after being stabbed on London street as the capital hits … – Daily Mail. London florist chosen for royal wedding display – euronews.

Shakair added: "Remember there were 400-500 people on the street coming out at the end of prayers. So there were lots of people around."

He recounted seeing "bodies all over the ground."

Omar said it had been "an attack on Muslims practicing religion" — and one which occurred during the holy month of Ramadan.

"We have been warning that this would happen, that it is dangerous for Muslims because of far-right terrorism, but not enough has been done about it," he said. "We're not safe in our own community. If this was an affluent area then maybe the politicians, the authorities, they would care more. But this is a Muslim area, a mixed area. It is like what happened with the fire — people get ignored because they are poor."

Many expressed similar sentiments, claiming that officials and local media had been slower to label the incident terrorism in comparison to recent attacks. However, Prime Minister Theresa May later said it had been declared a terrorist attack by police after only eight minutes.

London Van Attack: Brave Imam Stopped Assault on Suspect

  London Van Attack: Brave Imam Stopped Assault on Suspect Imam Mohammed Mahmoud said he helped prevent a mob from assaulting the suspect who rammed a van into a group of Muslim worshippers.The imam of a London mosque told reporters on Monday that he helped prevent a mob from assaulting the suspect in an alleged terrorist attack that left 10 Muslim worshippers injured.

“Mosques and Muslim Leaders ‘United in Disgust’ After London Bridge Terrorist Attack .” Evening Standard . 5 June 2017. BBC . “ ‘Turn to Love’ Message from Muslims After London Bridge Attack .”

The attacks are believed to have been coordinated. By AFP Thursday 7 Jan 2016, 6:49 PM. Fear and anger have gripped citizens of the Rhineland city after an unprecedented and apparently coordinated rash of robberies and sex assaults on New Year’s Eve blamed on men of Arab or North

Ahmed Kaballo, 28, said: "I am angry at the police response. It would have been different had the terrorist looked Muslim."

Abdul Abdullah, 16, who regularly attends the nearby Finsbury Park Mosque, said there was "a lot of confusion and anger" in the area.

"I could see police here really quickly," he said, but added that it felt like victims were "treated in the street for ages until ambulances came."

Officials said it took 14 minutes for the first ambulance to arrive. The service aims to arrive at 75 percent of its serious call-outs within 8 minutes.

However, Abdullah was hopeful that the attack would not divide the local area. "The last thing we need in this multicultural, mixed area is something coming between people and driving a wedge," he said.

Others were frustrated that Finsbury Park was still stigmatized by the extremist history of its main mosque, which was once the haunt of radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza but is under new ownership. In 2014, it was given an award for its transparency.

Jamal Ahmed, 23, a trainee lawyer, said: "I think [the attack] happened here because people think this is an area riddled with extremism and terrorists, which is so far from the truth. If you go around the corner to Finsbury Park Mosque there are flowers laid outside. The community is pulling together."

He added: "This is not the time for revenge or retaliation. Everyone thinks Muslims are bloodthirsty people, but it's not true. There is a certain prejudice and hypocrisy against ethnic minorities in Britain in general. Not just Muslims but all ethnic minorities."

British government minister Sajid Javid visited the scene Monday, acknowledging local concerns and promising more police would be deployed.

"I want people to feel as safe as possible," he said. "We've got to listen to local leaders about what more it is that we can do."

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the van driver had attempted to attack "our shared values."

He added: "We will not allow these terrorists to succeed ... We're going to carry on being a united city."

However, Khan pointed out that "unfortunately there has been a spike in hate crime after the other attacks."

Trump offers ‘warm greetings’ to Muslims celebrating religious holiday .
The White House issued a statement Saturday greeting Muslims as they celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. "On behalf of the American people," President Trump said in the statement, "Melania and I send our warm greetings to Muslims as they celebrate Eid al-Fitr." The holiday marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting."Muslims in the United States joined those around the world durin g the holy month of Ramadan to focus on acts of faith and charity," Trump said. "During this holiday, we are reminded of the importance of mercy, compassion, and goodwill.


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